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Kyocera SE47 / SE44 / V5 (Slider)


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Compact, simple phone


May 4, 2004 by changal

PROS - Includes all the basic features, plus a decent speakerphone and unique slide design; Verizon service is also the best available in the NYC area

CONS - Exposed screen may be prone to scratches; screen is a slightly dim

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Kyocera Slider SE47 hit the spot!?!


Mar 31, 2004 by skinny5

The Kyocera Slider deff. hit the spot for me. I recently bought it off of Ebay.com because my carrier, Midwest Wireless, does not carry the phone although they did let me program it so it does. The only thing that is bad about this phone is that it does not have a camera. The new Kyocera Koi looks pree saweet with the swivel and the camera ... why not the camera on the Slider haha ... Anyways, It is small, so for all the ladies that like to carry it in your purse, this might be a downfall but it is "neat" from most of the girls that I talk to. I am one of the few that have it on the Midwest Wireless network and one of the few that have it around this area due to it just coming out with Verizon. I probably paid a lil too much for it but it was worth it, I think ? ... I will never go without color on a phone again. This phone by far has topped off anything I've seen and I will leave a review later after playing around with it a lil more. The one disadvantage I guess is the 200 contact book limit, otherwise all is good!

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good product


Nov 9, 2003 by whitenegro

I got this phone and activated it on virgin network about 2 weeks ago. I am very impressed with the reception and super-long battery life. The phone is small and easy to carry. I am pretty hard on phones and I have to say that it seems well built and is holding up well. Defanitely the nicest kyocera phone I have seen.

The features are pretty good except that virgin mobile only lets you browser to the locations where they allow you to go. The color screen looks sharp and crisp but is a little hard to see in direc sunlight.

One bad thing about this phone is that the virgin mobile model doesn't have brew like my old verizon phone did so you can't download new games so you better like the ones that come with it. I didn't see this phone at the verizon store and besides my bad credit probably will keep them from selling me any phones for a while.

Overral I am very happy and would recomend this phone to my friends but not to many of them because I want mine to look cool for a few more months!

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Nice Phone!


Mar 27, 2004 by btnote

I just purchased this phone recently, and I must say I am very pleased! It certainly beats the startac I had. My contract was up, and I decided on the Kyocera KX414. This was a nice phone, but I don't like having to use a keypad lock. So, I decided to take it back, and get the Slider. It has all the same features, and more.(being I hate anything in my ear) It might be a little tricky for the novice cell phone user in the beginning, but is fairly simple to use after getting familiar with it. I really was debating about this phone, because of some of the reviews I have read here and other places, but I came to realize that everyone is different, and have different priorities in a phone. My hubby's and my last phones were the Moto Star Tacs. He had repeated problems with his, and I had never had a problem in the two years I had it. His usage is more than mine as well as his working conditions are different. As far as people saying they have "dropped calls", it is not always the phone. It has allot to do with the service as well. We have Verizon, and we used to have several lost calls, but it has gotten allot better.

PROS: Compact size, User friendly menu's, Sporty looking, looks skimpy, but really is sturdy, Large LCD Clock in the Front,Decent speaker phone. Really a Fun phone! It is an eye catcher. Battery has been decent. It does draw more if you use screen savers, and fancy , the speker phone, etc. But what do you expect.

CONS:Key pad is flush with the phone, making it a bit difficult, but it has gotten easier as I have gotten familiar with it. No games, but that is Verizon's fault, since they stripped them. But that is what I use my PDA for. Could use a few more ring tones. But you can download more.
I really recommend getting the case and portable charger pack. It protects the screen, and is easy to remove when you don't need it. Truly a Great Phone! Should be a five, but nothing is perfect.

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Lovin' it!


Nov 9, 2003 by neo-xtopher

I have an 3rd party employee plan with sprint and bad credit, so I can't use my phone outside of my market area. So I picked up this phone from where I work the other day, and I've loved it ever since. My only beef with it is that I can't access the web outside of the pre-defined pages for MTV. I'd like to be able to download ringers other than theirs and wallpapers too. Ah well. Other than that minor technicallity (it is prepaid after all) this phone rocks! It's so much fun to use and show off! XD And it seems to get better reception than my sprint phone (they use the same network). Bottom line, this phone is awesome!

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Don't let the keypad stop you.


Dec 20, 2003 by Norman.Francis.Bates

If you've played with this phone, your first impression was probably that you could not live with the horrible keypad.
But, you get used to it! I have fairly fat fingers, and I hated the phone for the first couple of days because of the keypad. Trust me, you get used to it... Unless you have extremely, abnormally fat fingers. =)

The voice quality is one of the best I've heard on any CDMA phone. RF is excellent also.

It has every feature, short of PCSync and a camera. Even a neat Doodler program on top of the three games. Tetris being one of them.

Build quality is good. It feels flimsy and it doesn't inspire confidence at first but over time you'll learn it's good and solid.

Really neat Hold Call feature that you record your own Hold message, then you are able to put incoming calls on Hold while they hear your message repeat until you are ready to talk.

Cons would be:
-Resolution isn't that great. Screen in general is nothing to brag about.
-Battery life is the worst I've experienced. Runs down to 1 bar in less than a day with medium usage. Maybe mine is just defective.
-Navigating to the options for the Phonebook and SMS are a pain, but I got used to it.
-Painfully slow response times. Typing texts quickly leaves the phone behind.
-"1X Ready" banner in the middle of the screen needs a datacable to be removed. (not 100% sure about this.)

Overall, excellent phone. It makes CDMA look gooooood!

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what the hell is everyone complaining about?


Nov 3, 2005 by Nolan887

this is a great little phone. its size is fine, i am a guy with big hands and i have no problem with the keypad. i got this phone through verizon as my first cell phone so it was like $20. i got it because it was a slider and it looked cool. the battery life is fine, i have no problems with it. is it that hard to plug your phone into the wall when you go to sleep every night? i charge mine every night so i dont have to worry about the phone dying. i, like everyone else, drop my cell phone from time to time and this phone has no sign of being dropped at all. and for everyone complaining about going through the menu to put your phone on silent, read the owner's manual... all you have to do is hold the # key and it will switch it to vibrate!

conclusion: good phone, had it for 1 year so far and no problems at all.

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Great Phone


Jul 16, 2004 by bigpapa

The SE44 Slider is a great phone. Comes with everything you need (aside from a camera). The key pad is a bit small for the big fingered person but with practice can be used with no problem.

Only hangups I have with it is that the phone needs to be opened to ignore a call, silence the ringer and use the voice dialing.

Had a Motorola V60c for years, finally had to get rid of it when it decided it didn't want to turn on anymore. Decided on this one largely for the small size and big clear display.

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Apr 25, 2004 by celebritygt

This phone i've had for about 6 months now and what can i say besides the awful battery life (a day w/ normal usage) this phone has never let me down where i live i have the virgin mobele(Sprint PCS) I was adamant about the CDMA coverage but this phone has almost the best service that I have ever seen. This phone is only beaten by nextel.
I also like the games and cool wallpapers this phone has another thing is that the buttons are hard to get used too. but other than that the phone is very sturdy and reliable.

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Love the Slider


Mar 26, 2004 by jmjhoward

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks (previously owned a K-2325, which I was very pleased w/except Verizon eliminated the speaker phone feature). I'm pleased w/the slider so far. Nice size, slider works fine, and for the moment seems like an attention getting gimmick.

This is the 5th K-phone I've had and I manage our company phones (~200). I think we're going to move to this phone as a company standard. We have been very pleased w/the K-phones w/the exception of the KX-414.

On the plus side:
Nice size
Good Speaker Phone
Phone Quality is good
Easy to transfer the phone book w/cable and Software
Phone Coverage is good (No dropped calls)
Battery life. Lasted two days w/mod. to heavy use.

On the downside:
Buttons are small (about a unanimous annoyance, but not major)
When you set the phone on vibe-then-ring, it silences the key-beep which is helpful since the keys are a little hard to tell if you hit them
On the personal side they make you pay for any "fun" game.

All-in-all I'm please w/the phone. Belt clip is nice. Hands-free works as good or better than any they've offered.

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