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Decent phone overall


Sep 11, 2004 by drcool

The Nokia 3589i is a good entry level Verizon Wireless phone. It has a solid feel to it, and the buttons are well laid out. The buttons don't have a cheap toy feeling to them like some other Nokia's The color screen is decent, but nothing to get excited over. The phone works well as a "phone", which is always a positive in my book. The menu structure is somewhat convoluted and takes some getting used to. Verizon has also decided to irritate everyone to no end by binding the arrow keys to the web browser and GIN. I don't like the fact that the arrow keys can't be mapped to other functions, and the phone settings are extremely limited. One example of this is no option for scroll preference (loop or up/down) which annoys me. I also don't like the fact that a new entry is created for each number for a given contact. Call Quality and Reception were both fairly good, and supposedly one of the better performers in remote areas (but i can't comment on how true that is). I only had this phone for a week while waiting for my Motorola v60s, but overall it's a decent entry level or backup phone.

excellent phone


Sep 8, 2004 by babycastel

It's hard to find a phone that works at my house being that i live in a valley but this phone works great. Also Verizon is the ONLY service that will workin my house

-great signal strength
-has wallpapers
-color display
-easy press buttons
-changeable faceplates, keypads
-great battery life
-very loud ringers
-downloadable ringers, wallappers
-very durable, i find myself throwing or tossin my phone a lot and this one has not broken in the yearthat ive had it

-not much contrasting room
-not very good downloadable ringer, wallpaper
-only one screensaver
-freezes sometimes

I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone not wanting a flip phone. it has everything a flip phone has, besides the flip :)

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Great Phone!!!


Aug 23, 2004 by benps

This phone is very user friendly. Also, the call clarity and successful/dropped call ratio is excellent. Almost all of my dropped calls have been when the battery is low. This phone is excellent at connecting to mobile web, even when signal strength is low, so really a great connecting phone.

first time nokia owner


Jul 27, 2004 by dasiygirl1973

i am a first time user of nokia phones i had to say i loved the phone from all of the reviews but now i have it i find it so/so i only had the phone for a week now and the battery went from half life to shut down on 1 call after 2 min I'm not sure if it is a defective phone but i just might be returning it for the exchange hey what do you want for a free phone after the ne2 right you get what you pay for

My 2nd Nokia


Jul 26, 2004 by cell_h8r

My first Nokia was a 6160 that I somehow managed to get the day after they came out. I had it for 3-4 years, but when I switched carriers (AT&T to T-mobile; bad move), I had to get a new phone.

Jump ahead a few years and I again switched carriers (Sprint to Verizon) and again had to get a new phone. Remembering how well I liked my old Nokia, and seeing the good reviews for this one, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I wanted a phone-phone; I don't need a camera, browser, PDA, game-boy, etc. I just wanted a phone.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this one.

- The menu was still familiar from my first Nokia, so very little learning curve there.
- It's just a phone.
- It has a "normal" ring option.
- Load ringer (w/separate vibrate option).
- Works well even with very weak signal.
- Timed profiles (I'd never seen this before and thought it was pretty cool, I sometimes forget to turn my ringer back on after a movie or meeting, having a timer on my quiet time is nice.)

- Sound quality is a bit tinny. (It's plenty load enough though.)
- Screen is hard to see when not lit.

I can't comment on battery life other than to say it's been adequate for me. I forgot to take my charger with me one weekend, and it managed to make it through a normal amount of weekend calls without needing a chage.

I don't know how rugged it is either although I've heard good things. I rolled my old Nokia down the highway at about 30 MPH and it was fine (don't ask); this one appears to be of similar contruction.



Jul 18, 2004 by masonbradford

Great Signal Strength!, Great Body Quality!, Great Phone! Great Service!

pros and cons...


Jun 5, 2004 by singthesorrow396


good service.. verizon (atlanta area)

lots of covers to choose from.. check ebay for good deals

easy to use keypad

pictures that come up for ur caller groups (like most nokia phones)



you cannot customize a individual contact to a downloaded ringtone

not a very sharp screen

heavy.. big in size.

this phone rocks!!!!!


Mar 19, 2004 by tac2827

I really love this phone. I am in the greater Denver area with Verizon. The reception and audio quality are superb. My old ancient phone would not work in my home or office. Then I got a Motorola v60p and that did not work in my home or office either. So I returned it and got this phone. It works in my home and office. What a treat for me.

The instructions are clear, much clearer that the Motorola. The battery lasts 3-4 days for me (talking about an hour in that time). The Motorola only lasted 2-3 days. And the Nokia actually has an alarm that will wake you up. The Motorola’s alarm only chirps once quietly. Not enough of an alarm for me.

Another reviewer was mentioning the web browser gets activated frequently, but you can set a preference that you would like a confirmation before you connect. That’s what I did and I’ve never connected by accident.

I got some tripped out glow in the dark covers from the Nokia site, http://www.nokiausa.com/. I got $5 off for emailing a friend about the page. And by filling my shopping cart, then stalling, their site notified me if I order right now I’d get $20 more dollars off. Way cool. Plus shipping was free for ordering over $50.

Can't beat it.

Too Cool for School


Mar 3, 2004 by Napster

This is by far the best phone for Verizon and the best in the world.

PROs:Get It Now (Verizon), Loud ringers, cool color screen, faceplates,singnal (Boston), gr8 sound

CONs:The only reason I traded this phone in is because you could only assign the tones that came with the phone to contacts not the downloaded ones.

Otherwise BEST phone

The little phone that could


Feb 3, 2004 by daddy dugan

This phone has taken the beating of its life. A three story drop could not phase my Nokia and if that was not enough my phone survived a gruesome whitewash the other night. If you are a phone abuser then this is the phone you need. I have never had a phone take such a beating and survive to make more calls. The best part about it is there is no cracks and very few scrapes on the phone after all the abuse. Eight drops, three water incidents and one mild dog attack and the old Nokia is still up and kicking. Great work on US Cellulars team to support a phone with this kind of endurance.

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