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Great Phone!


Jun 28, 2006 by Coco Savage

The LG vx7000 has been my personal favorite cell phone up until this point.

Things that are good:
screen is nice, bright, and clear
size, just feels right in my hands
My area is known for bad reception(central florida - lake mary)and i rarely ever got a dropped call.
Never had any issues with glitches the entire time i owned this phone.

Things that were missing:

Overall this is one solid phone, build quality felt/looked good. Phone worked as it should have. Was a joy to use.

If they made an update (like a 7100 or 7200) id probably have to get it, if it were anywhere near as good as this.

Great phone for anyone!


Apr 24, 2006 by Matty1014

The lg vx 7000 cell phone is one of the best cell phones out on the market. Bottom line, end of story.I've had this phone for about 1 year and absolutely love it. Everything about the phone just stands out at you:

smooth lines on outside
great picture quality..(top of the line)
swiveling camera
HUGE bright screen, both external and internal
cool disco lights on front of phone that turn colors when someone calls (red, blue, green, etc..)
Video capability
Recording things and being able to put as ringtone
great call clarity

There are, however, a few downsides to this amazing phone:

NO speakerphone
Video quality is very pixelated
Flash is weak
outside LCD screen is not very clear
covers for the screens get scratched very easily
poor reception

Now I'm 16 years old, and this phone has put up with all the crap that i've thrown at it...(dropped it on sidewalk, dropped in toilet, etc.) It still works flawlessly and is in good shape shape (except for scratches on screens)

*One issue however, the phone will not let register any numbers i push during a phone call (very annoying when trying to call customer service, or other robotic answering machines) It did not do this until a month ago, but as of right now I have 26 voicemails unchecked ;-)*

Good Phone


Jan 12, 2006 by bing722

Overall, I do like this phone. I've owned it for 8 months (it's now discontinued).


- Nice camera, photo/video features (Picture ID)
- Easy to navigate menus
- Ringer/Earpiece volume fine
- Sharp/vivid main LCD screen
- Call quality is excellent
- Battery life is good


- All Digital (no analog)
- No Speakerphone
- Reception is average at best. Quick to drop a call in a weak signal area (Can't compare to recption of Nokias and some Motorolas)
- Permanent red bars on menu are annoying (I think this was the first phone to use this new standardized Verizon menu interface)

Great-Simple-Phone- That Just Works!


Aug 4, 2005 by okcomputer76

I love this phone.
It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Only Con that's not even a Con is Bluetooth would be cool. The basic features of this phone are rock solid. If you want to by pass all the V-Cast, EV-DO(battery draining) bullcrap, get this phone before they dissapear. The physical build of this phone is amazing also.

Overall very pleased.


Apr 26, 2005 by installer020

In the last four months I have had the opportunity to use an LG VX6100, LG VX7000, LG VX8000 and a Motorola V710. I am currently using and plan to stay with the LG VX7000. The phone sounds very good when sending and receiving calls. So far the reception has proven to be excellent. The calender is very nice, being able to set reminders as far out as yearly. The menu is a little more confusing to use than the VX 6100, but once you get used to it it is fine. I love the video clip with sound ability. It makes for alot of fun with my new son and my wife really enjoys receiving the videos while at work.

Camera: A little weak in low light, but overall very good
Ringers: Downloaded ringers sound excellent on this phone.
Screens: Both main and outside screen are crisp and clear.
Size: I like that the phone is a little larger than some others.

Speaker-phone: None
All digital

I would recommend this phone to someone who is a seasoned cellular user and is comfortable with electronics. The menu will take a little getting used to but once you master it, it is very fast.

Audio CDM-9900 - VX7000 = A great upgrade


Apr 2, 2005 by MJM

I recently bought my LG VX7000 after having my Audiovox 9900 stolen from me. The 7000 is in my opinion, one of the most quality phones on the market, despite what a lot of people say before they take the time to read the manual or even play around with it. The earpiece speaker sounds excellent, and the ringers are loud and very audible in loud places. Below are seperate PRO's and CON's for the phone.

- Large display, internal and external
- Screens show great color accuracy, and are very customizable.
- Phone is quite compact, considering the features loaded into this bad boy.
- Good reception in most places, but not always (see cons)
- Easy to navigate menus, nice side buttons for camera, ringer loudness and voice dial/ memo record - Quickly accessable.
- Pretty exceptional camera, is very convenient when comes to the rotating lens.
- Very customizable in all ways, holds plenty of pictures, videos, ringtones, messages, etc.

There are many more pro's but I would run out of room to write them all. Thus, see cons below

- No speakerphone; Though this is not a problem for most people, who uses speakerphone that much while on a CELL phone?
- Camera does not like the dark well. You can still take pics in the dark, but they will obviously have to be up close to the object.

(OFF THE RECORD): Some people state that there's no way to make the phone vibrate, you have to go through the menu to access it. Well, anyone with half a brain would know that you can use the left side buttons for the ring loudness/ vibrate, OR you can hold down your * key, and it will display "Vibrate mode" and will vibrate any sound that comes through the speakers.

All in all this is a 4.5/5 phone. They have this phone underpriced. Best phone for most users, hands down.

Nice phone..but


Mar 12, 2005 by ferndog

I really like this phone except for two things. When you are talking to someone, there is a slight background buzz that drives me nuts! Secondly, the vibrate on this phone is wayyyyyyyy to strong! It actually still vibrates after you open your phone..very annoying.

Other then that, the phone is very nice but I worry about the build quality. Seems like it would scratch easily.

VX4400 to VX7000 - Great Move!


Mar 1, 2005 by nicshow

I hesitated to upgrade from my 4400. It did everything as well as I wanted. But once I started using the 7000 I realized what a great upgrade it is!

The RF ability is great. It is more consistent in weak signal areas than the 4400. The menus and interface is much more refined. Some claim problems with signal strength but this may be due to the fact that the 7000's meter peaks at 4 bars instead of the typical 5. The "hidden" menu shows a strong signal even when there is 1 or 2 bars.

The only complaint I have is that the fonts in the menu are pretty small for again eyes like mine.

RF ability
Easy, intuitive menus
Beautiful inside screen

A little bulky
Fonts are a little small



Feb 16, 2005 by mAkEaWiiSh

OMG this is the BEST phone EVER! I just got it (finally) and I think the pic quality is gorgeous, all the features are amazing, it's just flawless! I suggest anyone who is thinking about getting it, who cares about those other new phones that came out! get it!



Feb 9, 2005 by maxwell31

the 7000 is the best phone i have ever owned. it has camera/video...huge screen...nice flash

the only problems are:

1) no speaker phone
2)camera doesn't do too good in the dark

thats about it, but it is verizons fault for bringing out the 8000 version so fast! now everyone is going to go for the v-cast 8000. in other words the 7000 was just a step up to the 8000.

BUT i recommend this phone to everyone who doesnt like the 8000...but that is going to be my next phone

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