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Couldn't Be Happier


Mar 17, 2004 by bigwilz

I have just finished my review of the new SE47 and am LOVING IT!!! I am with Verizon and have been waiting forever for them to come out with a slider. I upgraded my Motorolla T730. That also was a great phone, but I loved the speakerphone aspect as well as the obvious "toy" feature of sliding. Reception is awesome! Battery life has been great as well. I was a little leary after hearing some of the initial reviews of the phone that battery life was not it was cracked up to be. I have a severe case of OCD and have spend the last 2 days learning every aspect of the phone. It was totally easy to manage through and navigation was a breeze. I have huge banana hands and it was a little tough getting used to the small keypad but I am used to it only after a few days. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I have had LG510, Samsung, Startac, and T720 and T730 and this tops them all. Finally Verizon comes out with a kickin' phone. KUDOS to Verizon and Kyocera.

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Better than most


Dec 5, 2003 by off-rhodin

I work for US Cellular in the Chicago market, and I have to say when I first saw the phone, I thought the same as most people, "Oh great another phone that is going to break apart within the first week!!" To my amazement though, it has already taken a few falls in my hands, as many other cell phones have done before, and hasn't even came back with any major surgery needed. The reception on the phone is great, even when here are "no bars of signal" present on the phone it still makes clear calls. The only thing I did not like on the phone, is the battery life. I am a huge talker and the phone doesn't hold up to some of my previous phones (ie. i90c from Nextel), but the standby life on it passes others. I like the idea that everything else has been done before, like the average flip, to the swing out/switchblade approach, to even the sliding, but the slider has a unique way of sliding, and cuts the phone to half the size, while in transportation mode/standby mode. Over all I like the phone very much and most likely wont be trading it in any time soon.

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Cool phone for CDMA


Oct 31, 2003 by powerball

I have to say I was curious about the durability of this phone, but after using it, it is VERY durable. The first day I had it I had the dreaded driveway drop. The slide also seems durable, you would have to really pull the two halves apart to break it. The speakerphone is GREAT for such a small phone too. Overall, very cool phone!

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Cool At First.... not worth it


May 23, 2004 by guitarplaya08

Good: super easy to use, ringer is suuuper loud, long battery life, speaker phone is cool, clear lcd, sturdy not going to break

Bad: Gets hot very fast, vibrate SUCKS i can't even feel it, screen cracks easily because its not covered up like a flip phone (dropped mine and the screen cracked), and it has small keys which stinks for text messaging

it was cool for the first week.. i got a lot of attention from it but in the long run its not worth it

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Slip Sliding Away...


Mar 16, 2004 by londawg

I've had this phone for just 2 days now, and is replacing my QCP-3035, I've been patiently waiting for Verizon to add something sexy to their lineup, so far I'm very happy with it, I just ordered the data cable from Kyocera's website, I should be able to sync my Outlook contact list with this phone like my previous model. The only problem with this form factor is that if you want to protect it you need a pouch, or a case that you have to unsnap to slide it open. no biggie,

Pros: nice size, good speakerphone, clear reception in low signal area, good voice recognition, price (free trade-up for me!)

Cons: awkward to hold at first, can't balance between head and shoulders, would've liked the cobalt blue model,but Verizon didn't offer it. no bluetooth, no games included,(Doodler's kinda lame, I'd like brick attach or solitaire better)

I'll review it again after a couple of months of use.

That's it!!

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Verizon Slider


Mar 9, 2004 by pedrickse

Here is a sort review I've just bought the phone today so far from what I can tell I love it here is what I like

Nice Speakerphone way better than the vox 8900 Its gets loud enough for me its not nextel loud but I've used it in the car just fine. Also its Full Duplex which makes all the difference.
Voice mail alert. every 5 min until acknowledged
Voice activated dialing that works go for me.
Alarm, Tip Calculator, Calculator, Scheduler
Size and weight small and lite.
Slider well built it doesn't feel like its going to fall apart.
Good price.
Sound Quality and RF seems good with my v60i and the vox 8900 I returned I could not make calls in my house the slider I can even with no bars.

The key pad takes awhile to get used to its small.
The Screen is not that big, but then again its a small phone so what should I except.
It did not come with a case which I thought was strange, but its small enough to put in you pocket.
I'm sure the screen is going to get scratched.
Ringers are kinda lame and not very loud. but you can download new ones

All in all I love the phone I would give it a 5 but nothing can be perfect.

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Great Phone


Jan 25, 2004 by pandaxlee

I've used it for Metro PCS. I love the speaker phone clarity...I love the 40 Chrods of polyphonic ringtones for a CDMA phone FINALLY. And lastly the tetris on the phone itself...The phone itself is quite durable to what others might say about it...but the only thing that i see bad about the slider is the resolution...the quality of the picture is not as great as any other color phone out there.

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Best Prepaid phone available!


Jan 4, 2004 by techteen3054

I couldn't be happier with my phone. I've had it 2 months now and can't complain. The only drawback is the inability to download new backgrounds. The phone is very durable. The second week I had it, someone in my family knocked it off into the sink (which was full of water, luckily clean) I let it dry out for 24 hours before turning it back on. It still works great. Not only did it take the sink, I also have it on a belt clip and am constantly hitting it into walls, chairs, tables, ect. Good phone, couldn't be happier.

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Nice & Sweet


Dec 11, 2003 by Wolfman78

If you want an awesome phone without a plan, then you need to check this phone out! The slider has all the bells & whistles you could want except a cam. I love the color screen and cool ring-tones. The phone is very easy to use, some might have a problem due to the phones small size. Great reception(Pittsburgh) and battery life.

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SE47 Review


Jan 31, 2005 by chickenwafer

Overall I was happy with my Kyocera SE47 Slider cell phone with the exception of a few design flaws. First that annoying pull-out style external antenna that brakes often and does nothing for reception. The only other flaw I experienced was after I dropped the phone on my desk while standing (no more than a 3 foot drop) and the battery jarred lose and broke the clip holding it in-place, so now the battery does not conntact the phone for power, so now I'm getting a new one (not another SE47, however).
-Sliding design protects keypad, makes for a more effcient and smaller design [I'm a big guy with really big hands, so I could literally place the SE47 in my palm and make a fist and conceal the phone compleatly in the hand, it's that small!)
-sleek looking
-bright color display
-easy to use and navigate

-Ringer isn't that loud
-Speaker phone is a joke
-buttons are incredibly small [again, big hangs=big fingers]
-pesky external antenna
-poor build qualitly

Other than those highlights I can't think of too many other things again or for the SE47. When it came out, it was a hit, but now it's only really standout feature is the sliding keypad and it's nothing to have an orgasim over. Compared to phones you can get now, it isn't worth it anymore. Skip it and get yourself something nicer with Bluetooth, a camera, video camera, or any of those other gadgets you might be into. As far as a phone, it's okay, but not too great as it's really small and doesn't reach your ear to your mouth and the speakers aren't that clear.

Get something else

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