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Great Phone, Bye-Bye Audiovox


Nov 4, 2004 by Ozzy

Got this phone two weeks ago, so far so good. Much nicer than Samsung 530 that i previously owned.


-Amazing screen.
It's big and bright.

Not perfect, but a nice plus when sitting in a QUITE environment. But it's louder than LG 6100.

Great pics @ 640x480 with minimum light. Pics look very clean.

Picks up signal anywhere in the Tri-State NY. Much better than LG or Samsung phones.

Very loud poly ringers. Easy to upload wallpaper using vzpix. Looks gorgeous if properly sized.

-Battery life is pretty good. 3 days before it dies using 30 minutes a day.

- 5 second startup. Very fast compared to Samsungs that take around 20 seconds to read memory.


-Feels very plasticky and makes cracking sound when the cheek pressed against it. Sturdy enough, but why the squeeking? Should have been fixed.

-Speakerphone is distorted if used outdoors, pretty useless since can's hear anyting anyways unles it's quiete.

-It's pretty big and not the prettiest design.

-No vibrate then ring like most other phones. Very dumb since when at work it's on ringer. When home you must remember to change back to a ringer.

-Back cover is cheaply designed. Should be a part of battery since with enough pressure it just comes off.

I think you get the picture. It's not the perfect phone w/o bluetooth, but it has many great features. Overall the phone is solid and should last a few years unless you plan on dropping it in the toilet. Unfortunately, Audiovox just sold off their wireless unit and we won't know what will happen in the nearest future. Worst case, if you have this phone and need it replaced, you will probably get a newer phone made by someone else if VZ can't repair it. Midtown store in NY still has a bunch left (57th and 6ave).

Excellent User Friendly Phone


Oct 20, 2004 by Winston-Salem1

I recently purchased the Audiovox CDM 9900 phone as a replacement for my Audiovox 8600. I am impressed with the Audiovox CDM 9900 for the following reasons:

1. user friendly instructions and prompts are easy to work with as compared to my old phone.

2. voice activation is easy to program and works quite well.

3. speaker works well and is loud.

4. large, clear color screen

5. reception is good

6. has other features such as a camera which I may use over time.

Overall, the phone appears to be of good quality and serves its intended purpose...to make and receive calls in a convenient and easy way!

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Aug 24, 2015 by tiesan01

oh wait,

because when I make a text message on this phone, it brings up the (first) composition page, where you are supposed to put in a phone number, and then once you do that, it takes you to an identical composition page where you begin your text. For a while there, I thought my space key was defective.

Phones reception is baller!!!! This is in 2015, and Verizon reception sometimes gets janky near the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport.

Keypad is nicely spaced, buttons feel good. All the menu options are kinda clunky - too many sub-menus to choose from on this phone, but eventually you get your tasks accomplished.

Amazing display for 2005!

Access to the NAM menu (kinda)

T9 implementation is a'ight. The phone tends to lag a little bit when filling in words.

Ringtones are TERRIBLE. Like, seriously - where did these come from? It's like the sounds that a dollar store tickle-me-elmo would make.

No bluetooth - thus cannot fix the terrible ringtone issue.

Phone has a really freakin' solid flip hinge. Makes a snappy snap sound when closed - difficult to open one handed, or with my teeth while driving. Lame. But a good hinge, nonetheless.

Battery life suuuuuuuuckkkkkkssssssssss

This was the phone to have, back in 2005 for generally awesome all-around multimedia features. Very impressive offerings, and a very solid phone! Too bad it's for nerds (lolololol). I will probably use this thing off and one, since it actually is a really nice handset. The battery issue might get annoying, though.

Best Phone Ever Made!!!!!


Feb 5, 2008 by optiquest

A lot of manufacturers should go back to the drawing board with this phone in mind. This is by far the best phone i have ever owed. I know im putting this information in 2008 considering the phone came out 05 but every time i get a new phone i tend to go back to this one. They need to come out with another updated version of this phone. Absolutley the best i have ever had. This phone will never lose service. The picture quality is the best hands down.

Beautiful Phone!!


Apr 25, 2006 by tanyagovea

I love this phone. I was looking for an audiovox 8900, when i saw this one, i fell in love with it. The 8900 had a large screen, but the 9900 has a way bigger and clearer one, plus video, I had to have it. I got a refurnished one, with a 3 year warranty on it. I love that I can record stuff and put it as ringers, pretty tight. It holds alot of stuff. Overall its a very fancy phone better than those ugly costly ones on the market right now. Vcast, mp3 don't people have a life. If you want to impress your friends look for this one, its so cool.

Best Verizon Phone Ever


Mar 9, 2006 by ram591984

I work in a cellular phone store so I am very familier with all phone(since we carry all of the carriers). I would put this phone against any other phone out there. The CDM9900 has the best screen resolution still today, excellent reception I live in the middle of no were and against the side of a mountain, and I never lose a call. I think the features are easy to use. I had a 9900 for a while and then lost it and when I got the replacement phone from the insurance it was a Motorola V710 so I used it for a while and absolutely hated it the reception blows, I also tried a Samsung A670 and didn't like it either. Neither on of those phones even came close to the 9900 and it came out way before those other ones. So I went out and found a used one and I love it as much as I always did. I refuse to change to any of the other phones we have even the Razr doesn't compare in my opinion. I wish it wouldn't have been discontinued.

CDM-9900 Still Rocks


Dec 2, 2005 by Avacado Blue

I've had this phone since it came out, as well as a few others, and this is by far the best I've ever owned. After a year of hard use I finally broke it and I ended up paying more for a used replacement than I did for the original phone.

This is like no other Audiovox phone. From what I understand, this phone was actually made by Toshiba. It's not a toy or a PDA but a great phone for business and personal use. Even today it has the highest resolution and screen size you can find in a flip phone. Even my Dad's Motorola E815 display is no match for my CDM900 that came out over a year ago.

Too bad verizon isn't carrying any decent phones anymore, just gadgets for listening to music with terrible screen resolution.

- Too many to list

- No missed call alert
- Single small hole on earpiece must be aligned perfectly with your ear.
- No multiple alarms or snooze feature

function over form


Mar 28, 2005 by spowers

ive had this phone since christmas and have been putting off reviewing it until i have fully had a chance to use everything on it...almost everything about this phone has been covered in previous reviews but one thing that cant be stressed enough is the screen on this phone...every other phone on the market right now that i have seen is laughable compared to this phone...if you havnt seen this phone in person you may think the reviews are a bit overstated and it cant be as good as advertised but when you see this screen and the pictures it takes you will immediately forget about the size of the phone and its less then fashionable looks...as far as the menu goes the customizable icons are a huge plus...navigation is very easy, although not quite as easy as my LG 4500...i recommend this phone to anyone...you wont be disappointed...

CDM-9900 great follow on from the CDM-9500


Mar 19, 2005 by Airwar

I waited for this phone (1) year. I believe the wait was worth it. Due to it's late release the price on Verizon's new every two made it almost free. Sorry to see this model so short lived. I am in agreement with the other reviews. They say it all. My only comment is since there are not many high end video phones out there yet I have not had the chance to receive one on the phone. Have sent a few to my computer with mixed results. With so many features I have yet to exploit the phone 100%. I am happy with this phone and hope to purchase a follow on Toshiba platform. Streaming Video would have been nice. The camara does a good job, and looks as nice as the early entry mega-pixel models. I will carry this phone the whole two years or longer if no Toshiba follow up model.

One of Verizon's Best!


Dec 25, 2004 by VOLVOT5

This phone is definitely one of Verizon's better releases. The screen is absolutely fabulous, it's big and bright and can show a lot of information; and your pictures look fantastic on it. The camera on this phone is also very good. In fact, it takes way better pics than the 1.3 megapix unit on the Motorola V710. It could be Verizon's best camera phone.

RF performance is also excellent. It can lock on and hold a signal better than most phones. Just remember that the 9900's signal meter is way more honest than most. Even if you have one or no bars showing, the phone can still make and receive clear calls. Speaking of calls, call quality is fantastic. Most calls sound crystal clear and true to the tonal qualities of the person talking. Outgoing call quality is just as good with most people saying I sound just like voice sounds.

The speaker phone is definitely serviceable. I wont say it's great but it's ok. People's voices can get tinny at the higher volume levels but you can still here what they are saying. It's also interesting to note that most people can't tell I'm talking on the speaker phone. They say that they can't notice a big difference whether I'm using it or not. Now that's saying sometime about the outgoing call quality of the speaker phone.

The menu system is also pretty good on the phone. They are generally logically laid out and everything is easy enough to access. The phone book is also very good with each entry capable of holding multiple phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

I can go on and on about this phone but it's Christmas and it's time to get back to the family. Just get it if you can still find it available. Sometimes it still pops up as available on Verizon's website depending on what zipcode you live in.

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