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Nokia storms the comp


Dec 13, 2003 by VZW Pro

I've sold MANY phones for VZW in the mountains of NC and I've got to tell ya... this phone out performs EVERY phone in our stores. How do I rate performance? #1. Does the phone perform under the network from a signal receptivity standpoint?...the 3589i beats everything in our stores on this! #2. Is the phone reliable?...the 3589i has no flip to break, an antenna that fits completely within the phone, yet is available to extend when you need, and the battery is now fully encased in the phone. #3. It the feature set comparable across the board? Yes, it does everything the expensive color flips do, and sound better, rings louder, and lights up brighter. #4. Does it look good. Nokia usually has this wraped up with all the changable face plates. Great phone if you don't need a flip.

Go Nokia


Nov 30, 2003 by jetstu1

This is a phone that gets down to the basics. Its a cellular phone that provides reception, great call quality without all the bells and whistles of those high tech phones that last 3 hrs and juices out. This is my first Nokia phone with Verizon. I traded it in for the LG VX6000 camera phone that was dual mode. I just wanted a cell phone that works as a cell phone. Living near the mountains of Arizona and 30 miles east of Phoenix, the phone stills gets great reception. Its light and also offers a light show when it rings. I love the alarm clock that will power on the cell phone if it's turned off. I travel for a living and have had reception from east to west coast of US. Display can be sharper, but no complaints. The bottom line is if you want a digital camera, by a digital camera. If you want a cellular phone that is a phone, buy the Nokia 3589i.

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Terrific upgrade


Nov 26, 2003 by Historyfreak

I had the 3285 prior to this model, and I must say it is like a difference between night and day. I'm not a fan of the clam type phones, so Nokia definitely fits the bill. Also their idiot friendly menus are another nice touch. The size could be a bit smaller, but the fact that there is no stub antennae poking up to get broken off is great. I have yet to find the need to extend the whip antennae for any call. The color screen is plenty colorful and bright and the ringer is good and loud. Good battery life, even for a color screen. Verizon Wireless stole the games from this phone also, and I refuse to pay for their
BREW games. Oh well, can't get everything.

Cool Look


Oct 18, 2003 by jriddler0

Never liked Nokia to begin with, but ever since this phone was released I take every bad thing I have said about the phone provider back. This phone is an excellent addition to the growing wireless world.

Not very good


Oct 16, 2003 by imakesense

This Nokia cdma product is better than older Nokia cdma phones, which were horrible. Still, this is a low end phone with decent reception so far. I like the fact, there is no antenna in this phone.

Garbage phone


Feb 25, 2005 by vuozzo23

My wife & I live & work in & around the Danbury CT area. We moved from Long Island NY, & always had Verizon. Quality was unchallenged on LI. Since moving here 2001, we have been through my original timode circa 1999 audiovox (can't remember the model), which worked great throughout LI & NYC...
Then Came Verizon CT!!
First, a Samsung trimode [8600 series?] which had a great feature set, and speakerphone & was easy to use, but dropped calls & couldn't pull a long signal well, then swapped to this utter piece of garbage.
I've stood in the center of a local foodstore watching OTHER people talk on verizon phones, & I can't get a signal. No signal in any building in fact, EVEN with the extended antenna.
My wife has been in a car with a friend talking on a verizon LG & a Motorola. They can talk but she can't!
The sound is tinny and the volume adjust (according to Verizon tech.) only works "some of the time".
We've moved into the foothills and now this phone is useless. Battery drains in 15 minutes when trying to pull from even a slightly distant tower.
The interface is a GUI joke, unbelievably hard to use (only Mars rover design team members need apply) it's not user friendly in any way, and the only good thing I can say about it is that you CAN hammer a nail with it. After living in pain with these, then complaining for months, Verizon has agreed to swap these out for LG-3200's.
Pros- Loud ring tones
hammers nails well
Cons- Incredibly hard to learn & use for the uninitiated
Tinny sound
Labyrinth-like interface
CAN NOT hold a weak signal
Hard to press teeny buttons
No speakerphone
No side buttons
Light stays on 10 secs & that's it. Can't change it

THIS PHONE BLOW"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 28, 2004 by curlyfries425

I have had this phone for 9 months now and I hvae hated every second of this crappy phone. The ring tones suck. I like the menu's but I expected more from nokia.

Not Great


Nov 15, 2003 by magarett

I bought this phone to replace a Motorola V120c that I've had for a couple years. Although it's got a lot of great new features like voice dialing and color display, they don't make up for the lousy reception. I tried to return the phone thinking that it might just be a defective phone, but the raspy audio is the same with the second one I got. When I went back AGAIN the salesperson recommended that I wait for the Motorola C343 that she said is coming soon before I come back again. She had a trial C343 with her and made a call to my 3589 to demonstrate it, and the voice quality was even better than my land-line at home. For somebody that just wants a decent phone that works all the time, I don't recommend this Nokia phone.

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