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Motorola T730 / T731c


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T730 not as bad as people say


Jun 26, 2004 by BUmmedic

First off... I did not buy this from a Verizon Wireless store. I was getting itchy for a new phone (as I often do after several months), and wanted to retire my v60i... which, btw, may be one of the best phones ever made. I wanted to again have a color screen and more features.

I purchased this phone off craigslist from a person who openly stated that he had some network and data problems on the phone (which is why I got it for next to nothing). He bought it from a Verizon store (box and paperwork proven). I didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't that I would not have any problems whatsoever. I have put the phone through its paces with software downloads, firmware upgrades, data transmission, ringer uploads, etc etc. I haven't had a single freeze, blackscreen, glitch, or anything of the like... and I've only dropped a few calls (mostly in basements and elevators, which is to be expected).

I recently purchased a T720 housing kit (basically using the front lens cover and faceplate) because I think the plain silver T720 look is much more appealing than the two-tone T730 look. A matter of personal choice. Until the v710 comes out, I don't think I'll seriously consider upgrading.

This phone is near perfect (some questions remain about EMS/MMS capability and carrier-disabled features). People with problematic T730s should remove the back cover and battery and check to make sure they truly have a T730. I have heard of some people receiving "refurbished" T720s (upgraded firmware and adorned with T730 faceplates) from Verizon-authorized distributors (I repeat, not from true Verizon Wireless stores). This is a serious moral no-no in my book, and I feel badly for honest customers who were taken advantage of in this way. These refurbs still have many of the T720 glitches, and people end up knocking the T730.

Overall... great phone, IMHO. Much better than a lot of opinions would lead most people to believe.

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No problem at all .....


Oct 11, 2003 by J C

I got 3 T730s for my family and myself. We have been using it for 2 weeks and non of the problems described here happen to me.

We are using Verizon in the NYC area. One disadvantage I found with this phone is that it lacks the smart button that exist in the V60 phone that I had before.

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Battery Life :(


Sep 25, 2003 by Ed McHale

After 4 years with a Nokia 5160, I kind of enjoy having the T730 on my belt. I don't miss as many calls as I did by not having it near me.

Although not as rugged as the Nokia (I walked into something the first day and gouged it up a bit). It has a horrible battery life in which I have to recharge every night. My Nokia lasted 5 days with an upgraded LIon battery. I was told that it will take some time to get up to the advertised battery life.

One annoying feature is everytime I talk on it, I need to wipe off the screen before use. It picks up the oils from my face.

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Motorola T 730


Sep 22, 2003 by Kyle Drake

I really like the phone. The only glitch is getting the " Call Failed " message. Called Motorola, they have not heard of this problem yet. Maybe they will address it if it continues.

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Moto T730


Nov 18, 2003 by Maximus

Simply put....this phone on Verizon, is the best. However if you'd like a camera or PTT then you might not agree. The T730 is awesome!! Would definitely recommend it!!

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Nov 12, 2003 by Jethro1984

I recently dropped Sprint PCS and switched to Verizon Wireless. After deciding not to get the LG VX6000, I settled on a Motorola T730.
The Motorola T730 is the major improvement over the Motorola T720. This is the first Moto I've owned but I've always wanted one.

First the Pros:
-Great Reception from Verizon Wireless. Columbus, OH
-Nice Color Screen, 4K colors is enough for beautiful clarity. 65K colors didn't matter to me, it washes out in sunlight and you could just go use a computer.
-Good ringers and fairly strong vibrate.
-Sturdily built, feels good in your hand.
-Great User manual.
-Has a travel charger!
-Voice Dialing is a phone feature and Verizon Does not charge you extra to use it. But it only stores 20 numbers and sometimes can't understand your voice in a loud room.

Now the Cons:
-Battery life could be better, about 2 and a half days of standby with Status Light Turned ON, and a few calls here and there.
-Earpiece Volume could be better, I have mine on 7 (MAX) and sometimes when there is background noise sometimes it is too difficult to hear.
-Side Buttons should also be able to be used to browse menus.
-Flip doesn't line up quite right and feels loose on the left side, but mine could be defective.
-Voices sometimes sound garbled one or both ways in my dorm room. Even when you have 4 or 5 bars of signal, this could just be interference.

Unfortunately, Verizon will not allow you to download anything outside of its Get it Now service. OH WELL!

I tuned my status light on and I love it, it tells you when you are in Home Area, Roaming, or No Service. Burns more battery but just charge it every night. When the battery wears out just buy a new one, they're not that expensive.

This is a great phone and you will not be disappointed with it. As with any phone you have to give to get because no phone will ever be perfect.


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T730 Verizon wireless


Nov 7, 2003 by mjh

Great phone... And, unlike the T720, it works... Reasonable sound quality... Not the best, but good enough... Basic color screen... And awsome battery life with the extended battery... Best battery life of any phone I have ever used with the extended battery..

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Overall a good phone but a few quirks


Oct 23, 2003 by jmathlin

There are other phones out there that are better. A lot of people tell me that they like the looks but in my opinion it really is kinda bland. I do like the screen but the rest is nothing special.
The one problem I'm see a bit is the ringer mode seems to reset itself fairly often. Reception quality is good and functionality is decent. I'm used to it from the Timeport 270. As far as the lady who says Motorola is the best manufacturer you're nuts. I like a few select Motorola phones but the majority have not been very good as of recent. There is a lot more competition now that is giving them a run for their money.

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Good features but poor call quality


Oct 15, 2003 by Marcus Bodie

The battery life is so-so even with minimal use. The call quality should have been better. On many occasions the phone would show 4 bars of signal but the voices would be gobbled. I tried to lived with this nuisance but decided to return it for another phone. Let see if the Samsung A530 fairs any better.
By the way, Verizon has one of the best customer service around. Everyone is so helpful.

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Terrible phone from motorola


Feb 17, 2004 by aro1975

Worst ever phone made by Motorola. It is nothing but Xerox copy of T720.

-Terrible battery life. ( Same batt)
-Very Slow processor
-Freezes a lot
-Same old menu

Nice external looks
Never buy this phone.

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