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GREAT phone,but not perfect


Dec 18, 2004 by baldrn

I'm not a phone officianado, but I really like this phone. I was looking for something with a large screen/voice dialing to upgrade from my VX10.
- Feels good in the hands of a 6'3" man, not tiny elf phone that is hard to handle. (especially manly in the leather case LOL) But not too large to keep on belt.
-Screen is beautiful, easy to read, user menu is friendly. Good for quick Tetris games, easy to play/see. Front display is easy to read and customizable.
-Speaker phone is nice to listen to voice mails and if on hold. Also to let someone else hear what is being said, but briefly. (see cons about speaker)
- Pix and video are good for quickies, but even at large res they're grainy when sent to pc.
-No problem with reception.
-Battery life is sufficient. Nice to use screen or flash as a light at nite.

-Biggest is that there is a "sweet spot" with the headset. Unless you have your phone in EXACTLY the right spot, the caller's voice wavers a LOT. Either to soft or TOO SCREAMY> But, once you find the sweet spot, the transmission to your ear is clear and good.
-Speaker phone is not good to carry conversations with. It's weirdly located in the back of the phone. I'm sure there is a reason for that, but it's inconvenient. Unless your car is completely soundproof, it's not sufficient for a conversation.
-It's not the phones prob, but if the company, Verizon, would allow the data cable to xfer pix, I'd buy it. Otherwise, it only does phone contacts and you have to, at .25 a pic (or get a pkg) email them to your home addy.
Overall it is a great homeuser phone. Although it feels a bit "plasticy", the leather case seems to protect it well.
I've had LOTS of compliments on it and I just noticed that as of now, they're sold out. So, that speaks a lot for it.
Hope this helps.

A Great Phone


Dec 16, 2004 by richb

I originally receieved the LG6100 with my NE2 plan. The reception was horrible and I sent it back and for the Audiovox 9900. What a difference. The Audiovox reception is much better. I live in an area where reception is iffy sometimes, and the Audiovox performs very well in this aspect. The reception is better than my previous phone (Motorola T720), which was pretty good to begin with.


Outside screen is not of much use
No audible indicator for missed calls

Great Phone!


Nov 30, 2004 by ikilledtupac

This is an outstanding phone! Sadly, it is no longer offered by Verizon-it has been discontinued. You will have to try a little harder to find it than most phones.

To start off-this phone's release was delayed almost a year to fix all the bugs (motorola should try that), but that caused the supply shortage since production was stopped before it was eventually released, i dont think anyone anticipated its popularity.

-Huge screen, largest available
-Excellent camera and contrast
-9 Customizable shortcuts
-Awesome reception
-Record your own ringers
-Usable outside LCD
-Very customizable menus
-excellent battery life

-Menus are not ergonimic-more keystrokes per function compared to most phones
-phone squeeks, plastic too soft

Over all, this phone is great. I have heard of intermitant power problems, but that can be expected from any phone. The menus are irritating because there are so many keystrokes per function, but oh well. I have taken many picture out the window of my car going 50mph and they looked GREAT-better than the b.s. megapixel phones most manufacturers are hocking and consumer are finding to be laughable. I am a heavy text user and still get 48 hrs of all day use per charge.

If there were only a way to take the build quality and menu system of the VX7000 and cross breed it with the camera, screen and reception of this phone...

Still, a steal at twice the price.

Nice phone


Nov 24, 2004 by dfahrenholz

Many things have already been said and I agree with most of them. I did originally want a Moto then a Sony-Ericsson but the ones being offered by ATT/Cingular were not even close to the quality of the T68 I purchased that ATT decided to cripple half of the functionality. Also Cingular made it impossible to upgrade my phone (which developed asphalt rash) without many long calls and visits to thier "stores". The quality and programming was crap as well.

So feeling disgusted I checked the other carriers out and decided on Verizon because of the coverage/phone offerings were better combined than the others. Everyone I talked to said 'Moto Bad" so I looked at LG's and the Audiovox. I have seen plenty of press on software bugs and exploding batteries on the LG's so I was hesitant even though all the reps said they were very durable. The LG's just feel too light and fragile compared to the SE's I have had.

I ended up with the CDM 9900 because the build seems solid and it feels like a real phone and the value was outstanding. So ATT lost a long term customer mostly due to customer service issues, billing issues and merger problems.

Internal screen is sweet
Everything I need to do is easy to personalize
Call clarity is good and bad (see cons)
Great value
Speakerphone is as good as the LG6100
Pictures are some of the best phone pics I have seen
Did I mention the awesome display?

I am used to GSM so the call sound is a distinct change. Clarity is good and I have not lost a call but the crispness is less.
Not really a con but not being able to hear yourself talk takes some getting used to but not a huge issue.
Lack of add ons like accessories and web stuff.

Overall this is a great value and the longer I use it the more I want to keep it. I originally intended to spend up to $300.00 dollars but ended spending about $50.00 so the price really became a bonus not a deciding factor as I had spent $200. dollars on my T68

great phone!


Nov 12, 2004 by ecan1017

I just bought this phone and I absolutely love it!
-Picture quality is the best I've seen since the Motorola V710 came out.
-It's more user friendly than I expected for an Audiovox.
-Not the prettiest outside design, but it seems pretty sturdy--sturdy enough to handle a two year contract!

This phone rocks


Nov 11, 2004 by gerryrules73

I'm very happy that I got this phone. This is the best phone (and my first camera phone) that I have ever bought. I had Verizon for 2 1/2 years and I have owned the Motorola V60i, LG VX4400B, and Motorola Startac w/speakerphone. This phone blows the competition away.

* Good speakerphone
* Camera takes fairly good pictures (not comparable to my digital camera)
* Excellent reception (especially in the NYC area). No dropped calls as of yet. It holds a strong signal pretty much anywhere.
* Tri-mode
* Easy to use phone book
* Video messaging
* Menus are pretty user friendly-comparable to the LG VX series.

* Battery life could be better with the regular battery. It lasted me 2 days. I bought the extended battery, for which I suggest everyone gets, and it lasts about 3 days-1 wk.
* Get It Now ringtones should have actual songs for this phone (The 8910 has it).
* I got the phone for retail price which for a camera and video phone isn't that bad.

Kudos to Audiovox (Toshiba) for making such a great phone.

great phone get it


Nov 11, 2004 by dustin2697

fiance and i just received these phone yesterday love em. No problems with dropped calls or reception. The features are great too! the pros:great video capture,great camera,great reception,overall great phone. The cons; no mp3 ringtones, i can live without those. Had a moto v400 with cingular and their service is poor all the way around.

You Can't Go Wrong


Nov 10, 2004 by xXx69

-Screen, very big, bright, and colorful
-Speakerphone very loud and clear, tops motorola with speakerphone, almost like nextel but clearer
-Nice selection of wallpapers
-Camera is good, but i have a digi-cam so i hardly use it
-Flash is very good and so is the flashlight option.
-Reception, that all depends on how close you are to a cell tower, im in NYC so im covered very well, full bars and clear reception
-Very user friendly, easy navigation
-Price, $119 its very cheap and the phone is extremely good

I Like The Phone....So Far


Nov 9, 2004 by thegeemeister

I've had the phone for 2 weeks and so far I like it a lot. I looked at every ones reviews and then bought it over the LG-6100. I really don't care that much about games and ring tones. I do agree about the outside display. It could be better but it doesn't bother me that much. The battery is nowhere near what they claim. They claim Talk time is 3.33 hrs and 15.8 standby days. I had to charge it 2 times in 1 day. There should be more than 3 bars for the battery display. I agree with "fugue137" about the annoying startup and shut off sound however there is a way to prevent it from coming on. If you put the phone in "vibrate" mode then shut it off, it will prevent the startup sound from coming on the next time you start up. That's the only way around it. The inside screen is great and the picture quality is bettter than the LG-6000 and the Samsung A670. It's easy to use but it a little bit of a pain to close it with 1 hand. It was $30 less than the LG-6100. Volume could be louder. I have it as loud as it can go. It's fine if there is no noise but I don't think it will be if you're in a place that is a little noisy. I'll keep you posted if I find anything else. You can email me if you have any questions.

Audiovox 9900


Nov 7, 2004 by ericm

Pros: Lost of features for the price. Nice big display. Inside display stays lit while charging - nice night light in a hotel room. External buttons light outside display without having to flip open.

Cons: Whoever designed this phone never had to use it. How dumb to put the speaker on the back! Menu has no "back" button like the Korean phones - you just have to exit and start the menu all over from start.

Like all cell phones, the mfg changes the connector with each model so you can't use your old accessories. Too bad Audiovox is quitting - I would look forward to their next model. Considering that, I'm thinking of changing to the Motorola v710.

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