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fantastic first phone


Mar 20, 2006 by spinizuey

I realize that this phone isn't made or bought anymore and quite outdated (and no one is really searching reviews on it), but I want to express my opinions of this very good phone.

This was my very first cell phone and I bought it for $15 for Verizon in May of 2004.

I'm due for upgrade in a week and look forward to the evolution of this phone, the E815. I definitely got my moneys worth from the T730.

It has scratches, hairline cracks and worn paint - but that's what I would expect from a phone nearly 2 years old and used daily. Just like shoes, phones simply wear out.

98% of the time my reception and clarity was ideal and the only quirk I encountered were the few times the phone would simply "not turn on", when taking the battery out and replacing it fixed it. (I've heard that this happens with all sorts of phones).

So despite all the poor reviews, I think that this phone was durable, a great value and i truly enjoyed it as my first.

What happened to motorola


Aug 30, 2004 by beavrdestroyr

I have had Motorola cell phones since 1996 when I purchased an anolog "bag phone". Since then I have had 2 star tacs a 2 timeports and 2 v60i telephones (all motorola). Until now I have been more than please with the phones. Anytime I have replaced a phone has been my own fault (dropped it, ran over it, went swimming with it, etc.) until now. Within the first five days of owning this phone I had nothing but problems. For some reason the phone liked to shut off whenever it pleased - screen would go dead and after about 20 seconds it would finally come back on and say "no service" for another 20 sec and then i could use it again. I work for a company that sells verizon service so I have an inside track when we get a problem phone and when I took it to our office manager she told me that 3 of the 5 persons who had purchased them had the same problem. She ordered me a new phone. The new phone seemed to be a little better but about once every couple of weeks it would still shut off as if possessed by a phone-hating demon. I found that if I removed the battery regularly that I would not have this problem as much (found this out cause I had to order the extended battery so I could talk for 5 minutes without charging).
Problems were minimal for a few months until my phone inadvertently ran into a wall at high speed (my fault). Insurance sent me a new one and in the last 5 days it has shut off almost 20 times on me. I think they sent me the original phone I had. Don't even take this phone as a replacement. Downgrade if you have to but don't put up with this phone.

Pros (yes there are some)
-good sound quality
-nice screen
-great features thru get it now
-phone posessed by demon (see above)
-slow respnse time from buttons when navigating thru menus-very bad lag time-this is probably my biggest problem with this phone
-poor signal reception-i have tested at least 20 phone models where i work and this is one of the worst for reception or dropped calls

Heed Caution


Jun 8, 2004 by Sanaeo

This phone is prone to hairline cracks after regular normal use. I went into the Verizon store last night, and there were two people in front of me with the identical problem. I have had my phone for nearly 9 months, with no trouble, but now a hairline crack is developing at the hinge. Verizon said this is a 'physical defect', and that it could not be replaced. They offered to sell me a replacement $350.00. I asked them what happens when that hairline crack actually separates and possibly breaks off...they told me "Your phone will no longer work." Mind you, I do not use my phone more than 3-4 times a day, carry it in a carrier...this phone has a physical defect and when it breaks, I will be required to buy a replacement phone for it. The hinge is faulty, and I know I am not alone. The other two customers in line with me were given the same response. We all walked out with phones that are faulty due to 'physical defect'. Of course I didn't buy insurance...now I really know what 'insurance' means...I will never a phone with a flimsy hinge on it again.

Verizon gives discontinued phone as replacement


Jun 7, 2004 by jamaikanmekrazy

I had a T720 (twice) and both times I had to turn it in due to a defect. It would get stuck in headset mode, even without a headset plugged in.

On the 3rd time (yesterday), they gave me a T730 as a replacement and now I am learning that this phone has been discontinued. My original warranty expired one month ago, even though it was only 2 mos ago that I got the second one. I feel lucky to have gotten a phone at all, however it seems wierd that the warranty isn't the same for replacements as the original purchase. They also seem to replace them with refurbished phones.

Motorola Junk!!!!!


Aug 16, 2004 by Degrassi929

To make it short and simple i have had 13 730's with the same problem every single time. I cant believe that this phone isnt recalled yet. I switched to the Samsung SCH-a670 and it is amazing!!!

Bad sound, dropped calls... the worst!


Aug 3, 2004 by Bernovac

This new "discontinued phone" was sent to me as a replacement by Asurion. I love the color picture, the tunes, the light feel, the case... BUT... I have a CELL PHONE to make and receive calls -- business calls -- not to access the internet, pay bills on line, send cute text messages, etc.

This phone is virtually useless for me and even Verizon has recommended I keep trying "re-conditioned" StarTacs. I can only use this toy to take a call, then return it on a land line.

Endless dropped calls, bad sound quality that deteriorates over the course of the call... and cute tunes. What a disappointment.

So it's back to the StarTac until someone designs a quality phone for adults... and stops focusing on games, the internet, and what not.

So disappointed!!!!!!

T730 is worth it


Aug 25, 2003 by Charles Kish

I recently got the T730 phone with Verizon Service. To be fully honest my initial purchase was based on how nice the phone looked as opposed to it's features or performance. I seem to be in luck though as this phone is good looking and performing. I live in the suburbs right now and the reception isn't that bad. Most people I know can't pull analog signals and I'm getting good digital ones. The battery life is seemingly good, but I haven't taxed the phone that much yet. Display is excellent and possibly one of the nicest I've seen yet. If all of this were not enough, the phone is quite feature laden. While I'm very happy with the phone there is one quirk. Sometimes the navigation can be a little annoying. Something that will probably be less and less of an issue over time, but for now it's a little annoying. Not to say this phone is difficult to use but unlocking everything it does will take some time. Definitely a good phone for someone who wants a good amount of features in a very compact package. Size and looks were the selling point for me, but fortunately this phone isn't just skin deep.

T730..so far, so much better!


Aug 21, 2003 by alanasdad

I actually own this phone now. After 4 720's and a couple days with the v60P, I got my local store to switch my 720 for a 730. At first, the CSR said she didn't know anything about the 730 and that it wasn't even in stores yet. Then, when one of the other CSRs said that they were all out of 720s, she said, as I was still standing there, to go ahead and start selling the 730s!! HELLO! Anyway, I got her to swap my 720 the 730. Holds the signal better. Faster menus and GIN. Cheesy color on the new cover. It you look under the face plate, it looks like they just snapped something over the LCD from the 720. I'm thinking that if you(Not me, to chicken s---) pop the plastic ring off, then the covers from the 720 should fit.

When the phone is hooked up to my PC, it registers as a 720c!! But it is much better so far than my old 720.

T731c from TelusMobility


Nov 9, 2003 by pmc

It's been awhile since i've used a Motorola on CDMA, my last being the V60c on BellMobility. This phone intrigued me while i did my battles with GSM technology here in Canada.

Nice design same as the T720.

RF is great, i can actually hold calls in some of the elevators that i'm usually in.

Incoming and outgoing calls were just simply a pleasure for both the caller and listeners.

The keypads were easy to navigate, it was just perfect; not too close and easy to press, not like some of those tiny phones with tiny keypads.

Screen though ~49k colours was just enough and easily viewed outside.

It syncs with my old "True Sync S/W" with an upgrade and shows up as a T720 ...haha


Telus disabled the ability to upload/download ones own ringtones and pictures...you must go through them at pay their price.

i-tap; though workable, T9 is still preferred by many.


The T730c on TelusMobility with it's diabled features is still what it's basically suppose to be; a phone, one that does what it's originally meant to do ...make and recieve calls with very little fustrations.

1 week in.....


Sep 8, 2003 by Mighty Life

I chose this phone because of the likelyhood that it would work with iSync. It does and I am very happy so far.

I just switched back to Verizon from T-mobile where I had the Sony T68i...it was _un-usable_ because of horrible reception.

So far the reception is fine on the T730. I have downladed ringtones via GetItNow and I am generally pleased with my purchase.

The only drawback i notice so far is the menu system is not as elegant as the T68i when used with thte joystick.

I will put it to the test and let you know more.


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