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Kyocera SE47 / SE44 / V5 (Slider)


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Not too bad


Sep 18, 2005 by jghat

The phone seems very reliable. It never drops calls in the rural area I live. It's light weight, easy to put in pocket.

I bought it while my other phone is being repaired for a spare.

Light weight
Relatively easy to use
Reliable calls

Poor battery life, no extended batteries
available I can find.
Somewhat cryptic menu system eventually you get there.
Call waiting cuts you off from everybody

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An alright phone


Jul 25, 2005 by Ieshea

This is phone the bomb as far as style. I love it when rude people try to pick up the phone and use it without asking they usually never know how to use it. Some have complained the keypad is too small, as far as texting, but I have no problem with it. I just wish I would have known before I bought it that NO KYOCERA phone charges while in use. Most phones do, but not Kyoceras. I talk alot and this battery sucks. I had this phone for 5 months and a fully charged battery lasts me until about 6:00 p.m. Not to mention I work from 9-5.
Pros: Unique style, Great Speakerphone, qtext messaging short cut key
Cons: Horrible battery, inability to charge while in use.

Overall its an alright phone.

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Sep 20, 2004 by txnstud8504

hey everyone, guess what? i'm a guy, with big hands, none the less, and i am still loving the user friendliness of this phone. not only has it been my fav. thus far, all girl love the phone to, that's just extra brownie points. the speaker phone is awsome, i love the wallpapers. The ONLY little thing i kinda don't like is that the screen is fully exposed and if your not carefull you can scratch the screen, and since it is relatively new, its kinda hard to find something to protect it, but i found whats called, the BODY GLOVE, no pun intended! Its a cool looking pouch that fully covers the phone, you can find it at BEST BUY or CIRCUIT CITY, and its around 25. so for those of you who love your phone but are justa little clumsy with it, i strongly suggest buying the body glove. and if you are looking for a great phone, i strongly suggest this one, BY THE WAY I WORK FOR ATT WIRELESS, SO I KNOW MY SHHHHHHH.

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I love the slider! But it has its downfalls.


Jun 28, 2004 by luvdaslider

I will be completely honest about my review. I love the slider. It was purchased for me for my birthday about 4 and a half months ago. My service is Virgin Mobile. I will however not recommend getting Virgin Mobile for your service provider. I would reccomend Verizon if you want this phone. Virgin Mobile has horrible customer support, but good service like Sprint because they are on the same network. I haven't had any dropped calls because I am on prepaid, so my average call is under 5 minutes. Back to the phone.....like I said I love it but the keys are too small and I send tons of text messages. It is hard to make a case for the slider where you can still do things on the phone and talk on it. So the phone will get scratched up very easily, unless you are extra careful Overall it is a very nice phone and is a neat design. Hardly anyone makes a slider phone. Anyone can make a flip phone or an open faced phone but a slider phone? That topped all the above!

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great phone ;-)


May 30, 2004 by vmvirginmobile

I've had the SE47 for 6 months, and i have not had any trouble with it.

Pros: Loud speakerphone, colour screen, voice dialing great reception, everything.

Cons: Digital only. kyocera now offers the SE44, which is a tri-band phone, though.

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Slider with PTT and Analog


Jul 10, 2004 by bolthead

I own the SE 44 with service from Alltel, I have had the phone for 2 weeks now and overall I am pleased with it. I had the T720 before this and switched for the speakerphone and T2T two way radio.

Pro's are Size, belt holster, T2T, in call sound quality, speakerphone. I have had no trouble with signal or calls going through. Alltel's T2T is not quite as good as Nextel's yet but give them a little while and watch out because for a brand new offering it is pretty darn good and a fast connection and this phone is much more compact than a Nextel. Plus you can toggle between a cellular call and T2T calls easily without losing either which is a big +

Cons: the earpiece volume will not go as loud as I would like for noisey areas. The position of the T2T button is poorly positioned. All buttons are small but you get used to them soon enough but thespeakerphone activation button is especially small and hard to push. Cannot make T2T calls private on this phone (I assume because of the T2T buttons location)

All of the cons are things I have gotten used to or worked around but the perfect phone would not require workarounds. To me this phone is a close to perfect as I have used to date.

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My Se-47 Slider Review


Jun 30, 2004 by jumpmaster18

Hello all,

I was just going to give my feedback for my Slider. So far I am both pleased and disappointed with its overall performance. My list of pro's and cons is as follows:


-the keypad when text messaging is a bit too small
-No quick access to the ringer volume and silent/vibrate option..you have to go through the menu to do so
-The phone is not allowed to be on silent or vibrate while charging
-While text messaging there is no way to go down from row to row of text. You have to continuously push up past every letter entered to get from row to row.
-While texting and pushing back through every letter the ok key to send the message sometimes gets pushed without getting to finish the message.
-When wanting to send a text you select who you want to send it to you have to confirm the number where you want it to go.
-Phone has totally froze on me on several occasions and the only way to get it back to normal is to take the battery off and power the phone on again.
-I also do not like how when powered on the messaging menu and contact list takes 1-3 minutes to update.
-There is also a limited number of sound files and pictures that can be installed.
-If belt clip is used the phone falls out easily.


-The speaker phone option is very nice to have as well as very loud and clear.
-The phone has a long battery life.
-Small compact size...even when open.

I had the Lg Vx 6000 camera phone before I purchased the slider and I wish I would have kept the Vx 6000. I felt that the user menus on the Vx 6000 were more user-friendly. I also liked how the Vx 6000 had quick access to ringer volume and vibrate/ silent mode on the side of the phone. I recommend the Kyocera Slider to people who just want a phone to call people and receive calls from them. Anyone who sends text messages a lot should not get this phone. Thanks for reading my ramblings and have a good day!!!

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Nice Phone w/some issues


May 21, 2004 by joshieca

First of all, if you do not want attention then don't buy this phone. This phone generates a lot of attention if you leave it around because of the unique style and the way it works and opens up. The quality seems to be better then average. Its not as sturdy as my old Nokia, but its about 1/2 the weight also. The sliding function seems to be sturdy, but I can imagine that over time it might wear out. The phone is small, light weight, and easy to use.

Now for the downside. For me, I love to customize stuff. While you can change your ringtone and your wallpaper on this phone. That's really about it. You are limited to three or four different color choices or screen themes. The screen savers that come with it are junk (the digital clock doesn't even give you the option of having AM/PM displayed). You CAN'T assign ringtones to your message alerts, so you are stuck with the four different sounds for your messages/net alerts/text/voicemail etc (Really stupid on Kyocera's behalf) You can't have the ringer and the vibrate on at the same time (its either or). This can be useful if you like to listen to music loud in your vehicle and/or use headphones and have your phone in your pocket. Also if you a Verizon customer they kill any of the games which come with the phone so you have BUY them from them....that's stupid and greedy on Verizon's behalf.

So the bottom line....if you want to fully customize your phone then this is NOT the one to go with. But you like a unique style, a good quality speakerphone, a small compact design, the ability to upload MP3's as real-tone ringers, then take it....but double check with Kyocera's coming soon website, as a new Slider is in the works as we speak.

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Jan 24, 2004 by MyLuv2Jesus

This phone is excellent as far as bells and whistles, its compact (slightly bigger than a large pack of chewing gum) & sleek design, clarity, and volume control. Has many extra features that most other phones do not have such as: speaker phone, voice dialing (you speak the number, and say "call," and it dials the # for you), *and more.* Unique choices of ringtones, too, compared to the same-old familiar ones on hundreds of other phones.

The only problem is that you can't rely on the user guide specs for talk time and standby time. It depends on your custom settings as to how mong your battery lasts before having to be recharged. My advise is to not run the screen savers or wallpapers (your user guide will tell you these run the battery down faster), and let your battery fully drain *before* you recharge it (due to the battery's memory), and it will last much longer than the "norm."

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Looks can be deceiving!!!


May 12, 2004 by FightinIrish

I recently added this phone to my US Cellular account, for my girlfriend and the slider has been nothing but sweet. It is small in size but speaks volumes! the speakerphone feature is very handy on this phone. Color display is very clear and colorful, and it has successfully survived "the drop"! The only knock is that it has a smaller phonebook capacity, and doesn't include an embedded camera! SATISFIED.

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