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Make mine LG...


Aug 26, 2004 by the Beaver

Read all the reviews and forum comments on the VX-7000, VX-8000 and the V-710 Moto; -and the truth is, that I really wanted to own the V-710 based on all that is supposedly offers. After all, after owning a StarTac for several years (and being totally satisfied) and recently owning a VX-6000 (also a wonderful phone) I would have no problem returning to a Motorola product. But sorry Motorola, until you come out again with something of quality, -no way. The V-710 is a very shoddy phone with very questionable construction. So I turned my attention again to the LG. Did alot of questioning about whether there really was any reason to wait for the VX-8000; I use the phone for business and pleasure and see (at least for me) no need to spend $1 more than the cost of the VX-7000. It's a very high quality product, and very well thought out and user friendly. Easy to dial with one hand with no wrong entries. I highly recommend this product.

Solid Phone - Excellent Value


Aug 9, 2004 by herkdrvr

Overall a solid performer. I live in a "fringe" area and it keeps up or is better than my Nokia, which was also analog and had an extensible antenna. I've used the phone in other fringe areas and haven't noticed any difference in reception nor in quality of calls.

I was concerned as to the size of the phone. While it is bigger than some, its only marginally so over most phones. Again, coming from a candy-bar phone, its smaller. I find it actually nice to have the microphone fairly close to my mouth when using without the handsfree set.

I'm unaware of any software glitches or issues with the phone. The picture quality is good considering its a camera phone. If you want a really good digital camera on your phone, I suggest you bag the phone and buy the digital camera. Its good for the quickie happy snap or even video. The lens can be turned and you can take pictures with the phone closed (use the outer LCD for the viewfinder).


Excellent value.

Voice tags work nice - you can voice cancel a call after you say the name tag and the phone asks if its slightly confused between voice tags.

Menu is easy to understand and can usually reach all functions in 3 keys or less.

Auto volume control works well in high noise areas.

Very easy to change wallpaper, ringtones, & add picture ID.

Nice flashing lights when the phone rings or changes service. Great to find the phone if its ringing in a dark room (like you are asleep).


No good software to download pics, etc. Many have hacked using Bitpim and another program but its still a hack - ot for the average user.

Small number of entries for each group - 10, and I believe its limited to 10 total groups.

Can't customize the top and bottom bars on the main screen.

Nice flashing lights when the phone rings. OK, some believe this to be "unprofessional" in meetings, etc. No way to turn these off.

Not a lot of 3rd party accessories (cases, etc.)

Overall great phone!

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great phone for a all digital


Apr 20, 2005 by bigack

i had the vx-8000 and it was nice, so i got the 7000 and its the same, just doesnt have the v-cast!!! overall great, but it needs a speaker and a tri-mode!! LG is makeing better phones and the 7000, is one of them, i have no complaints in general, so i do suggest you get this one :)

Very Pleased


Nov 30, 2004 by Ashleyk1

I would have to say that after purchasing this phone I have absolutely no regrets. Of course there are those little things that bother you...

Pros: Great display, good reception, rotating camera, very easy to follow user interface

Cons: No speakerphone, annoying red bars, on the external screen the clock size and verizon banner are too big to show the wallpaper...

Thats pretty much all I can think of, overall I am very pleased with the phone and would recommend it to anyone wanting a stylish new camera phone.

Worth The Money


Nov 3, 2004 by michellemay

Although this phone is only Digital and not Trimode where you live will make the decision for you whether or not it is a good phone. Other then that, this phone is quality! This phone may be one of the most expensive there is but you get what you pay for! I use my phone as a palm pilot it has lots of memory.

PROS: The ability to record your own ring tones right from the phone without purchasing them.
Easy to use calculator if you are like me and balance your checkbook using your phone.
How great mobile web is to utilize when you have a large screen as well as games.
I have never had a phone with a battery life that was so great as this one.

CONS: Swivel Camera eliminates taking a picture quickly because you need to adjust it so you don't take a picture of yourself.
If you are used to how easy maneuvering through the menu the LG4400 or LG6000 this one is a bit different.
Buying a leather case for this phone is pointless because of the position of the camera lens.

The best phone I've used


Sep 28, 2004 by ChuX

Having used the LG VX-6000 and the Motorola V60c/s, the LG VX-7000 is the best one I've used.

- Excellent voice quality, very loud
- Rotating camera with flash
- Great ability to hold calls
- Large, clear screen on the inside
- Long battery life

- Lacks speakerphone

Having an LG VX6000 before, I thought the signal would fluctuate like it did on my 6000. But I took a gamble and bought the phone. It has exceeded all my expectations.

The inner screen is stunningly clear. The camera yielded pics better than the 6000 IMO. I am able to make calls even when it shows 0 bars, just like my Motorola V60s.

The battery life has wowed me the most. It was on 1 bar for the whole day and then some. When I used the V60s, it would say low battery within a few hours of dropping to 1 bar left.

I felt the voice quality on the 6000 could've been better. It wasn't too loud, even at the loudeset setting. It was especially hard to hear when I'm on the subways (I live in NYC). With the 7000, I can hear the caller perfectly fine in the subways with the earpiece volume set to medium.

As for the size, some people complain it is too big. But, it is perfect for my hands. The buttons were easy to press and locate. It feels very comfortable when I talk on it. When I had a Samsung A530, it was so small, it didn't feel comfortable talking on it.

I paid almost retail price for it, but it is well worth the money. A great replacement for my Motorola V60s. Although I will miss the speakerphone, the great qualities of this phone outweighs the exclusion of a speakerphone.

If size is not an issue, this is the best phone to get. And the user interface is the best I've used roo.

Words can't do it justice


Sep 24, 2004 by gr8ride209

I had been debating whether to wait for the vx-8000 or give in to buying the vx-7000. Well I just couldn't wait any longer not knowing when Verizon would cut loose with the vx-8000.
I had previously owned the vx-6000 and it turned out to be a pretty reliable and durable phone.
The vx-7000 is a total dream, the pics come out in good detail for the type that it is. The sound volume is more than anyone would ever need . And as far as the appearance, it's a nice looking phone that feels good in your hands.
I only wished it had a speakerphone, but them again, I can live without that.
Best phone that Verizon has on the market today.
Did I mention the reception, it's great!!!

A great phone and got a good deal


Sep 10, 2004 by BruceTMoose

Thanks to all the people who reviewed both this phone and the Motorola V710 - I chose this phone because my wife and I have had a devil of a time with her V60c and V60i getting them to charge and other people with Moto phones said the same thing - Memo to Motorola - Dump that supid 3-pin charger thing, you don't need 3 wires for power, only 2 (DUH!) Also, if Motorola had put honest-to-goodness full bluetooth on the V710, I would have gone that way, but since they went cheap, I went elsewhere (Thank you to all the reviewers who noted that)

I've had the phone for a week now, and here are my thoughts.

The Good - We live in a Valley area that the VZW guy needs to visit. Wife's V60i cuts in and out, the VX7000 works a lot better on a lot less reception. I love the color choice (Blue is my fav), so that wasn't an issue. A lot of different options for rings/buzzes/etc for all the things it can receive including no notification at all plus you can turn off keypad noise. Pic quality seems to be very good and I love the fact I can take a pic and make it the wallpaper (my Daughter thinks I'm god now that she's on my phone). As for the size and style, it's fantastic. It feels really solid and I love the tactile feedback of the keys given my long fingers. The keys have a very solid "click" feel even when the keypad beeps are off. Backlighting is fantastic, especially at night - it's bright enough to see by. For those of you who text msg a lot, this phone is a GODSEND!

The not so hot - Forget any idea of low light shots with the camera - light isn't good enough for it. My opinion - I didn't buy the phone for the camera anyways and if I need a nightshot I'll use my digital cam.

The Bad (not too much) - You can't pick what menu to start with when you press the OK button on the main screen. It may be possible to customize the left and right buttons and what it does from the main screen, but haven't found that yet.

Much better than the v710


Aug 26, 2004 by carhappykid

I am very happy with this phone.Had a v710 for a weekend and was very disappointed.
Great display-am able to change both front and internal to my wallpapers.
Camera and video for a phone not bad.
Battery life.
User friendly software.(like my Mac)
Great reception
Loud ear piece, much better than the v710.

No analog...do you really need it.
Speaker phone.

All in all I really like this phone.It is my second LG, my first was a vx6000 another great phone, If the vx8000 is anything like this one watch out Moto....

Pretty much as good as it gets:


Sep 14, 2004 by BBKahuna

Caveat to this, I don't really think it's possible to create a perfect phone, there is always going to be one or two things you wish were different.

That said:

This phone is pretty much as good as it gets. I've owned the 6000 before which was *loud* and very crisp in audio quality. This has the same high-quality speaker, and the ringer is actually LOUDER than the 6000. It's the first phone I owned that sticking it on the highest volume was actually TOO high for my use.

The GIN games and applications are all great, my one regret is it doesn't yet have the real music tones that the 6000 has. :( I know its on the way though.

Also, this phone has a great display, and even easier menu to navigate, (I'm surprised how good LG is at making this intutitive.

I think a lot of users have this ingrained thought that Tri-mode is going to make their phone immensley better. No, it's not, unless you live in a very rural area still using backup Analog networks, you really do not need a Tri-Mode phone.

The display is good, the video could be a bit better, the phone still has some small problems with using video/camera in poor lighting, but it serves its purpose, and this is definitely a worthy successor to the 6000. The phone is a bit more bulky, which takes some getting used to, but still fits comfortably in my pocket.

Overall, I'm definitely happy with this phone, some small tweaks would make it that much closer to perfect.

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