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Best Darn Cellular Telephone Device In The World


Nov 8, 2005 by jrrab80

I bought this phone in Christmas 04 for a hundred bucks. This has been the best phone I've ever had and I go through alot of phones, usually about 3 or 4 a year. I live in southern OH and it's in the sticks some of my phones I couln't even talk in my bedroom this phone I could lay on it and it wouldn't drop a call and they had no problems hearing me. The pictures/video were the best I've seen on a camera video phone even when put up against the new megapixel cameras not to mention the largest most detailed display on any phone, also when going through saved pictures there's no loading or sluggish menu. I used the internet feature to check my email, game scores, and even shop on ebay! I loved using the voice recorder to make my own ringers and they were plenty loud. phone was very customizable you could give people their own ringer, picture etc. you could have a different screen saver on the front lcd than the internal. The speakerphone is a godsend I don't know about anyone else but my friends like to talk alot about nothing and no one ever knew they were on speaker phone or knew I wasn't listening! this is a huge plus for me. There's not enough room to talk about all the positives of this phone. Just a little clue on how great this phone is: I love getting new phones and just recently I accidentally dropped my phone into a pitcher of alcoholic beverage it was between this phone and the new lg 9800 and I chose this phone hands down and I paid more than what I paid the first time, so if your smart track one of these down on ebay and you'll never have another worry about a cellular telephone device, who cares about new phones with mp3 players thats why everyone has Ipods.

Incredible! An absolute steal!


Oct 2, 2004 by petemcroy

This phone is severely underpriced! While it doesn't have 'crippled bluetooth' or an mp3 player, it's the best phone Verizon offers- and it's priced way too low! Sprint's Version (the Vm4050 costs 3 times as much!)

The phone is made by Toshiba (unlike the 8900 and 8600 which are Korean) , and uses that incredible Toshiba display- hands-down the best Verizon offers! Sound quality is phenomenal- the earpiece and microphone are far superior to the V710, and, unlike the VX7K, it has analog roaming ability!

I kept wondering what they left out, but this phone just has everything! A VGA camera that is hands-down Verizon's best, video recording & playback, Mobile Web 2.0, a reasonably good SPEAKERPHONE, and... oh yes... the best Screen of any Verizon phone.

The menu and phonebook are the same terrific ones found in the Vm4050, which allows for your own custom menu icons- sweet!

Size wise it's big, but on par with the VX7K and V710. The phone looks better than its Sprint Counterpart, and, at this price, it's an absolute steal. Get it before Verizon realizes they've priced it way too low!

Wonderful phone...am loving it so far!


Oct 20, 2004 by bleu_tropix

After reading all of the reviews here at phonescoop.com, I made the decision to upgrade to the 9900 using my NE2. Being new to the this site, I can honestly say that I've learned a lot from you guys and would like to thank everyone who gave their honest opinions in the reviews.

That aside, the CDM9900 has lived up to all the hype that was given to it and then some. I've only owned the phone for 4 days now, but since my main trouble area for reception is right here at home (base of a mountain), I feel ready to give my opinion.


- excellent reception in areas where my VX10 would normally have no service, i.e. certain areas of my house, and around where I live (the upper Nuuanu valley on Oahu near the Windward mountains)

- clear call quality, the other end sounds clear and everyone I've spoken to has said I sound just as clear. No problems with the single holed earpiece...

- solid feel; the overall feel of the phone feels solid in my hand...I like the bigger size too, actually feels like a phone and not a toy

- awesome screen, menus, camera capabilities, haven't tried the video camera function yet, but the still photos are amazingly clear, I even like the outer LCD...haven't had any problems seeing it day/night

- speakerphone sound is loud and clear

- and last but not least, the ringtones are loud and not distorted (this is a big plus for me, having owned the VX10 whose loudest setting was almost impossible to hear with any other sounds going at the same time)


I don't have any real problems so far except for the fact that the scheduler is a bit confusing to me, but I'll just have to get used to its functions.

Overall, this is a great phone and I absolutely love it so far :) I was actually thinking of trading it in for the LG6100 if only because I only had LGs in the past, but after a few days of usage...I'm sure this one will stay with me for the long haul...or at least until my next NE2 rolls by ;)


9900 = 9500 plus MANY Improvements


Oct 4, 2004 by pgens

So far the best phone I have owned. The 9500 used to be one of my favorites because at the time of its release it was the only color clamshell with a speakerphone. Finally its successor is released and it doesn't disappoint.

9500 users will find the phone book management very familiar.

The screen tops the 9500... it fills out most of the top-clam area, it is bright and very sharp. The resolution is great... I'm going to have to re-res all my custom wallpapers to take advantage of it.

Other than that, if you take the 9500's great qualities and excellent RF, add the side buttons it should have had, increase the earpiece volume, add a camera and higher resolution screen, add a calculator tool, make the phone size slightly smaller and improve a bit on the standard-battery life, you get the 9900.

The only issue I have had so far is Verizon's leather case... until it forms to the phone after a day or two, closing the phone causes some buttons to be pushed.

- Takes everything good about the 9500 and makes them great
- Good quality camera, so-so motion video but it records sound too

- Outside display could be better but it is color and it works fine.

Pricing mentioned in other reviews will only be around until October 11, 2004. After that, the out-of-contract price of $149 may go up. Because many high-end phones like this one are often at least $149 even at the 2-year agreement, this phone is teh st33l.

Verizon's best phone period!


Oct 2, 2004 by nycdru

I bought this phone for full retail (NE2 come 10/05 still intact.)

-No Ring AND/THEN vibrate.
-Speaker phone cannot be used while the phone is closed.
-Battery , coming form phones were the battery pops out when the phones is not an issue for me.
-Size, I am still getting used to it coming from 2 smaller flip phones. Minor issue, I give it a week before I am adjusted.
-No bluetooth (non issue for me)

let me get the obvious ones out of the way.
-PRICE dollar for dollar this phone is #1. It SHOUL be priced more comprably to the 7000 or the v710 which are the only phones in its league.
-SCREEN this phone IS the standard by which all others are humbled.

Moving on

-RF This phone holds signal very well.
-Sound quality (Incoming) very good.
-Soundquality outgoing is even better.
-speaker phone, It has one I can use on a noisy NYC street corner.
-volume, I can hear it ring and hear the person on the other end just fine on a loud NYC street corner.
-Keypad is raised, ruberized, textured, and can light up enough for night use.
-Travel Charger is deigned for tight spaces.
-WAP 2.0 ROCKS!!!!!! and is fast enough for normal use.
-Build quality is much better than my 8900, but i have the leather case now to protect its resale value.
-Flashlight actually kinda works.
-Menu's are cute and very customizable.
-the ability to customize the inner and outer LCD's is VERY nice. No assistance rocks! (when you get the phone you will see what I mean.)
-The ability to customize how long the backlights (BRIGHT) for the two screens and the buttons shows an attention to detail that I really like.


Battery life
I haven't been able to stop playing with it so I honestly don't know. However, if you are a mobile web junkie GET THE EXTENDED BATTERY!!! The use of mobile web with the powerful on this thing SUCKS battery fast.

Honestly, at the current prices, it is a 5 and the BEST verizon phone you can get if you don't need bluetooth.

Coulda Been Better


Nov 18, 2004 by LazerWolf

Have always read that Audiovox phones built by Toshiba are always superior to other makers. Well, the 9900 is a good phone, but I wouldn't call it great.

For one thing, there are a lot of little things missing in the function of the phone. Such as no vibrate/ring, no phone book security, lack of a snooze feature in the alarm clock. Also it would have been helpful if you were able to lock the phone with less than six button pushes, which it now takes.

Build quality is so-so. I like the solid feel when you open it up, but then the battery cover is so poorly made, very thin and flimsy, so it creaks quite a bit because it is flexing so much. Also the battery doesn't lock in place, so you can almost feel it moving around. Flimsy cover, moving battery not a good situation.

Also, the battery life is nowhere near its rated life as shown here on PS (300+ hours). I am lucky to get maybe two days or so with moderate use.

As far as its phone capabilities, it holds a signal very well. Have noticed it will shift to analog in places where my old phone would have shown no service. Have not had any problems keeping or making a call. The earphone is nice and clear.

So overall a good phone, glad I have a one year service plan though.

> Good signal reception. No dropped calls.
> Main screen, of course.
> Size, though big, is kind of reassuring.
> Nice keypad design and layout.
> You can personalize it pretty well.

> Battery life; pretty disappointing.
> Noisy when handling due to poor battery cover design.
> Phone security features leave a lot to be desired.
> Some functions like vibrate/ring, alarm clock snooze, could have been better taken of.

Next Step In CellPhones HANDSDOWN


Oct 25, 2004 by JBuckley

This cellphone, is the best thing i have ever had in my hands, and that i can visually see in the first 10min of using my phone.People say it's all about specs and what not, but this IS a cell phone. If your looking for media purposes, or a nice screen with very good use and longivity, this is it, PERIOD.

Wow, thats all i can say.
-Clear Speakerphone/Normal Talk
-Perfect or near perfect photos, and video recordings
-Ringtones...wow what can i say, 40 or so ringtones with the phone and like 15 are ringers and the rest melodies like stars and stripes and merry go round for instance.
-Screen (duh), and Outside (duh)
-LOTS of customization
-Comfortable in hands
-Big,Bulky feel
-Simple buttons, that are easy to hit.

Well there's always gotta be some, but there isn't many unless you are HIGHLY picky, like picky in your own cooking or your mothers for salt. Seriously

-Speakerphone not able to be used while phone is closed
-Difficult to open with just one hand(not too hard for me but i know it is for others)
-Outside screen doesn't stay on to show the time(see,... this is picky)

Final Note:
This phone is everything you want if you want a media phone, no phone is the best thats why i gave it a 4.5, but man, once u get it or play with it, you'll be amazed. LG6100 or this, Pick this. If your kids want a good phone, pick this. Trust me



Oct 21, 2004 by Little E

What we have here is EXECELLENT VALUE for LITTLE MONEY. A rare opportunity these days, a true win/win situation. We have a phone here that is loaded with so many features and benefits and it's hundreds of dollars less than many others.

Excellent reception
Clarity (even with speaker)
Nice color Menu & displays
Picture/Video functions
Get it Now plus Mobile Web 2.0
Productivity Tools
Tri Mode
and many other features. Also it's on the largest most reliable nationwide wireless network. Nice combo, sweet deal.

Depends on individual needs & wants no two are alike.



Oct 2, 2004 by guitarguy

After owning an LG VX6000,CDM-8900 I now decided to use my $100 every 2 with Verizon and this phone cost me absolutely nothing! Amazing as it was just released yesterday. I contemplated on purchasing the Motorola V710 but after owning the T720 over 2 years ago, I was very unhappy with the quality and hated the menus. the V710 would have cost me $150 including my $100 every 2 and it was not worth it as the new Audiovox has better standby and talk times than the V710. And of course a crisper sharper display! The speaker-phone on the CDM9900 is definitely better than the Predecessor 8900 and I am very happy with it. Audiovox has one of the quickest "power on time" than any other phone out there. My recommendation is spend the $49 to upgrade. It is more than worth it!

Great phone all around!


Dec 30, 2004 by MJM

I'm going to be as thorough as possible in my review so you can get a good idea of the phone.

Okay, I lost my Moto v60p and needed a phone. I didn't feel like spending big bucks on a top-dollar phone, so I was turning to cheaper phones such as the LG VX6100 camera phones, and other models in that league. I was at the Verizon kiosk and that was the first time I'd seen this phone. Needless to say, I wanted it, and they said that we had to go to Ft. Meyers to get the phone (I live about 30 miles away). The next day we went there, and they explained to us I would be receiving the phone in the mail because they were all sold out, because the phone was SO POPULAR. That's the bottom line. I guess the manufacturers were so under-stocked because they didn't expect the huge popularity of the phone, therefor the phone got sold out within weeks of its debut in October. I received my phone in the mail not 4 days later, where I instantly began customizing.

First, let me start listing the great things about the phone:

- Vibrant & Large color display inside and outer
- Very user-friendly, great UI
- Customizable to the MAXIMUM. First time I'd ever had a phone where I could put a background pic on a MENU!
- Great camera, quality pics for me at 85 mph +
- Good battery life, good talk-time
- Great reception
- Speaker clarity on the ear piece, speaker phone just OK (see speaker phone CON)
- Great video recording, nice sound & picture!
- Take pics while phone is closed
- Too many more to list, just a great phone for the money! I paid $65 with the rebates!


- Speaker phone not very clear at max volume, make sure you turn the volume slightly down on the speaker phone to hear.
- Flash a little weak, doesn't make much difference
- No ring + vibe option

Bottom Line; GREAT PHONE, 2 THUMBS UP! Get it, I PROMISE you won't be dissappointed. It's very cheap for the phone, and much better than some of the main competitors.

PS - LJ is Cool :)

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