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Motorola T730 / T731c


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IT IS A T720!


Sep 25, 2003 by Travis Darby

For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, the T730 is a T720, just new software. I had gotten a new T720 refurb and it had the T730 software on it (from Motorola!). We've been able to flash T720's to the software too. Anyhoo, it's cool to have EMS, and faster menus.

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Sep 6, 2003 by Travis Hewitt

I am a service TECH. for verizon and have the 720 wich i recently converted to a 730 by shitching the called ID lens and the face plate I also installed the 730 software and have noticed a great improvement.

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T731c still going strong


Jun 9, 2009 by ArxFortis

After reading some of the reviews on this model, I must be in the minority. I bought my T731c from US Cellular in 2003. The phone has worked great for me. I am still using the ORIGINAL battery.

This is a DUAL MODE phone with Analog capability. As long as I stay in digital territory, it will last about 4-5 days on stand-by or about 2-3 days if I use it off and on. If I go to analog-only areas or places where there is no signal at all, the battery will go from full to dead in about 1 day. This is due to the higher power requirements for analog and the phone's constant searching for signal.

I'd like to get a new phone, but am afraid the "new" one would be crap and would never last me as long as this one.

I have only a few minor Cons about the phone.

1. The earphone jack does not secure the plug very well. I tends to pop out easily. However, since I rarely use an earphone, this isn't a problem.

2. The buttons are sometimes a little sluggish to respond. Sometimes I push a button and it appears the phone didn't register it, so I push the button again only to have the phone accept BOTH pushes at near the same time. Every phone has its quirks and this is one I've gotten use to.

3. The jack for accepting the power cord is a little loose. Sometimes the contacts don't actually touch and the phone doesn't charge after plugging in. This is likely due to the fact I've had this phone for 6 years and it's getting a little worn. I would not blame this on poor workmanship, but rather 6 years of plugging.

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Really Good Phone


Jul 9, 2008 by urock111

This was my 2nd color phone, and I loved it! Though yes there are Pros and there are cons...

...Pros -
- Color screen bright!!!
- you can make your own tones (although short) in the pad device!
- Easy to navigate through functions
- Excellent Reception
- Quality Sound

Cons -
- Camera but had to buy seperately
- Not really that sturdy
- Interchangeble faceplates fall of easily

Overall it was a really good phone!

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What a joke.


Feb 25, 2007 by kimmie.d.87

I've had this phone for less than a year and I've been through 4 of them. 3 of them had the exact same problem... the charger would not make a connection (I've also tried multiple chargers). The other one was stolen. The charging unit inside of the phone completely fell out two days ago. Unfortunately insurance only allows three replacements so I have to wait until May to get a new phone. I would never recommend this phone to anyone!

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Not Quite As Bad As Most Say But Still Problematic


Sep 22, 2005 by SteveHC

Cons: On this phone, dropped calls tend to increase in frequency and ultimately develop into total reception failure. After a few replacements I've finally discovered the source of the problem - the metal contacts inside the phone's (removable) antenna housing gradually spread out too far, eventually resulting in failure to stay in contact with the antenna. Solution - remove the antenna, bend the contacts inward, then replace the antenna. The reported problems with the plastic housing are real - cracks develop, even in the battery covers, and the little hinges on the battery covers eventually bend out of shape and can then break off altogether. The phone tends to "forget" its Phone Book display settings now & then, but resetting is a snap. There seems to be inadequate memory allocated to Get It Now apps, so many will not work. Charger/Speakerphone contacts on bottom of phone need periodic cleaning for reliable connections. "Mini" phone-powered OEM speakerphone attachment is of terrible quality in its performance.

Pros: GENERALLY excellent quality OEM accessories, incl. the FM radio and do-it-yourself auto speakerphone/charger. VERY good sound quality AND RECEPTION (when the antenna contacts are properly positioned!) compared to most other brands of its era. REMEMBER - the "number of bars" displayed on one phone from one manufacturer are NOT necessarily equivalent to the same number of bars on a different model (regardless of manufacturer).

Although add-on accessories, etc. used to be plentiful their availability has been drying up rapidly as the phone is considered to have reached the end of its product life... time to pass it on to the kid(s) (it does have GPS and so Verizon will reassign it for you if need be) and get a newer model; the great debate is now over Motorola vs. LG.

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Make another choice!


Aug 30, 2005 by tmicjam

The Motorola T730 was a decent phone in the beginning... I chose it because it was cute at the time I started out with Verizon...but it is not quality... I had to replace it at one point through warranty.
If you are looking for a simple phone, maybe just for emergency purposes...not really a "cell phone user would say its okay.

-If you have Verizon, it will get great reception.
-No dropped calls
-Plently of phone book room

-Horrible battery life
-Ring tones are horrible
-Ring tone downloads are limited to poly only..no "real ring tones
-No fantastic features
-The buttons will begin to become difficult to use
-Battery gets hot if you talk for too long
-Back light really dim & stays on for only a short period of time

If you opt to purchase this phone, I recommend you double check the warranty and get insurance through your service provider.

Good luck!

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It's alright...


Jan 15, 2005 by puckyrulz3

I don't really like the idea that it doesnt have a speakerphone, but when i bought it two yrs ago, i didnt need it.

cons -
*too much crap on the front screen not letting me see wallpaper properly.
*no real alarm - reminders have to be set so that it'll act as an alarm.
*voicenotes suck - not very good at all
*freezes A LOT! randomly too!!
*no games - that sucks sometimes
*address book sucks too - not user friendly
*reception aint that great

pros -
*nice color screens
*nice design/shape/style
*small charger (doesnt take up too much space in luggage
*date and time on 2nd display - VERY VERY VERY NICE

other than that - i really wouldnt recommend it to anyone. kinda big too...but anyways, try it out before you just take someone's opinion, maybe some of the cons wont bother you that much...

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Great features........Thats it!!!!


Dec 10, 2004 by stringbean321

In my experiences with motorola phones i.e...startac, t731 and v262, the features are excellent. Motorola is one of the only phones that allow you to block each individual features from use or viewing.

The biggest flaw of the T731 and the aforementioned phones is the VOLUME!!! Listening to your party on the highest volume setting is good provided there is no other outside noises. If your walking down the street the slightest traffic noise will have you asking your party to repeat themselves. Motorola needs to make an adjustment with that. While thats the only complaint I have with the Motorola phones, its a major one if you use your phone a lot.

The make of the phone is good not to big or small and the accessories are good but if the provider will not let you test this phone before bying it, DON'T BUY IT!

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I hate this phone


Dec 9, 2004 by cmm2ski

This phone is the worst phone I have ever had. I can't get reception anywhere around Renton, Wa. The battery last about 3, 2 minute phone calls. I want to throw it of a bridge. Motorola is going downhill.

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