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Kyocera SE47 / SE44 / V5 (Slider)


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Loved It!!!!!!!!!


May 8, 2006 by truluv1990

This phone is one of the most durable I have ever had. I even dropped it in a tub full of water and got right back on it. It had a very sturdy design, which I loved. The only problem I had with this phone was that I could not download ringtones with word, which I think was with my carrier, Virgin Mobile, and my cousin had the same phone with Altell and could get ringtones with words.

A Great Phone


Apr 6, 2006 by celloffers

This is one of those rare phones that is totally unique with no other design like it. It is very durable, works well and looks great. I think this is my favorite phone that I have ever owned.

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Awesome Phone


Apr 6, 2006 by nicomm

Kyocera Slider is the best phone I have ever owned. This phone is easy to use and has a great battery life. I love the color screen on it. The smallness of the phone is great for a pocket or a purse.

I hope they dont quit making this phone any time soon.

All u need 2 know


Mar 31, 2006 by NechPech

-duyy it's a slider!!!
-nice screen and plastic made
-shortcut buttons
-retarded vibration
-good games (race 21,tetris,brickattack)
-paint (do ur own pictures)
-beautiful blue back lighting
-Message Shortcuts available (eg. i'll b home 4 xmas)lol
-loud speaker
has alot of choice in the settings
-good voice dail,, when u ain't into pressin' buttons...

-cheesy look for graphix (no cool graphix)
-rings tones suck ***!!!!(not enuff choice and length of ring tones,
on average is like 4 seconds!!!)
-message alert suck more ***!!!
-kinda chubby look!!!
-small 128*128 pix screen
-small keys
-stuby antenna, and its long
-ONLY 2 mins of voice recording

and dat's abt. it.

(in performance)
it's good, gets good signal (b/c of d long antenna)
and watever, just get a call, and answer the fone...
u got anythign 2 say abt dat
email me at starfir2k4@Yahoo.com
or call me at 00-501-321-3601..

Ed. note: edited for language

A Nice Step up from the K7 Rave


Mar 22, 2006 by IrisMG

The K7 certainly fit my needs, after all I needed a phone that was a phone and not a toy. However, I needed something a little more refined that didn't cost more than a TV set, and that had a wireless handsfree option.

Well, this phone has one, struck me as being a little better made than the Nokia model that Virgin Mobile sold, and with this being a Kyocera, a lot of the same features carry over to this model from the K7. Plus, it has a speakerphone and only cost $40.

When the phone is opened, it's actually a little longer than my K7, so I don't have to try to deal with something so small that I'd be afraid to lose it.

The sliding mechanism seems solid, but as a caveat, it's easy to accidentally close the phone and hang up on somebody. I would say that it's important to slide it out all the way until it clicked. Anyone who's used to cell phones are used to dropped calls, and the party can always call back, but I offer that just to keep in mind.

Now, here's the part I hate. Transferring your number from your old phone to the new one is easy. However, the address book is another story. Because these phones don't have SIM cards, you have to manually re-type your contact list. A substantial list of contacts means spending a lot of time re-entering on very tiny keys. I think that Virgin should make an online database available so that people can download address books as easily as they can ringtones, as I believe contacts are infinitely more important.

Which brings me to the other part of the phone I hate. I realize the phone was marketed to a kid and not to a 45-year-old adult. However, I see no reason why I couldn't have kept my "Happy Cricket" ringtone that I used on the K7. There's nothing on the new one that alerts me so cheerfully as that one did.

All-in-all, though, the phone works as a phone should, is not blue, after reading the manual is easy to use. It's a nice inexpensive step-up from the K7. I'm happy with it.



Mar 9, 2006 by hdayejr

I had to replace this phone ONLY 5 times. Bought it as a pre-pay Verizon via Best Buy. Had to replace it the first time because when I went with a contract(BIG MISTAKE!) with Verizon, it wouldn't come out of pre-pay mode(Get it now wouldn't work, etc). Second phone had absolutely no reception. Lost track of the problems. Eventually ended up crashing after using Get it now applications, screen scratches way too easily, battery life is terrible. It is pretty bad when a VERIZON SALES REP. tells you that he got rid of his Slider for the same reasons. I wouldn't recommend this to a dog, let alone anybody with sense.

What a waste of time for Kyocera to had even designed this thing!

I guess!


Feb 25, 2005 by quiglley4193

This phone is a roundish sape which is not eye catching. It has bad grapchis and the color screen sucks. Sooo therefore samsung, and Lg phone are better. It has a breakable antenna and it has sucky rungs, dont get this piece of ...........................



Jan 13, 2005 by cellpro

This phone is off the chain i had it exactly a year ago but i got rid of it for the X427 which was dumb because thats the best phone I eva nhad and im about to get it again . I would not get rid of the phone this tine because it got everything


this phone does'nt have a camera or superphonic ringtones you also dont have a real internet with virgin mobile

Awesome phone!


Jan 3, 2005 by ifiwereafish

I just upgraded my phone to a V5 slider and I'm really pleased. I get great reception, awesome color and a lot of good features. This is the perfect phone to get if you're looking for more than just the basics. I love downloading ring tones from the Virgin Mobile site. Best of all, I'm no longer wasting minutes with a restrictive contract.

One Of Virgin Mobile's Best


Dec 29, 2004 by soundless

Our friend has the MTV edition of this phone and it always gets attention. The bright color screen on this slider is very eye catching. The ringtones are awesome and she doesn't pay a monthly bill which she loves. One of the top of the line phone's available for Virgin Mobile's Pay As You Go plan. Consider spending a little more for the V7 Flasher Camera Phone, it is well worth it!

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