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excellent reception


Nov 9, 2004 by floridaboy

I bought the t730 because of its reputation in my area for good reception. At the time I owned the LG vx10. The t730 has beat it hands down. I have used it extensively in NE Ohio and NE Florida, also along I77 driving back and forth. The service is with Verizon.
I dislike the software because it is less user friendly than other manufacturer's phones. It seems as if I have to take an extra step to do just about everything.
The phone locks up from time to time. I just pull the battery and turn it back on and it's good again.
The battery life has been disappointing, so I bought an extended battery.
The reception really has been good, and I use it to connect to the internet via USB cable. I like the phone, but there are better phones out there.
Overall, I think the phone has a bad rap because of the t720. If you can tolerate quirks, it's a good phone.

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Really BAD phone


Nov 8, 2004 by mprudek

I've had two of these. The first one was sent back because it ate battery charges. Couldn't get more than a day off of a full charge. The second one is not showing a blue screen. Can't get any information off of it. I had a Nokia for over two years and it was great. Would not recommend the Motorola to anyone. Really a BAD phone.

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Best phone for Reception / Sound Quality


Oct 13, 2004 by martx

I am using this phone on Telus Mobility's Network. This is far the best phone for sound quality and reception, but the worst for assembly quality, image quality... and the software has a lot of bugs.

I have tried a lot of phones including the Samsung a520, the Samsung a650, the samsung a600, the lg5450 and they all have the same problems concerning reception and call quality: ECHO!

I spend more than 1500 minutes / month on the phone due to my job and the Motorola T731c is the only one that doesn't have ECHO when you talk. Even where the phone has low signal.

I have tried several T731c and they are not all the same especially concerning the sound quality. Some of them have a really bad sound (You kindda hear some "flies" in the speaker) but some others have overall the best sound quality you can have in wireless phones. All you have to do is change the "ear-phone, speaker".

There is a similar problem with the lcd screen. Some of the T731c will have a good (not excellent) screen but others will see "lines" in their screens and the contrast can have a big difference from phone to phone with the same settings.

Overall this is a very good phone for the ones that want Excellent Sound Quality and mostly for the ones that "Echo" are making them sick just like me!

+ Sound Quality
+ Reception
+Tough (dropped it several times even on the antenna and never broke)

+ "Blocked features" (Only on Telus Mobility)
+ Cheap Assembly, often hear some crackings (however it is Tough, as explained above)
+ Could have been "smaller"

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Motorola T730 is the worst phone you can get


Sep 14, 2004 by steven-JD

I got my Motorola T730 six months ago. It is not worth a penny.

The battery life does not last long enough even with an extended capacity battery.

I have experienced several drop calls every week.

I went to a Verizon store (three times) and they chacked the phone every time and told me that there was nothing wrong with that phone. And finally, they gave me another T730, but nothing changed. Nothing.

So, I just got a new LG VX 7000 ten days ago, and since then everything has changed.
I am very very happy with LG 7000 and I intend to stay away from Motorola products.

I wanted to get Motorola V710, but since I had a lot of problems with that Motorola T730, I decided not to go for another Motorola anymore.

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I finally got rid of this awful phone


Sep 8, 2004 by freeriderstc

I bought a new LG phone which I liked very well until I smashed it. The insurance co. replaced my LG with a re-refurbished Motorola instead of the one I had, against my objections. I could not read the time or caller id without glasses because of the small lettering, I had to charge the battery every night and I have had five phones in the last nine months because of similar problems such as turning off and on by itself or not receiving calls or no service due to problems with the phone. the pocket clip is no more than a toy subject to break very easily. I was without a phone for over a week a couple of times because the phones they sent me were junk. I insisted on a new one the next time and it broke within a few days. I think if the carrier requires a two year contract the phones should last that long. I just want a quality phone that I can use in my business. It seems to me that Motorola is making toys instead of a quality product No wonder they are giving refurbished t731's as replacement phones, It is because they have a lot of these junk phones sent in to them by other dissatisfied buyers. I think you should use this phone for a while before you give it a five star rating the day after you buy it because it will be to late to change your rating when you find out the truth

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I hate this phone


Sep 3, 2004 by kelwawa

Hard to read screen unless you have perfect vision. Phone attachment clip is cheap and easy to break, can fall out easily, voiding warranty if it has dropped on floor. Have had several of these phones this year because each one has ceased to function properly after about two months of use. Had to send back replacement phones twice because they did not work properly from the beginning, one was refurbished and the other was new. my newest one is a month and a half old and has ceased to function properly. I called customer service and they asked if I had ever dropped it. I admitted dropping it on the carpet at my house getting up from the chair because of the flimsy pocket clip about two weeks ago and they said that voids the warranty and I would have to pay. since the phone seems to be so fragile I asked for it to be replaced with another brand

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T730 more junk from motorola


Jul 21, 2004 by davegreen96

The motorola name has definitely been scarred by their recent batch of CDMA models. The T730 being the more expensive of the two mistakes the C343 being the other. The battery life is extremely poor compared to other phones in it's price range, the charging port is the most unreliable thing I have seen(and they keep using it?), if you do happen to have a problem, don't expect to have a working phone for at least two months, and when you get it back, don't expect it to be repaired, oh and when you call to complain be prepared to talk to someone who can't do anything to help you because they are in India. Just my experience, think twice before wasting your money on the omnipotent motorola name.

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oh my goodnes people


Jul 16, 2004 by theEFFeCT15

you guys are tottally draggin me down hear stop dissin the phone. it is a great phone it is suppose to come in the mail today and trust me i dont need the phone to know how it works cauuse tada- i have the internet
anyways i have gone to every possible website and found out every lil detail so you can trust me that this is a good phone-the face plates arnt that superfantastic i found a cool one to my liking. amazing color display-great technology-and verizon is the best service ever1!!!
good luck!!

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Watch Out


Jul 13, 2004 by eddiebooker

I've got Verizon, and I use my phone mainly on the south side of Chicago. I've been very impressed with the reception. I tend to get decent signals in people's apartments when Sprint and others fail miserably. Reception is big for me. My V120 has always done pretty well at powering through those old Chicago apartment walls.

So I just got a T730 a week ago, and the first thing I noticed was one bar less of reception everywhere I went. It's only got two in my bedroom, where my V120 had 3. And in a friend's apartment, my phone was brazen enough to display "No Service". My V120 has only displayed this for about 20 minutes in the last year, as I was driving through Nowhere, Iowa.

I called Verizon customer service to ask about this reception and see if it needed a software upgrade. Her first question was "Can you still take it back?" Apparently Verizon gets a lot of complaints on this phone. She recommended the Audiovox CDM-8900 or the Samsung SCH-A650 instead. Soooo...

- Decent Color Screen
- Get-It-Now is neat (after using a v120 for a year, accessing Mapquest on my cell was mind-blowing)
- Includes some fun wallpaper
- I liked the feel and appearance of the phone.

- Less-than-amazing reception. Unless you have a cell tower in your back yard, you might want to pick a different phone.
- No built-in games (Tetris can be had for $6 through Get-it-now)
- Included battery doesn't last long -- but it's not surprising with the size of the display back light.

Anyway, I'm taking mine back tomorrow, since it's still in the 15 day trial period. I already have a Motorola data cable for my computer, so I'm going to give the V60s a shot. The customer service rep said that they tend to have better reception. It's not quite as pretty, but a cell phone's not much good if it doesn't get a signal. We'll see how that one does...

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US Cellular T731 Version


Jul 10, 2004 by daystarranger

My evaluation after over 200hours on this phone:

Good RF performance. It holds calls that older phones would drop every time. This is due partly to changeover from TDMA to CDMA for US Cellular.

Good Styling. The case is nice and not too blocky with the outside screen raised a bit.

Large phone book. Holds plenty of numbers and you can link multiple numbers too one entry. Of course, Sprint phones have been doing this for a couple years but I understand previous Motorolas could not.

LOUD Ringer in alert 1. One of the loudest I have heard.

The Voice notes: These work very well. to make yourself a note is a one button affair with the phone automatically saving it for you.

Poor case strength. as others have said, the hinge is weak and after dropping it a few times mine is broken. The ring vibrator has also gotten weak.

The leather Case: Available from US Cellular has a plastic bottom which breaks after a month for me. I went through 3 in 3 months and gave up.

Response time: The response time is very slow to the keypad. I am often forced to start over on key entries because it takes so long to think about what you entered that it misses key entries.

Color screen: resolution is poor. only 4K.

Battery Life: Not so good. Keep charger handy, as you will need to charge it every day after 1 hour of talking.

Ear Volume: Low. Hard to hear in a noisy vehicle. Also volume keys are hard to find on the side.

Overall a good value for motorola but there are better phones out there.

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