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Excellent Phone--Simply Perfect


Feb 5, 2005 by RichardM

I was holding off purchasing the VX7000 until I saw what the VX8000 was like. After seeing both, I decided that the VX7000 would suit my needs better. I like all the great features on the VX8000, and the call quality was equal to the VX7000, but it has more than I needed. I like the size of the VX7000--a bit smaller than the VX8000 which I thought looked a bit big, and not as clean looking as the VX7000. It seemed the VX7000 would survive better in my pocket.

I have been using the Samsung A670 for the last 9 months or so, and had thought it was the best around. Now, I really think the VX7000 is the greatest. The menus are wonderful--so easy to set up contacts with multiple numbers. Easy to customize all the settings and ring-tones, and a pretty good camera to take photos mainly to use as wallpaper. I like the size of the VX7000--bigger than the Samsung A670, so it felt more secure in my hand, and the keypad easier to use. Most importantly, the call quality and reception are superb. The volume is excellent, and people I call can't tell I'm on a cell phone. This is the first LG phone I've actually bought; I had tried others in the store and didn't find any I really liked.

Excellent call quality--crystal clear calls and good volume level in ear-piece. I haven't heard any better.
Beautiful large screen inside, and nice screen outside.
Good camera as far as camera phones go, with flash and zoom lens.
Good size, well built, clean and simple looking, and easy to use menus and voice dial, and fits easily in pocket. Good ring-tones built-in, or to add on with Get It Now. Just about as perfect a phone as you can get, on the greatest cell phone provider in the US.

Cons: No speaker-phone or blue-tooth, although to me, that wasn't important. (I've tried speaker-phones, but never found any where the person at the other end got a good, clear sound., so I didn't think I'd use the speaker-phone feature.

My friends are envious


Jan 21, 2005 by Uzd2BeAGeek

I upgraded my previous Motorola V60 phone from Verizon and was considering this phone and the Motorola V710 back in October. The two features that had me considering the V710 was speakerphone and Bluetooth. I like speakerphone as I have it on my Nextel i730, but I had to consider the overall phone. After looking at both in a VZW store for about 90 minutes, I chose the LGVX7000 and I have never looked back. Motorola has lost its edge in quality and performance and must come up with gimmicks (bluetooth / speakerphone / etc) to attract customers. Last month I seriously considered the RAZ3 from Motorola, but again it re-affirmed by decision and my opinion -> This phone rocks!!!

- Quality of ringtones
- Front display (caller id & pic)
- Battery Life (stand-by)

- Poor flash for taking pictures.. I can live with this
- Of course: no speakerphone & no bluetooth

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VX-7000 the best I've used


Jan 6, 2005 by bigmean1

We have two of these phones in our family. These are the best cell phones I have used. Tried a VX-6100 and found it to be terrible.
If the VX-7000 had speaker phone it would be perfect.

Sound quality on both ends of the call
Loud ringer
MP3 ringtones
Battery life
Easy to use memory

No speaker phone
No memo attached to each phone number. The 4400 had that and it was a most useful feature.
Unable to set the key backlight time, 7 seconds is all you get.

VX-7000: good choice for verizon wireless


Dec 23, 2004 by partyboi850

this phone is by far the best phone i have ever had for verizon wireless. compared to by older att wireless phone the v600 it blows it away. this phone is jam pact with features many have wished to have in previous models. to start with the phone has a nice form factor. the clamshell design with integrated camera lens is a nice touch to the overall sharpness of the phone. it comes in 2 colors, black and blue. black to me looks nice but that my opinion. when we open the phone we see a vibrant color screen that is customizable to your own imagination. the numbers keys are big so most people wont have a hard time using this phone to make calls. the phones camera is a swivel design with an option to flip image according to the position either front or in back.it is good for self portraits and photos of friends and loved ones. other features include recordable ring tones which is a plus because u can definitely know its your phone ringing. one feature id wish this phone to have is a speaker-phone. not that i need it but it does help when i cannot hold the phone. also blue tooth a plus but that is not needed for a cellular phone. one more feature is the vibrant color caller ID.it is integrated with a bright flash that works great with low light situations.the caller ID shows pictures and can be used to take self portraits which is another way to take a self photo. over all this phone is one for the record books with a nice sleek style, awesome clamshell design and a great sound. when added with the awesome service of verizon wireless, this phone is one to rule them all.


(only 2 cons, u find me a fone without cons, i give you a fone created by god)

A great phone from LG


Dec 17, 2004 by dapgar

I just swapped my old V60 motorola out for a VX7000. So far, I like the phone a lot. I went through two V60's. One was dropped from 20ft up on my construction site and the base of the antenna was destroyed. replaced under phone insurance. It was a nice sturdy phone and served me well. Now that I have this nice new color screen LG, I realized how outdated that V60 really is.
I love how I can search for contacts by the first letter of their name/business. I run my own residential construction business, so I needed a durable phone and I hope this one is. I wish it had a metal case, but I understand that most phones these days don't.
1. Great Clear Screen
2. Excellent Sound
3. Adjustable Camera/video
4. No antenna to break off, like the v60's always did.

1. No Speaker phone, I would like to use this when driving instead of an annoying headset.
2. No bluetooth. I hate wires in headsets and would like to use the wireless bluetooth technology, I might get the device that allows me to use a wireless earpiece via a wireless transmitter
3. Hard to get ringtones. I could do without this whole GET IT NOW thing that makes you pay for games, ringtones, wallpaper. It's a monthly fee and sounds really lame. when you try and record a new ring tone, the quality isn't great because it's going through the air, not a fixed wire.
4. I wish I could use the light that blinks when it's turned on, or rings, as a small flashlight in a bind where i need light. would be nice to be able to turn this feature on/off.

Don't take my long list of cons to mean I hate this phone. for the most part, they are minor details. Maybe the 8000 will have speakerphone.

I appreciate all the other reviews of this phone. It helped me to realize I made the right decision when I bought the phone.

VX 7000 Replaces Bum VX 6100


Dec 14, 2004 by HTaylor913

After having owned the LG VX 6000 for a year, I purchased the VX 6100 about 10 days ago. The 6000 was the best cellphone I had ever owned, having been a moto fan for many years until I got tired of moto's many screen dumps and lock ups.

I say the 6000 was the best because I could depend on great signal and in-call quality, high volume, and being around my boat in a salt water environment all summer, it really took a beating and kept on ticking.

I had expected the same from the 6100, but I just returned it to Verizon in exchange for the VX 7000.

Why? Simply for the fact that the volume bug affecting the 6100 is a real issue. It began cropping up within 48 hours of my usage. Some incoming calls were crisp and clear, but at least 60 % of all incoming calls started at below medium volume and stayed there.

The next issue was with in-call signal quality. Bad news. It was like being back on AT&T analog again. I think the problem here is the 6100 reverting back to tri-mode from the all digital of the 6000. Many of the 6100's calls were somewhat garbled. I had the same thing with past CDMA moto phones that were tri-mode.

Fast forward to the exchange for the VX 7000...the new phone seems to be just terrific! No volume issues, and each call is back to being loud and clear (the 7000 is solely digital, same as the 6000). My service is based in the burbs of NYC, (1X service).

The 7000 has a bright easy to read screen, and I do not miss the speaker phone feature of the 6100, which was no big deal for me. So, the extra bucks for the 7000 have proven, in my case, to be the better buy!

Great Phone!!


Dec 14, 2004 by markman097

I got this phone a couple days ago and I love it. If you want a bigger phone like I did go with this one. It still fits in a pocket but isn't too small to hang on to and the screen and keypad are quite large.

If you don't care about speakerphone or bluetooth...get this phone.

I saw other reviews criticizing the camera....this camera is excellent for a phone. It is my second camera phone and is far better. There are several zoom options (even at high resolution). It also takes surprisingly decent video. It is also solid and easy to use. Great phone.

My only criticism is the photo ID is kinda small..even on the large LCD. It might be because I don't have one taken at high resolution?

Great phone!


Dec 6, 2004 by shellebelle303

This phone rocks! It's a little big but it makes up for it with a vibrant screen and smart design.
PROS:Excellent reception. Display is very clear and easily read even in sunlight. Pre-loaded rings and screen savers are good. Camera resolution is top-knotch. Compared side by side with every other camera phone we are offering to date this phone blows the others away! Easy user interface. Great that you can record your own ringtones. Only thing this phone needs is a speakerphone. I would highly reccomend this phone to anyone wanting to switch into a camera phone.



Dec 2, 2004 by GIREVIKS

I work for a Verizon Dealer and have had the chance to mess with almost every phone they offer and the LG 7000 is one of the best yet.
PROS: Awesome ear piece,loud and crisp
Gets great reception,although signal strength meter is only four bars so you might think your not getting that great of signal.
Above average camera for a phone,compared to the lg 6000, audiovox 8900,8910 the pictures are much cleaner, I think it looks better than the MOT v710 even though that phone has a higher resolution.
You can record your own ringtones straight from the outside speaker which is cool.
Mobile Web 2.0 is a big improvement from the older version although I think its pretty lame the Verizon charges minutes if you use it during peak times.

CONS: No Analog,which 99 percent of the time doesnt matter but here in AZ there are a few nooks and crannies in the digital coverage where my old tri-mode phone would work,especially in the mountains and rim country.
Its annoying on flip open that the phone takes about a second to answer but Ive adjusted to it.
No speakerphone,which is surprising because the phone has a rather large outer speaker hole and you can record ringers with it.
Overall this phone is solid and is a good value with the LG 8000 nearing release.

Love IT!


Nov 29, 2004 by vzwcust4ever

I just got this phone on friday and it is awesome,I didnt get it before because I didnt have 200 dlls to spend on a phone but firday i went to the corporate store and they gave me the 6100 and the 7000 for 50 dlls!! and a 50 mail-in!! is that a deal?? I think so..
I just love this phone it really works and it even works in places that my 6000 didnt, the only thing that im trying to get used to is the signal bars sometimes they act weird but i always have reception so i guess it doesnt matter...but how about not paying for ring anymore!!!! That function is so cool, i can record a bunch of songs from my CD's and just put them as my ringtones plus the quality on the screen, man! If you are trying to get this phone..BUY IT! no regrets will come to your mind!!! LG and Verizon satisfy me A-GAIN!

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