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Solid Phone


Apr 4, 2006 by henrichs1

Finally getting rid of it for a "fancier" phone with more features after two years, but in those two years it was pretty nice.

Pros :
- Solid reception, even indoors
- Good volume, loud rings, good vibrate
- Took everyday abuse of throwing around, forgetting overnight in the car on a cold Wisconsin night, etc.
- good battery, usually could leave on standby for about 2 1/2 to 3 days, on talk mode at least a couple hours wouldn't be an issue; never had an issue with the battery going bad in 2 years, no replacement needed
- lots of options for face plates, easy to switch

Cons :
- Nothing fancy like a camera or anything, but not a big deal if you just need a phone
- No speakerphone
- Occasionally dropped a call or wouldn't ring after hitting the call button (had to hang up and try again) but that was only when it was 2 bars or less.
- Also on occasion the caller/reciver's voice would fade out for a second, again only when 2 bars or less, which usually only happened deep indoors



May 14, 2005 by dramalicious

I got this phone for Christmas. I didn't need a fancy flip or a camera or anything. I'm only 12, and I just need a phone. It works great in my area (northern Missouri), the only place I couldn't get it to wor was inside a skating rink. I like the look, the display, and the ringtones much better than my previous Kyocera 2135. The downloadable games, wallpapers, tones, and now VIDEOS from Get It Now are an added bonus. And I figured out how to use it in a day.

-It has great reception
-Looks cool and has many faceplates available
-45 ringtones
-Web Browser and Get it Now
-Large fonts
-Loud ringers
-Bright Display
-Voice Recorder
-Vibrate mode
-Easy to use

-It's a little big to carry in a pocket so you need a purse or a holster
-The light goes out after 30 seconds and the display looks yellowish outside
-It has only 1 screensaver

That's it! If you want a cool phone without any unwanted gadgets then the 3589i is for you!

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Nokia Quality.


Jul 5, 2004 by muchdrama

First, let it be known that I MUCH prefer bar-style phones to flips.

PROS: Very loud ear piece volume and ringers. This is a huge must for me.

Very bright screen (could use the thing as a flashlight if you wanted).

Durable SOB: This thing is tough. Period.

Reception is excellent. Out of Verizon's lineup, this thing holds a signal the best.

Very intuitive menu system. Easy to learn.

CONS: None.

Oh, by the way...I'm on Verizon in South Florida. And I'm ever so patiently waiting for something higher end from Nokia for Verizon.

great reception


Nov 16, 2003 by mch

First and foremost, this phone has great RF performance and good audio quality. The fact that it has both an internal and external antenna means that it seems to do better at receiving calls in low signal areas than many Verizon phones.

I've also used it for EN/1xRTT connectivity with my laptop. It works quite well with a USB cable. I wish it had Bluetooth (oh well)

1. The left and right cursor keys bring up the mobile web browser and "Get it Now" which are both "for pay" functions. Worse, by default, the browser starts up without any confirmation. Verizon clearly wants to make money off this. This was not the case with the 3585i, so it is clear that these are special Verizon customizations.

2. You can't assign gallery tones to caller groups.

3. Only has 4 channel poly midi ringtones.

4. Nokia PC suite cannot upload ringtones to the phone (a bug or a feature?). However, MobiMB from the logomanager folks works fine.

5. no speakerphone

6. The screen isn't great. About the same quality as the Nokia 3595.

7. One cannot set the phone to "analog only" mode or "PCS only" mode. One can do "analog for next call", but that really isn't adequate. I do understand that by disabling authentication and working with NAM2, the same effects can often be achieved, but it is annoying to have to resort to that.

3589i is a Great Value


Oct 19, 2003 by incards

This is my 5th CDMA/AMPS phone on Verizon (formerly BAM) and my 3rd tri-mode since early 1997, and simply stated it has the best audio quality of any phone I've used. The 5 line color display is very good under all lighting conditions, and the white backlighting on keys exceptional at night. It features EMS as well as SMS, and calendar, contact manager, voice dial and voice menu access, and voice memo record all work well. The Nokia UI is highly intuitive and has a short learning curve. It is one of the 1st phones to use 1xRTT for Verizon Get it Now downloads rather than considerably slower circuit-switched data transport. PC Suite is a free download from Nokia USA and requires an optional ~$40 USB data cable. While not the most fully featured phone in Verizon's lineup it is an exceptional value at the introductory price with mail in rebate.

nice features, poor performance


Aug 11, 2004 by jmastrol

Pros: Great interface, good features, beautiful screen, decent battery life.

Cons: Much lower signal than previous phones (could not place calls in areas where my old Motorola worked), audio fluctuated so I had to continuously ask the calling party to repeat themselves or speak up, no signal in Bay Area locations where I could place calls before.

I bought the 3589i for use in the SF Bay Area on Verizon's network. Having owned several Nokia phones in the past, it was a disappointment to see how poorly this phone performed on one of the best networks (even with the antenna fully extended). Battery life was, at times, rather short, but if in a large city, the battery life improved. A few trips outside my home area (to Willows CA) demonstrated that the phone had severe problems finding and holding a signal with surrounding cell service providers. Again, my old phone performed much better under these conditions.

Overall it was a below-average performing phone in my area. Poor audio quality and signal issues were the most noticeable shortcomings. I would still recommend a Nokia phone to potential customers, just not this model in the SF Bay Area.

The phone that replaced it was a LG 6000 which (thus far) performs much better in all areas (audio, battery life, features, signal quality, etc.).

My First Nokia


Nov 17, 2003 by 10ch

I have been a fan of the flip phone for far too long. I admit it, I was prejudice.

However when I dropped my last phone, a LG flip, and broke it, I couldn't pass up the very free Nokia 3589i.

Years ago, I had a brief relationship with a Kyocera (non-flip) phone and was left quite unsatisfied. I ended up losing it because I couldn't easily keep it in my pocket.

Well the Nokia is different. Since the antennae recedes all the way into the phone, it's only about a centimeter taller that my previous (and very compact) flip.

It's thinner though, and lighter and I barely feel it in my pocket at all.

I find Nokia's GUI easy to use, even though I'm a complete newbie to many features on phones these days altogether. It does take time to figure things out, but they make sense to me once I understand them. In other words, I don't have many "Well why the heck did they put that THERE?" moments.

The reception has been amazing, I've yet to drop a call and I work in a Verizon drop zone, where people make air traffic control motions to the windows trying to get an ounce of signal. I haven't dropped a call in my building yet, and I certainly have on my previous Verizon phone, so the reception is definitely better.

The battery is adequate. Very adequate for a day full of talking (2-3 hours), if you charge it each night. If you're one of those that doesn't want to do that, you'll find yourself wanting more juice.

Oh and if you like drawing attention to yourself (which I typically do), pop that baby out in a dark concert hall and light up the row for others to read their programs. The backlight on this thing isn't JOKING. You can easily use it as a flashlight. I find that "feature" rather handy.

The Nokia 3589i is certainly better than any phone I'd expect to get for free. Heck! I'd even've paid for it.



Oct 18, 2003 by andre2p

I own 2 of these phones. It is a replacement to a LG VX2000. The phone is great, both quality and sound.

- sound quality (calls)
- keyboard feel
- color screen
- features
- very good reception

- Size, a little bigger than the LG.
- Polyphonic Ring tones don't sound that great

I recommend it.

Good Return From Nokia


Oct 16, 2003 by Verizon Sales

The last phone from Nokia to use on Verizon was less than stellar! However, after using this new model, I can say things are looking up!

The new model has the same look and feel of many other Nokia phones with the exeption of an extendable antenna. While there is a built in antenna, the extended can be used in areas of low signal strength. The phone is failrly small and lightweight and very easy to use with the typical Nokia menu. I really like the alarm feature that doesn't require the phone be turned on to alert! I was also very happy with the ease and viewing of text messages and mobile web information. The text is large and easy to read.

Now the really important part......reception. So far so good. I have a LG VX6000 and Motorola V60i to compare and the Nokia seems to hold its own in the areas I travel the most often. I really haven't found it necessary to extend the antenna. Sound quality seems good and volume also good.

The only thing I can say intially negative about the phone is the keypad. The keys are a shaped a little odd, but still quite usable.

Overall, the phone seems to mark a good return for Nokia to Verizon. The price seems good and the quality good.....definitely give it a look!

Great value, but some audio issues


Oct 21, 2003 by itzme

Maybe I had a bad phone, but I found the audio quality to be below par on either end; the voice sounded raspy. I kept the phone for a day before I decided to sell it. I bought the phone based on the excellent reviews it's received since it came out last week. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

Other minor irritations included the ringtones. Despite being polyphonic, they sounded worse than I remember my older Nokia phones as being. There are at least a couple "normal" ringtones, though, which is always a plus. The user interface took some getting used to again, also. It's all about personal preference. In addition, the phone is a bit large compared to newer phones on the market.

The phone feels well constructed, not flimsy. The phone volume is loud in that you are able to hear the rings--a good thing. The call volume is set a bit low, but that can be changed during a call. The phone can ring & vibrate at the same time, which might be a selling point for some who are constantly in noisy environments. The color screen is decent. I can't comment on battery life. Reception wise, I got excellent reception where I normally receive excellent reception, so I can't really comment there either, though again, many testify to this phone's great RF.

Bottom line, the phone is a great value for what you get, even if you are buying it at full retail ($199 Bay Area CA). As I said, I may have just gotten a bad phone--I didn't bother trading it in for another to see if that was the case--but according to the reviews I've read, my problem seems to be outweighed by the many who haven't had any problems. But keep in mind, this phone just came out. I'd say try it out for the 15 days while you can. If within that time frame you don't encounter any problems, keep it. The worse that can happen is you decide not to keep it and sell it on eBay for the many who are willing to buy the phone at an inflated price. (Hey, it worked for me!)

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