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7000 is a good phone...


Nov 24, 2004 by Mark3101

I have had this phone for three weeks now and find that it does the job very well. Compared to the V710 I tried before, the handset volume is incredible! The auto volume setting is great for the car or a noisy mall etc. It seems to be very reliable in raising and lowering the volume as needed. The screen is very nice and easy to read under any condition. The battery life is great using the std. battery. The only negative is the lack of analog in this model.

I have found a couple of places where my old T720 would work in analog that I now get no service with the 7000. It hasn't happened too often yet for it to be a huge problem, but it is a concern I have living in a rural area that still has pockets of no digital coverage.

I do find that the 7000 hangs on to a digital signal longer than my old T720 did and it is a usable signal as well. I can make and receiver calls in digital where my T720 would go into analog and sometimes even then, miss the call or not be able to place one.

Going into test mode on both the 7000 and 720 I find that they are both close with the edge going to the 7000 most of the time by just a couple of -db.

Overall, I like the phone and I can actually use it for it's main purpose...talking to people and actually being able to hear them.

for visual impair people


Nov 21, 2004 by owls_amy

I have had this phone for about 2 weeks. I feel that it is a great phone. The battery seems like it last for a long time.
The numbers on the screen when you call somedone is really big. That is one reason th at I got this phone. another pro is that the keypad is pretty big. Also, the fact that you can have up to 30 voice id. most phone only have 20.

The only bad thing about this phone is that the text for the phone book and menus are too small even when you click on large for he font.

I feel that if the font was bigger then this would be the ideal phone for someone who is visual impair.
Maybe the next phone by LG would be the one. But I still feel that this is the phone for me right now.

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Nov 13, 2004 by SLEPROCK67

I've had this phone for a week and I do like it. My last phone was audiovox 9155 and this is a big step up. The only thing I do miss is the speaker phone, but will live with it till a new firmware comes out to fix it. The hand set does get hot when using the phone but that is ( I believe ) is the battery but I usually use a hands free set so I don't notice it that much.
As far as th rest of everyone that says vibrate and ring not being on at same time , mine does.
Just go to settings and tool-then sounds-then call sounds- then call vibrate-then on and then OK.
I hope this helps some people and would like to thank everyone and this site for helping me choose this phone and pass on a few bad ones.

LG is Alright With Me!!


Nov 8, 2004 by MissLynn66

I almost didn't get this phone for a couple of reasons. One reason was the price and the other reason was because I didn't like the blue on the outside. When I went to the store and asked did it come in any other color to my surprise they informed that they now have them in black, too!! Glad I asked!!!

This is my first LG and I am very pleased with it (I had a Motorola 720). I love the rotating camera (which I think takes pretty good pictures). Although it's slightly longer than my other phone, it's still lightweight. I haven't lost any calls, yet. I like only having to push one put to switch it from vibrate to ring mode. It's easy to navigate through the menus. I love the picture ID. And there's so much more!!!!

There isn't too much that I don't like about the phone. I did notice that there aren't a lot of ring tones, but I guess it's because people are using the picture ID more. I know my kids think that feature is neat. I also need to get used to not pulling up the antenna. I got used to them from the previous phones I've had.

Glad I chose the VX7000!!!

VX7000 is a dream! Goodbye Moto for good!


Oct 25, 2004 by billyrzx2

Having owned two V120's, a VX4400, and a Thera Pocket PC, I've been pretty picky with wireless phones recently. I was skeptical with LG since I never heard of them before getting the 4400, but working at RS has given me the opportunity to really compare phones. I loved my 4400, so needing a recent upgrade left me no choice but to go again with LG in the form of VX7000. Once I got the phone outta the box, 10 minutes later I realized the phone will never go back in the box again. The phone had me at the introductory screen saver w/ music. This phone is superb in many areas. The look, the color screens, the camera QUALITY, LEDs, sound quality, and software design are all incredible. The flash/led portion of the phone is a neat addition. Although many will say the flash is useless and the LED can get annoying, I think otherwise. This is NOT for professional photographers, LET IT GO! The ability to transfer mp3's (rename to .mid) to phone as ringtones & even record your own is what sold me. The reception is unbelievable for an all-digital phone (analog coming soon). And lastly, which arguably is the most important feature, the battery life is exceptional for a phone with so many features. The pros and cons sum up everything you would need to know that could make or break your decision on getting this phone. Well, unless your having bluetooth dreams as of late, there should be no reason NOT to get this phone.

- Superb look and construction
- Attractive power on/off screen saver
- Dual color lcd screens
- High resolution Main LCD screen
- Ability to transfer mp3s in .mid format for ringtones
- Camera quality
- Tabular menu format keeps things well organized and easier to find
- AIM/MSN capable
- LED/Flash function for alerts good in quiet environments
- Kept the one touch manner mode option!

- Swivel camera gets in way of belt clip release
- Verizon banner on front LCD (can be hacked and removed)
- No bluetooth (better then being crippled!)

LG is my new best friend...


Sep 8, 2004 by jarederiksen

While all phones have flaws... and after having phones from all makes and models, dealing with many more, and having service with NEXTEL and now Verizon, I have seen MORE than my share. That said, this is the BEST damn phone I have had or used to date.

CONs: VERY few. No speaker, Flash is a little dim, message replying is annoying unless u always remember to select txt reply (never had to worry about it with my 6000 so I always forget), not able to set HOW MANY rings for the auto answer and no voice access like the 4500, but I'm not THAT lazy.

PROs: EVERYTHING! This phone is so easy to use, everything is easily accessible. The camera is amazing. REMEMBER: this is a PHONE, not a CAMERA. If I wanted real-life quality pics, I'd buy a camera from Best Buy. The video feature, being new to me, is a nifty little toy to mess with. Ring tones sound AMAZING on this phone. And, did I mention, IT'S EASY TO USE?

All in all, this is the best consumer level VZW handset to date, hands down. The only way to get any better is to get a blackberry (and even they are shoddy) or to get an LG with Bluetooth (Please, oh please make one!!!) I have read all the reviews and know someone who has a v710, and I am so very happy that I stick to my guns with LG.
Anyone who is in debate between the VZW "7" phones, get the vx7000!!! With all the great reputation and good experience built up with the 6000, LG has done it again!

LG 7000 is the best


Sep 14, 2004 by steven-JD

I just got my LG7000 ten days ago. I had a Motorola T730 and it really gave me a lot of trouble. T 730 battery did not last lomg enough eventhough I was using an extended capacity battery. Also, I was experiencing several drop call every week.

I really wanted to go for Motorola V710, but since I had a bad experience with Motorola
T730, I decided to leave Motorola products and switch to LG and try one of their products.

And since I got this great phone (LG 7000), everything has changed.

The battery lasts long (without extended capacity battery !!! But I am planning to get an extended capacity battery for my LG soon).
I have not experienced any drop calls (so far).
The reception is very good.
and it is not that tiny like samsung a670 (I do not like small tiny phones).
The camera is fantastic.
The buttons are really good.

I prefer a silver look instead of that blue color.

Overall, it is a wonderful phone.
So long Motorola. you really blew it.

The better buy from the V710


Aug 18, 2004 by stevedp86

I had the Audiovox CDM8900 for about a month or so and once my mom switched over from Cingular to Verizon I gave her this phone and bought the LG VX7000 and it was the best thing I could have done. I am also happy I did not wait to see the Motorola V710 because that phone has been a big disappointment. I have never liked Motorola's but this phone was hyped up so much. VX7000 to me is a much better buy. I gave this phone a 4.5 because there can't be a perfect phone but it is pretty damn close.

It may seem that your phone has less service, but FULL bars is only 4 bars. So if you have 2 bars you have 1/2, compared to other phone that full bars is 6. I get service practically everywhere. Even in basements where other peoples services don't get any.

I am patiently waiting for the VX8000 which will be even better than the 7000. I recommend not buying the V710 and to wait for the 8000. You won't be disappointed with an LG. It is a sturdy, dependable phone and I have not encountered any bugs or glitches.

I just bought a USB cable off eBAY for $8.90 (including shipping) so I can now get ringtones using BitPim. Unfortunately there is no other way to get free ringtones through VZW besides PIX MSGING.

Also, the internet (WAP 2.0) is unbelievable and I encourage buying the package 500TXT,UNLIMITED INTERNET for $7.99

- Large 262K LCD Screen
- Camera: Flash, Swivel, used when closed
- Picture messaging with sound
- mynumber@vzwpix.com
- Reception
- WAP 2.0
- Record new ringtones
- Phonebook features
- Video messaging
- Battery Life
- Color LEDs
- Vibrate on any ringer
- Large front LCD
- Apperance, Sturdy
- MP3 Ringtones
- Low Price

- No Speakerphone
- Stub Antenna
- No Keypad Light Option
- 1.3 MP camera would be nice
- Front LCD quality (only 65K TFT)
- The Analog Clock
- No Data Cable included
- No border options
- No video flash
- No option to customized LED's
- No Bluetooth
- No Voice Independent Dialing
- Need to use BitPim

Superb phone


Aug 8, 2004 by vzwrep81

Ok this is fairly cut and dry. I had been waitin for the 7000 specifically instead of upgrading my phone to something else.

I had the 6000 for 11 months which turned out to be the best phone I have ever had and I have had quite a few since I am in the industry.

The 7000 so far is no different and even surpasses the 6000 in several ways. Better screen, better sound, video recording, more customizing options, flash, much much higher memory. Everyone says what about Tri-mode, please, Verizon is only 4% analog right now and thats constantly going down till we are at 100% digital in 3 years. I live near the mountains and I snowboard and havent had a single issue with having an all-digital phone. Most people that insist on having tri-mode, its all in their head.

LG put a lot of time into this phone's construction as well. Its very sturdy and its overall feel is great. Some say its too big of a phone, its just not rounded, its the same length and width as the 6000.
The newest ringers through Get It Now sound so awesome and the graphics of the games are sweet too. This is also the first phone to feature the SUI (Standard User Interface) which is going to become what it is and means, a standard menu for all phones, which I think is a great menu. I love that you can record your own custom ringers too.

There is one and only one complaint I have about the 7000. It doesnt have the advanced voice recognition that the 4500 has but it does have voice dialing so I can get over that. As for speakerphone, how annoyed to do you get when some guy inline at Walmart's Nextel phone goes off and he starts talking with the speaker on for everyone to hear. Use a headset man. Clearer sound and privacy with your call at least for what the other end is saying.

This is the phone to get and its 70$ less than the Motorla V710 which I received for my sales line and left a review for that. Dont get me started on that. This phone is great LG can keep up the good work!!

Great phone!


Aug 8, 2004 by supRmon

I have had this phone for almost a month now and I really have no complaints...Overall, I need a phone as a land line replacement and it has great reception and sounds very clear - basically, it serves this purpose well so far. The other main use I have is for text messenging and it has many great features such as giving you the option to automatically save messages or choosing to receive a prompt before saving messages. I don't really have a need for a camera, but it takes decent pictures for a phone.

- Great reception (I have traveled to more than one state with it in different parts of the country, and I have never experienced dropped calls)
- Intuitive interface
- Perfect size (I am over 6 feet tall)
- Good battery (considering it has a beautiful color screen and camera, video, etc.)
- Great messaging interface (it is easy to find your contacts and type using T9; also, there are enhancements such as graphics and animations that you can add to messages; you can also easily use MSN, Yahoo, and AOL messenger with the phone)
- Voice dialing works every time for me (all I did was train the phone once and I have had no problem at all in having it recognize my voice)

- I'm not too fond of the rainbow LEDs flashing when receiving or making calls or receiving alerts, but it would be nice if they could be disabled via software (it is helpful though when trying to find the phone in the dark)
- The screen tends to get smudged easily, but most newer phones seem to have this problem
- Not many options for nice cases are available yet that are specific to this phone (hopefully, they will come out soon)

Until I have the money for a next-generation PDA phone (such as the rumored PalmOne Treo 610), I am glad I was able to get this phone. I have not seen many good phones coming to Verizon in the past, but after getting this phone, it looks like Verizon is finally starting to catch up to other carriers in terms of newer phone technologies.

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