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Nice Phone for the MONEY!!!!


Oct 14, 2004 by sgreiner

PROS: 1)AWSOME inside screen...it's as if you are watching TV.Beats the v710 and lg vx7000.
2)Great menus..easy to find things and do things.
3)Camera actually takes decent photos...for spur of the moment pics when camera is not near by.
4)Incredible phone for $49.00-$20 for being a verizon customer.....I think it was an absolute STEAL!!!
5)Video taking is good...fun thing to have dont know if i am actually going to use it...
6)Decent size phone...not too big nor too small for me...
7)Two way speaker phone is great sounding.

CONS: 1)Outside screen is useless...you cant see anything unless you leave the light on all the time....easy to deal with because the inside screen is fun to look at.
2)I am only getting three reception bars....my wife's lg phone is receiving full bars...dont know why as of yet...
3)Battery is what it is....played with the phone for 4 hours and needed to charge it...
4)all the extra little things not needed...like frames for pictures...ringers could be better..but for the money how could I complain..

This will not be my last phone...I have two years to see how good it really is....I am really looking forward to seeing the durablility of this phone...I had lost my t720 and replaced it with an audiovox and laughed at first but I have beaten the phone up pretty bad and it has held up!!!!!Overall, for the price of the phone-YOU CAN"T BEAT IT!!!!!

already indispensable


Oct 11, 2004 by picksix

After one week with the 9900 it is a part of me. Gone is the 8900 with the pitiful speaker phone, belt holster jabbing into my flesh and screen too tiny to really work with.

The 9900 is outstanding. Reception for me has been excellent. Just as good as the 8900 was and better in some locations. I can use the speaker in my car and hear the caller loud and clear. The screen is big enough that I can see what I'm doing without holding the phone right up to my eyes. I will definitely wear out this phone and whatever I get after that will have some big shoes to fill.

Why ½ away from a full 5 rating? Just a design issue that I can't believe Audiovox didn't notice. I'm referring to the ear piece and the tiny little hearing hole that pretty much has to be perfectly centered on the ear or it gets covered by the ear. When the ear covers it, it sounds like the connection is dying, but it is only the hole being covered. Audiovox, there should be at least 3 holes up there.

Anyway, I can live with that shortcoming because it is such an excellent cell phone overall.

Awesome Phone


Oct 11, 2004 by corys00

I'm a recent jumper from ATT to Verizon due to the lack of coverage in Orlando, FL (pathetic, I know)... My old phone was an MPX200, a windows smartphone, loved it alot. So, switched to verizon and wanted a camera phone. I work across from a verizon store and they showed me the 9900 and were telling me about the features. Checked out the camera and compared it to the other phone I was looking at getting, the V710. Needless to say, I choose the 9900 and am not looking back. The screen is top notch, impressed by the camera (better than the 710 hands down), sound quality is great, nice feel, excellant coverage, I could go on and on..

Only a few cons: Lack of MobileIM through Get it Now (no knock to the phone, just waiting on it to be released). No bluetooth (but I have a bluetooth jabba that I'm using now) and I'd prefer a vibrate and ring and that's it.

I paid 100 for the phone w/ a one year contract. Quite a steal from the 500 I paid for my old phone. Really really love this phone..



Oct 10, 2004 by sonquizzon

Hummm where to begin. I LOVE THIS PHONE! I was going to get a new carrier but decided to call Verizon and see if they would match T-Mobiles offer on the web. They did, and then some. My contract was expired with Verizon and I didn't like the fact I had to wait 2 years to get a new phone. Anyway, the girl gave me and my wife this 9900 just for the tax amount! WAHOO! Coming from owning the Kyocera QCP-3035 to this is a dream. I decided to stay with Verizon because they topped the T-Mobile offer.
Here's my review:

Screen colors and detail- WOW!
Battery Life
User friendly functions
Reception- Always reveive no less than 2 bars. Maybe rural Arizona just has better service.
Video clips
Pictures- They turn out nice. I don't know how that clown a couple posts back was having problems with them. Try adjusting the balance or use the flash for night pictures!
Textured keys- Yes they are, that other clown said they aren't but maybe he/she's had to many blisters over the years.

The only con I can think of is not really related to the phone, more towards Verizons Get It Now. I don't care for they fact you have to go to the Get It Now junk just to download ringtones, games and wallpaper. I wish you cold just get a data cable and download stuff on your pc then to the phone. Maybe I don't know how to do that- can anyone help me? But I just get bummed when they say I have to order from them. I guess they have to make $$ somewhere.

Oh well, so I'll live with that, after all this is a kick ass phone and better than what I had b4! My advice, get the 9900 phone, you'll love it!

Verizon finally offers a great phone!


Oct 6, 2004 by vuch11

Reception (Tri-mode)
50 bucks w/two year plan
Best internal display on market (qVGA)
Mediocre camera flash better than no flash
Well engineered case w/recessed side buttons
Large keypad buttons are raised and easy to dial
User friendly GUI (menus and navigation)
Earpiece volume above average
Ringer volume above average
Color outside display is cool for graphics
Takes pics while clamshell is closed
Speakerphone sounds decent

Outer display tough to read
Mediocre flash
No "ring and vibrate"
No Bluetooth

I have been a Verizon (Vz) customer for 8 years now and the 9900 is the best value I have seen offered. Trust me, I'm SUPER picky about cell phones. I never write reviews, but I'm THAT pumped that Vz finally got their act together and offered a well designed phone at a good price! Here is a list of phones that I have owned the past 3 years that the 9900 is flat out better than...

LG's 4400, 4400B, 4500, and 6000. Motorola's 720, 730, v60
Audiovox's 9000, 9100, 9500

Only one of those is a picture phone - the LG 6000. The 6000 was a decent phone but it was "All-Digital." My biggest gripe about Vz phones has been the "All Digital" crap that has been on their shelves. NEVER BUY AN ALL DIGITAL PHONE! They drop calls like its their job because the digital networks just aren't there yet. You still need the trusty old analog capability that the TRI-MODE phones have - trust me on this one. The problem is Vz had only three or four Tri-Mode models until recently... in come the Audiovox 9900 and 8910. Both are great but I chose the 9900 based on the big, bright display and the recessed side buttons (that don't get pushed in my pocket). The GUI and menus are some of the best I have ever seen in a phone. The camera w/flash is a nice little bonus. If you need smaller phone, go with the 8910. If you want a normal sized cell phone with all the features, the 9900 is def ur choice.

Always Loved Audiovox - Until Now...


Nov 11, 2004 by crday

I have always been an Audiovox fan, having had several of their models. One of the best phones of all times was the Audiovox CDM9500 - it gave the best reception of any phone I've owned; not so with the 9900. The 9900 gives the absolute WORST reception of any previous models. I lose calls, and the phone searches for signal in places no other phone has ever had problems, as in my home. I also have a Motorola V710 - and with all the problems that phone has exhibited, it holds a solid signal everywhere.

The 9900 is also somehow limited in its ability to display graphics and pictures from the Mobile Web. The same pictures are displayed quickly on the V710. Also, very limited number of products on Get It Now.

I am now on my second 9900. I sent the first one back to Verizon, hoping that the poor reception was just a defective phone - the second is just as bad, and is now packaged and ready to go back.

Nice, large display
Good sound level and quality
Speakerphone works well

Poor reception
Mobile Web graphics limitations
Case seems to be poorly designed
Battery held only by battery door

Buy It....NOW


Oct 12, 2004 by mookiethedj

I am not a fan of a flip phone, but with the cost of $49 and all the features, I made the leap of faith. I was thinking of the V710, but when I saw this one, it knocked my socks off. I have not found any negatives. Get one ASAP. Bluetooth & MP3 player is not worth the extra $200 bills. Anyway...have you seen what those people look like with that Bluetooth headset.....Ya Gotta Laugh.

Great phone / Bad Customer Service


Oct 11, 2004 by buckaroo bonzai

OK this phone is a wonderful piece of equipment. I have played with it and know people that have it and they have all said the same thing. You have all read the sparkling reviews for it.

The con would now be VZW's inability to figure out that this is a great price for a great phone and that they should HAVE ENOUGH IN STOCK SO PEOPLE COULD ACTUALLY ORDER ONE.

These bumjoy's had it for less than a week and were so inundated with orders that the supply has been wiped out.

Way to go, tards.

Buckaroo Bonzai

User in Cali (L.A. to S.D.)


Oct 6, 2004 by jrey09

I just upgraded 4 days ago from V60i, which is probably the best basic phone available. So for anyone who has had any experience with a functioning V60i, you will be able to gauge my review of the 9900:

- as stated by all other users, including the awesome screen, battery life, speakerphone, clarity and most important to me is reception.
- In comparison to my V60i, this phone's bar signals fluctuate in certain areas, however I usually don't pay attention to that and instead value whether I get dropped calls. The reception is excellent, no dropped calls or static; this makes me happy because I've waited a very long time for a phone that offers Tri-mode and excellent reception like the V60i.
- easily switch to VIB mode by pressing and holding the * key.

-I haven't figured out how to change the banner to my name instead of VZW
- size: slightly larger than V60i, but weighs less (I had the extended battery on my moto)

Summary: This phone is awesome, even for me and I have no intention of using the camera of video features. Can't beat the price for Tri-mode phone with good call clarity and reception, plus all the extra features which are truly secondary for me.

Recommended for:
- techy type people (boyz and girlz)
- those that need to have the latest, w/o giving up call clarity or reception
- anyone looking to upgrade to new color phone
- for very SMART people

Not recommended for:
- those who value small size (hmmmm??!!)
- those whose jobs will not allow camera phones



Oct 6, 2004 by paintedbird

Since I moved to Verizon I tried a couple of phones(LG vx 6000 & 4500).I liked them but it wasn't quite "IT".
Just as I was thinking of returning to AT&T before my trial period was up the 9900 came out.
And at a ridiculous $49.00 price tag.
Hello McFLY!!
This phone is worth SO MUCH more(think $170+).
This is an awesome phone no matter the price.
Congratulations to Audiovox and Toshiba.

-Great reception on my end(Marin county,Ca,) and excellent and clear as a bell on the other.Has not failed me once.Helps when doing business calls.
-The phone feels solid.This could be a con for some,but the fact that it is not a mini size flip works for me.I like that when open it feels like I'm holding a phone not a gadget.
-Gorgeous screen.One of the best out there.Large and clear.Easy to read.
-Speakerphone is very good.People can hear you w.o. that digital distortion.
-Battery charges at a decent rate(2 h.) but holds charge well.Like the travel charger.Goodbye bulky table chargers.
-Nice wallpaper choices(can always add photos)
-Takes nice pictures(vx 6000 was best but this holds its own and has the bigger screen) & video clips.
-Menu well designed and easy to use.Customizable.Userfriendly.This is a phone for ANYONE.If I can figure it out so can you.
-Keypad is easy to use and feels nice.Blue backlight bright ,practical and you decide how long.
-Has an alarm clock,timer,scheduler all easy to use.

(In regards to this phone ,I personally would not call these cons but things that could be better)
-Battery does get moderatly warm.
-Ring choices are standard.Wish there were some better ones already on phone w.o. having to download.
-Rings or vibrates but not both at same time.
-Opening this flip phone is not as facile as some other models,true but I got used to it
(at least it doesn't open on it's own in coatpocket or bag and accidently make calls)

If you don't care about bluetooth this is as good as it gets and the best of Verizon.

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