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Much Better


Oct 16, 2003 by Brett Davis

This phone has much better reception than any of its CDMA predecessors. The antenna configuration is fantastic, and the sound quality livable. Although not as good as some other manufacturers, it is definitely a step in the right direction.



Oct 16, 2003 by Tim West

Great phone with features for everyday life. Love the browser and Get it Now! Nokia quality and performance cannot be touched!

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2003 Called... Their Phone Still Works Just Fine!


Apr 18, 2015 by tiesan01

Carrier: Verizon

Okay guys, so it is 2015 as I write this, and I can tell you, my 3589i is still trucking along like a dream.

I acquired the phone recently, as part of an ebay "bundle" that had other phones in it I was planning to use for parts. Not expecting much, I turned this sucker on, and to my utter shock, it worked!

Been using it for a few weeks now, and here is my general impression:

CONS: It will always bother me with messages saying my service requires "digital mode only." This is a dual analog, digital phone, so of course analog doesn't work anymore. Thanks for reminding me though, phone.

Buttons are a really weird size and shape, too far apart and stick up out of the keypad a little. I am a texting/T9 QUEEN, and it took me a lot longer than usual to get used to this phone. The size and shape of buttons makes texting kinda awkward.

Calls: Usually pretty good, but reception on this phone can get a little iffy. I don't know if that is because of how old it is, or because I don't always extend the whip antenna. I am on Verizon in minneapolis, so reception shouldn't be a big issue.

PROS: Solid little phone. Pretty indestructible. Loud reception (except in places where digital has a lot of lag... then it sounds like I am talking to people underwater). It is really fun to see the sides light up, and I love all of the old-school ringtones. Highschool memories every time I hear Espionage play! Also, the whip antenna adds an extra bar or two of signal in the basement where I work, so that is always a plus.

OVERALL: Pretty good phone, a little chunky for my tastes. I always worry it will fall out of my back jeans pocket. Decent reception, kinda funky for texting but you get used to it. Definitely "retro", lol. I love the conversations that I start when I pick up a call on this thing. Nokia for life!

Great Phone! I Highly Recommend It


Jun 17, 2012 by crkcallie

I had this phone when I used to have Verizon Wireless as my cell phone service provider and during the time I had this device, I loved it. It worked great! Below are a list of pros and cons that I found with the phone.


- had all physical buttons
- great call quality and signal strength
- sent and received text messages just fine
- durable
- had nice features on it such as the calendar, address book, etc.


- none

This phone worked well when I had it and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, older feature phone.

Nokia 3587i


Dec 30, 2009 by narn3049

My first alltel phone when I signed on in 2005. I got this and abused it a lot. It suffered many drops and even a little water damage and managed to work through all of that. it was one of the toughest phones i owned. nevermind any of the others i owned this was the best of alltel besides my rim blackberry.

by the end of the contract and eligible date the phone looked pretty bad and had glass pieces missing, decided it was the best ting to recycle and forget about it.

great phone, wish VZW had something better


Dec 4, 2008 by bookie3845

It's the end of 2008 -- I had my first one of these toward the end of 2003 --> 5 years ago

My first one just stopped working after 2.5 years or so of LOTS of use

I'm now on my 3rd (2nd one is fine, just got a fresh and cleaner one to use)

As a phone, it's essentially perfect --> easy to use with one hand, good but not spectacular sound quality, amazing reception

A feature it has -- i.e. showing the time when the backlight is off, is now, in 2008, touted as an advanced feature on the Treo 800W --> pretty pathetic

the keyboard and t9 implementation is second to none -- I can type on this without even looking at speeds greater than my work blackberry

the ringer is really loud and the alarms are very reliable

it's just primitive when it comes to advanced features --> low resolution screen, no real email capability, no real 3rd party software

even 5 years later, I don't believe that verizon has released a compelling alternative --> I've tried a bunch of other phones but none have matched the usability and reliability of this nokia (though most do have slightly better sound quality)

this phoe sucks


Jun 17, 2006 by kevinroberson1

pros: -small and light weight
-downloading is fun
-ringtones ok

cons:- battery life sucks. i mean if i had my fone one day the battery would be dead by 10:00pm
- reciption really sucks. the most my phone ever had was 3 bars in my own house.
-the antenna is super long.
-it takes for ever to send a TEXT MESSAGE

just dont buy this phone

Good phone.


Apr 10, 2006 by k_brancheau

I bought this phone to use for Simple Freedom. I have had it for almost a year now and it has been a great phone. I live in Northwest Michigan and my phone works where other plans don't. I will get a signal where other phones won't also. I get great reception and no feedback or echoing. It has all kinds of little useful features but none of the extras that I didn't need. I would highly recommend this phone for anyone that just wants the basic no frills phone. The only drawback of this phone is that I do ocassionaly find the back sliding up and popping off. It is easy to pop back on and doesn't affect the battery at all. It is also a little slow to turn on as well.



Jan 28, 2006 by CeLLpHoNeCrAzY

not to many features.
good phone because its just a phone.

Good reception... that's about it.


Jan 20, 2006 by powermonkey

I had this phone for a time a few years ago. For someone needing a phone to be a phone only, these aren't a bad thing to get ahold of. Anyone who likes features, just stay away. This phone annoyed the crap out of me because every time it was dropped even a short distance the faceplate and battery cover (along with the battery) would go flying in all directions. Embarassing in public to say the least.

Reception was very good however and possibly the only strong point the phone had. At the time I had it (late 2003) it outperformed most other phones that were available from my carrier. Reception was usually good in many backroad areas for nearly a mile past the points that my other phones would cut off.

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