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Motorola T730 / T731c


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T730 (junk)


Sep 16, 2003 by randy wachter

I purchased this phone last Friday 9-12-03..the next day 50% of my calls that i would make would come up as ..call failed ...so i went back to verizon and they set me up with another T 730 and this piece of junk did the same thing ..they told me on the tech line that this phone has been nothing but problems and they are sending me a LG EX 4400 . its to bad because Motorola is a great name brand and was looking forward to using this but the reviews i read about the LG 4400 now i cant wait to get my hands on... and reliability is outstanding ..

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hello moto


Dec 10, 2003 by jacob101

going back to my v60i - live in NY city have verizon - the 730 sucks!!! waste of purchasing time and money

cons - if you're a shopaholic who likes to live in a throwaway society you'll love this phone - hey i fell for it also!!!!!!!

pros - ever hear the saying "they just don't make things like they used to!"

pros - i can restore my v60i thru verizon - save money and have a better working, smaller, more fashionable phone. I'll be able to hear everyone again!even that guy with the glasses that i always see walking around town

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Horrendously bad phone


Oct 10, 2005 by oenone38

For some completely illogical reason, I got this phone when I signed up for a two-year contract with US Cellular. It is horrendous and, in the two years that I've had it, I have wanted to smash it against the wall every day. Seriously, this phone makes me want to die.

Maybe it was US Cellular, maybe it was the phone but this phone had the worst reception I've ever seen. I might as well have carried around a rock that I could scrawl messages out on and then chuck at people because that's how useful this phone was for communicating. When I actually did manage to make a call, the sound quality was never good and I was always being accused of breaking up. Not only that, since I didn't get reception anywhere and my phone kept trying to get reception, the battery would just drain out within a few hours. I bought a bigger battery for it and it was basically the same, except I was much poorer and my phone was much bigger.

A lot of other people seem to have mentioned this problem, but I don't think anyone can reiterate enough how annoying it is to have your screen turn off on you randomly.

So cons:
- phone turns off randomly (possibly purely out of spite)
- battery life is horrendously bad
- reception (US Cellular) is horrendously bad
- you have to pay for every add-on (games, pictures, ringtones, etc.)
- phone turns on/off, displays functions, etc. as quickly as a retarded sloth
- you will want to kill yourself

- it didn't fall apart in the two years I had it.... but I wish it had.

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Crap, total Crap


Aug 17, 2005 by draconix

At least it gets signal...

-Can be used as a Modem easily
-Nice Design

-Slow, Buggy OS
-Battery sucks (extended battery only lasts me a day or so, and I've been thru 2 of them)
-Crappy sound
-Voice dial calls the first person on the list if it doesnt understand you
-Flimsy construction

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May 12, 2005 by rattlesnakevy2j

My title says it all... I hate this phone.. i dont recomend it for anyone .. not even someone i hate would i tell to get it...

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Mar 9, 2005 by i_am_brian

This phone is the worst I hvae ever had! I've had it for almost a year now and I can't wait to turn it in on March 31 for the LG-VX8000.

-makes calls
-2 way text messaging

-no camera
-bad screen color and resolution
-drops calls all the time
-horrible battery life
-small non color outer screen
-text messages sometimes come 3 hours after being sent

The only reason I gave this phone a 0.5 rating is because it makes and receives calls (poorly I miht add) and sends and receives text messages. Please be smart and don't ever waste your money on this POS.

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Motorola T730


Sep 12, 2003 by Rafael Alicea

If you value your money, DO NOT BUY THIS CELL. I used this cell for 3 days and could not wait to return it. Every day after charging, the screen was black and to make it work again, I had to remove the battery and reinstall it. The technicians at Verizon told me that it was normal for this cell and there was nothing that could be done. This cellular is NOT READY to be released to the public.

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Try again, Motorola!


Sep 8, 2003 by Steven Petersen

I bought the Motorola T730 from Verizon Wireless two days ago and returned it today. The phone will lock up and give a "Call Failed" message if I tried calling out. A service rep told me to turn off the phone and turn it back on, but it just does the same thing after several minutes. I ended up buying a LG VX6000. So what if it doesn't have analog?! At least I can make a phone call. Motorola is going downhill.

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