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Kyocera SE47 / SE44 / V5 (Slider)


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crap ,junk!


Apr 3, 2006 by ffeje14

This phone just plain and simple sucks. Here's the reasons why-

-slide is pretty cool at first

-screen is very small and not too clear
-buttons are very tiny and hard to use
-back button is nearly impossible to use
-not the easiest to slide open and closed
-speakerphone sucks
-slow UI
-very little memory i had to erase ringtones so i could download more sad right
-the screen is curved
-standard wallpapers and ringtones suck
-hard to text with
-breaks very easily

i hate it

Ed. note: edited for language

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Feb 3, 2006 by love_ to_ shopQueen1

dont waste your money on this phone.

-- the ringtones are horrible.

-- the keys are so small and almost impossible to text message.

-- The Dictionary sucks-it doesn't remember any of the words you submit.

-- the reception is horrible. you cant be on the phone for more than 10 minutes.

-- the menu is horrible and cartoonish.

-- horrible wallpapers

-- the slider is out of date

there are NO PROS TO THIS PHONE!!!

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POS Junk Phone Of The Year


Jan 7, 2006 by wyoung609

I have had this phone for two years now, I had it replaced 7 times under warranty because it kept glitching out for no reason, seriously I got one out of the box, and it would turn off for no reason! Every SE47 I've had has done the same thing. And if you have to make a claim with Assurion (haha I can't even believe the american pubic lets this company exist), why do we pay five bucks a month for this? Customer service is none existent and your service provider will ignore you once you have an Assurion replaced phone. All warranty or any problems you have will have to be dealt with Assurion and only Assurion and you'll have to wait 3 days before you get a new phone! Buy the way what ever happened to loner phones?, but still if you deal with them the will send you a REBUILT SE47 which if its even possible and bigger POS and will certainly piss you off! Not a quality product at all, never even think of buying one you will be sorely disappointed. It's a really cool looking phone, but other than that it's junk! The buttons are small, the slider part gets all loose and the screen gets scratched instantly. Please don't waste your money! Buy a inexpensive flip or any other style that will at least stay together and last more than 2 weeks

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this phone sucks


Dec 8, 2005 by denver05

I've gone through about 5 of these phones since I first bought it almost 2 years ago. Can't wait to get rid of it. Verizon has stockpiles of these in their stores just waiting for people to return their busted ones. Not a good phone.

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if you like easy break phones.


Nov 21, 2005 by Overs

I have very few pros for this phone:
-it fits in my pocket.
-loud ringer.

-scratches easy.
-breaks fast.
-turns off if open/close quickly.
-not very many ring choices.
-no ring & vibrate.
-no slient charge.
-Texts are annoying with all of the mess.
-I've had it way less than a year and the screen is completely broken.
-freezes often.

My advice don't buy this phone.

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I hate my SE47 Slider...


Sep 18, 2005 by Evil5oh

This phone is junk. I have had for a little over a year now, and I really have nothing good to say about it, other than it was "different" when I got it -- boy, what a bad reason to buy a phone.

-It was different from anything else at the time when I bought it.
-It has a couple cool sounds you can pick for when it slides open or closed

-Bad reception, alot of static and noise
-It drops probably 75% of the calls I am on
-Locks up all the time like a stupid Windows computer, and I have to restart it (when is Apple going to start making cell phones? )
-Takes a good 2 minutes to start up, and have full functionality
-crappy wallpapers
-Buttons are hard to use
-eZ entry for texting is a joke -- it NEVER picks the right words. eZ text only knows about 2% of the English language -- it is always asking me to add words to the dictionary.
-The battery has always been a joke. You can talk for 20 minutes, and it says it still has full battery, then 5 minutes later it is beeping at you to plug it in
-The speaker phone, though a nice option, is junk. It sounds like a crappy boombox from the 80's with blown speakers -- only its not loud enough to walk more than 5 feet away.
-Can't turn it to silent mode w/out the menu
-Can't have it on silent mode when it is plugged in
-Have to use the menu for EVERYTHING, and you have to start at the front -- no quick select

And now my microphone just quit working, so I can hear everyone, but they can't hear me.

Eagerly awaiting my new phone.

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Sep 17, 2005 by bubblemonkey

My experience with this phone:

Pros-Speakerphone ability
Cons- Scratches eaily, would shut off by itself when I closed the slider, screen would freeze(just like on the computer)

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Not a good choice


May 11, 2005 by laddertothestarz

I sell phones and have sold many Kyocera products and most all come back with signal issues. I never thought a different model phone would have a difference in signal strength but it does.

This phone has come back for service many times, to save yourself the time and troubles, don't buy it.

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Apr 8, 2005 by BMD777

Bought this phone for my daughter and have replaced it 3 times in less then 5 months before i gave up because i cant keep paying the $35.00 it cost to have the insurance replace it.It is of course broke again and the battery wont stay on it, That was the problem with two of the others and the last one would not answer function right
to get to the point this phone is a real waste of money over and over again.

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piece of crap


Dec 20, 2004 by TheMisunderestimated1

I hate this phone...it's slow...horrible screen...and limited functionality

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