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Motorola T730 / T731c


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Good Upgrade and Fixes to the T720


Aug 21, 2003 by Brandon Kelm

I checked this phone out at a Verizon Convention yesterday (8-20-03) and absolutely love it. It's menu navigation doesn't lag at all. It downloads info from the web much faster. It has better battery life(from what the rep told me) and has a very slick design(same as T720 w/ new faceplate).
The only down side is there is no camera built in.

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tried it...not sure yet


Aug 21, 2003 by Ant fabunan

Just got back from a training session. Opening the phone, it's exactly the same thing as the t720, the only difference right off the bat was the new exterior design. The motorola rep mentioned a MUCH better battery life and also bug-free software. Animated icons and a faster Get-it-now service round off all the improvements. still has superior polyphonic ringtones, the only phone so far in verizon's get-it-now lineup that has voice tones.

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Great Phone--Excellent Sound Quality


Mar 7, 2004 by RichardM

I've been a Verizon customer for years in the Chicago area, and have always been pleased with the service. Up till a few weeks ago, I was using a Motorola V60i.

I was prepared to go with an LG or Samsung after seeing the great reviews. I tried the LG VX-4400, and really did not like the sound quality. I returned it. In the store, I tested out just about every model they had, making test calls to my voice mail. The Samsung A530, LG 4500, and VX-6000, all of which have some great qualities. But when testing them, I really wasn't that happy with the sound. The Motorola T730 sounded the best by far--just about perfect. It's an elegant looking phone, has a nice color screen, and nice back-lighting on the key pad. It feels very good as it is light (4 oz) and the numbers are a bit larger than the other models. It's very easy to use, and trouble free. Best of all--what I look for most in a cell phone--is the perfect sound clarity on both ends, as well as excellent signal reception. I didn't really want a camera phone. I was not impressed with the speaker-phone feature on the LG 4500.
Another great quality the Moto 730 has is being a Tri-Mode phone.
I was somewhat reluctant to get this phone due to the troubles with the T720. But, after having this phone for over a week,
I'd recommend this phone to anyone. Give it the 15 day trial! It is a very underrated phone.

Pros: Perfect sound quality, both for me, and for the person I'm calling.
Beautiful Styling
So far, no dropped or distorted calls.
Easy to handle and to use
Nice size keys on beautifully lit keypad
Voice dial (limited to 20)

Cons: Battery that comes with it is 750mah. A second battery is probably a good idea.
Color screen is not as good as the LG VX6000.
Not a camera phone or speaker-phone, which might matter to some people.

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After a month I am disappointed with the Motorola 730


Oct 3, 2003 by Ben Donley

I too purchased this phone because I expected it to work with Apple iSync. It does. That's fine.

Verizon (CDMA) and AT&T (GSM) are the two coverage leaders near my home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn't work in my (sheet metal) house.

There are only two phones offered by Verizon in my area with iSync compatibility, the Motorola v60p and the T730. Unfortunately, they'll only sell you the v60p if you're signing up for Push-To-Talk service, which is expensive and not my thing.

Please, do not follow in my footsteps.

The T730 supposedly fixes issues with battery life for the T720. Maybe so, but mine still only lasts for 10 hours of standby. If I have a half an hour conversation, it's almost always going to be down to one bar. That was barely acceptable battery life in 1998. I've ordered the extra capacity battery, and hopefully that will solve my problems.

Which brings me to size. This is not a tiny phone. I *wish* I could have the v60 (or practically any GSM phone).

The ringer can be set plenty loud, but the speaker is too quiet to use easily on a city street.

I prefer vibrate & ring mode, which is inconvenient to activate quickly if the phone had been set to silent.

It doesn't allow you to link multiple phone numbers to a single name in the address book. This makes iSync compatibility less useful.

To sum up:
Excellent reception (Verizon in San Francisco)
Excellent call quality
iSync compatibility
Good ringer volume
Handy external display

Poor battery life
Poor speaker volume
Lame address book
Too big (in my humble opinion)

Things I don't care about:
Big color screen
No games
Semi-lame built in ringers
Wireless web access (never used it)

What I would get if I could do it over:
Samsung SCH-A530 ($50 more expensive)
LG VX6000 ($50 more expensive)

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T730 rocks!


Feb 18, 2004 by Chudman

I bought a T730 and am very happy about it's performance. In reviewing this phone on various web sites and forums, I found most people having problems with it are using the GIN service. Just like on your PC, unstable GIN programs can cause operating problems. As a regular phone it's rock solid for me!


Large lit keys make it easy to operate for people with big fingers, and to see them at night. The whole key lights up, not just the numbers and letters.

The color screen is larger than most other color phones. Although it is limited to 4096 colors that works fine for me.

My other Motorola accessories work with it. No specials to buy.

The signal holding ability is very good. I can talk from areas where my Samsung and my wife's LG break up.

The audio quality is comparable with any other CDMA phone.

The T730's microphone is very sensitive when you use the car speakerphone or stand-alone speakerphone kits. No need to shout from several feet away.

The "joystick" key is configurable by the user. You're not stuck on what VZ wants you to use.

You can page between large and small display fonts with the menu key. No need to enter any setup menu.

The ringers are loud, and sound like a phone (although you can load and use music ringers if that's your liking).


The supplied battery lasts about one day of normal usage. Spend $30-40 on the web for the Motorola OEM extended battery and cover. Makes a world of difference.

The address book takes a second or so to load if you have a lot of entries.

The voice dialing sometimes gets confused if you have similar sounding entries.

All in all I recommend this phone. I've used it all over the East coast and in Canada with great results.

Give it a try under VZ's 15 day policy.

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Moto T730


Aug 26, 2003 by Seand442

This phone is a great replacement for the pos t720. If you want a phone with nice battery life, good display, great feature set and a good feel, this is the phone. The battery life on this phone is on par with my old v60i. 4 days with a fair amount of talking and still 2 bars. The screen looks good. It would be nice if the back light didn't go off after 20 secs but that would be my biggest complaint. Other than that, I would tell anyone to try this phone.

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Okay of a phone


Aug 13, 2005 by LPLuver

This phone was good at first but then the battery life started going down and pretty soon i had to charge it after like 5 minutes of talking on it. it has some good features.

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U.S. Cellular Delivers


Oct 18, 2003 by cell monkey

U.S. Cellular delivers a phone that will make history in the cellular industry. The Motorola T731 is the phone that breaks all the cell phone molds. With a color screen, download capabilities, a tone creator and all of the other bells and whistles the 731 stands out as a phone of perfection. The accessories include AM/FM, MP3, Desktop Speaker and to top it all of a camera! Great work U.S. Cellular!

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Second time's a charm


Sep 10, 2003 by Jon M

When it comes to CDMA cell phones, there is no doubt that LG and Samsung are at the top of the line. Both companies specialize in CDMA phones, and LG ONLY makes CDMA phones.

Motorola is a big contender. But after the discontinuation of Startac, Motorola faithful started questioning their phones.

Motorola t720 was the pioneer of the color-screen phone, but it had its major drawbacks. As of now, I wasn't considering a t720 because of its problems, mainly the battery life.

But then I saw the t730, available for employee rates at $110 with a 1-year contract. I would have gotten the a530 for myself (g/f has it) but decided I don't need it and I want to save money.

So far, the t730 has been a good phone. It's display is the biggest con of the phone--it stinks compared to other color screen phones of today.

The menu is much faster, and Get it Now is the fastest of any 1x Brew phone I've used (seems faster than the a530) With GIN, it has enough features to keep me happy.

The battery life is good. It's comparable, and a bit better than my last phone, the Panasonic Allure--which is good considering the Allure was a b/w display.

It's not the best phone out on the market, but it does have the analog backup (NOT ALL ANALOG ON VERIZON IS ROAMING, IN FACT PROBABLY MOST IS NOT.. just w/ weak signals..) it also comes in handy for emergency 911 situations. Verizon is definently the best in coverage, so this budget-minded combo makes it a good deal.

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Nov 18, 2003 by Caesar

I've had this phone for a month now and have had no problems with it at all. I know it's a T720 with updated software and a different front faceplate, but hey who cares?! The fact is that this phone has great reception, loud ringers, sound quality is above average, and sturdy. By the way, changing the faceplates can give your phone a whole new identity. For those of you thinking bout the a530 or lg 6000 remember they are both digital phones. The T730 is tri-mode. Yes there still are areas that pop into analog. Give this phone a try, you won't be disapointed....besides Verizon gives you a 15 day worry free guarantee! Can ya hear me now? Good!!

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