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Signal Getter!!!


Aug 28, 2005 by jonesey

I have owned this phone for over a year now on the Verizon Wireless network. At first, I wanted more bells and whistles but I've owned other Nokia phones in the past and knowing that I'd get excellent reception beat out all the bells and whistles when I made my decision.

This phone can get a signal anywhere! I can get a signal all over my house - even in my basement. I am able to get a signal even in rural areas where reception is iffy. This phone can even make a solid call out even with one bar out of seven!

This phone is not for those who want a lot of features. This is basic phone. If you are looking for a phone that gives you the ability to do what you are supposed to do with a phone (Make Calls), then this is the phone for you!

Should of Know better


Jul 30, 2005 by ChopStickr

I've dealt with this phone before actually buying one (or upgrading as Radio Shack likes to tell me).

-Fits in my pocket fine (I don't show it around like a status badge like most people only to have it fall off or get scratched)
-Unlocks like my old Motorola and has similar menus

-Battery life sucks. This thing will 'search for service' unit it kills itself. Yes, I charge the thing every night, nor do I talk on it unless I have to.
-Look at it, drop it from any distance, and take care of it, keep it clean and it will die.
-Doesn't have 'normal' phone ring. I don't want some annoying ring tone. I just want it to ring, plain and simple.
-Everything on this thing costs money. Not that I play games, check email, or text message people on my phone (because I have a real computer for that), but I explore the menus to find useless menus unless you want to pry open your wallet
-The thing is slow in menu respond compared to input on the keypad. I can out 'punch' the phone on commands faster than it can read them.
-Speaker sound is terrible. You think they would normalize the volume on cell phones by now.
-Voice tags are very slow. I can pick out the number from the address book faster than this thing can recognize my voice input.
-Loses reception inside buildings way too easy.

Currently this phone is somewhat broken (loses signal and tells me to contact service). It decides to die after the 1-year warranty is up, but I was smart and got a 3-year extended warranty through Radio Shack (like I said, I've ‘dealt’ with these phones before). I would of got the Moto, but they were out. The only reason I changed is because you couldn't hear out the speaker very well. Funny thing is my old Moto is at least 6 years old and I turned it on today. Thing hasn't been charged for 1 1/2 years and still had 2 of the 3 bars (most the old thing got) and found reception automatically. I've even used my Moto as a hammer and had no problems out if it. Hello Moto, goodbye Nokia.

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Jul 25, 2005 by goodolphone15

Well I only had this phone for a few weeks and it had its ups and downs.

I had this Phone Though Alltel

Perfect Signal
Lots Of Changeable Covers

NO Games
Ringtones are horrible

After all this phone was OK

this phone is ehhh


Jul 23, 2005 by DarkVioletRaven

this phone is okay- i dont like it much anymore. i liked it when i first got it, but it's grown on me in the not-so-good way. the service is fine, but sometimes i can't hear through the earpiece to save my life. the backlight is awesome though, as i can light up my whole room. it doesn't come with any games, so if you get this phone, don't expect any games to come with it. you gotta pay for EVERYTHING. also, the back falls off. if you accidentally drop it, even once, the back starts falling off a lot so if you accidentally drop it even a short distance will make it fall off, as well as dropping it and it all falling apart. this phone does not stay together well. the screen seems big, though it is like 98x98, and i see people complaining 128x128 is too small-are these people soft? but anyway....this phone is one to get if you have no other choice, sorry to say.

Love this phone


Apr 27, 2005 by nokiaman1976

As i have been through the beeper area and the start of the cell area i have own many phones. I have to say so far I have had no problems with my nokia 3589i it has been a really great phone i carry it my pocket and its real light and i never use the antenna since it get great reception in sc even though verizon discontinued this phone I hope they bring another one that is similar in style out soon the 6015i is okay but I like the fact my blinks in silent mode which is great for when im in my college classes.

Good Phone


Dec 29, 2004 by RichardW


Best Reception of any phone I have owned
Large Easy to Read Screen
Large Phone Book
Alarm that will wake you up
Calendar / Scheduler easy to use
Voice Recording
Voice Dialing
1 button dialing

No Speaker Phone or Camera.
Would like to see Alltel get the Nokia 6015

Excellent Phone!


Dec 28, 2004 by cjg

This is such a bargain (99 cents for the 3587i with 2-yr contract with Alltel)!


Excellent reception and sound quality
Easy to use, intuitive menus
Very readable fat text


No speakerphone
Ringtones a bit cheesy, but I can live with it

I can't say no camera or bluetooth is a con since I'm not big on those anyway, and since this is not in that league of phone--you have to rate it for what it is. And it gets the job done well, the job of actually making a call!

Nokia 3587i


Dec 12, 2004 by Harmarbrown

Nice phone. Reception appears good so far, but I haven't taken it to the country yet. I was disappointed this phone had one-touch dialing for only 9 telephone numbers. I retired an ancient Kyocera 2035 that had great country reception and 99 quick dial entries. I am really disappointed that this Nokia phone was so out-classed and so behind the times when it came to quick dial numbers. Although the Kyocera did not have the voice dial, this Nokia phone only has 25 voice dail numbers, and I have already filled those. Also, voice dial is difficult to use in a noisy environment while 2 digit quick dial numbers ALWAYS work regardless of the background noise. Hopefully, Nokia will release a software update that my Cell Service Provider can install to give me the large number of quick dialers I need.


Great Phone


Nov 21, 2004 by nokiaman76

Great phone easly to use, great rf, have no problems with the signals i get.

cons: Dont come with games have to download and pay from GIN .

sound quality


Nov 14, 2004 by horseladyy

This phone has terrible audio. Everything sounds muffled. The louder the earpiece voulume, the worse it is. When I can't understand someone, I ask them to repeat. Immediately they think they need to talk louder. That just makes the sound worse! It's as if the speaker is very poor quality. Turned up the earpiece volume is like turning a stereo up louder that has shot speakers. You do sort of get used to it after a while. I used a friend's LG phone and was SHOCKED at the difference in speaker quality! I don't know if it's because ALL Nokias are like this, or just this model. Would love to know if many other people have this issue.
Thank you!

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