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Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA)


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Finally...I can hear you now!!!


Feb 14, 2011 by Vipermad

I've been waiting for this day for years! Self-admittedly, I can't get off the Apple KoolAid...so why fight it!!!

I've carried BOTH ATT and VZW iPhones for several days...lets get one thing out of the way quickly first:

Talk-and-Surf = ATT

Signal at my DESK (where I spend most of my time):
ATT = 1 bar
VZW = 5 bars

App loading and updating:
USA Today = VZW
Weather Channel = VZW
Facebook = VZW
Cnet = VZW
Craigsphone = VZW
YellowPages = VZW
Starbucks = VZW

I think you get the point. Obviously...your mileage may vary. But for ME, where I live, and where I travel, this is a DREAM COME TRUE.

Does everything the ATT iPhone does (in some cases better).
Sound quality is better than ATT iPhone.
Not a single dropped call!!
Batter (for me) appears to be at least as good....maybe a bit better (though my ATT iPhone is still my primary number, so it gets a bit more use...to be fair).

The only one I've seen is the inability to talk and surf. I'll give that up for the ability to actually get calls at my desk (and not just a phantom voice mail for a call that never came through)!!

Some might consider the ETF a "con"....but not me. Small price to pay to FINALLY be rid of ATT!!!!

Disclaimer: Yes, I know WinMo, Win7, Android phones....had them...they are awesome as well. Just not for me. I won't say a single bad thing about them. I had the Incredible, Galaxy, Surround, Xperia...I have TRIED to get off the KoolAid...all to no avail. LOVED the Incredible the most (just my taste)...but I'll ALWAYS have an iPhone (now....with VZW!!!).

For the pretty negative post below mine...DON'T allow that to sway you! By the looks of it, that person has an axe to grind. Bottom line, if ATT works for YOU...EXCELLENT. But, for the MANY of us who have TOLERATED ATT for years, make the change!!!



Feb 11, 2011 by jessn06

I have been waiting for Verizon to get this phone for a really long time! I am completely blown away by how incredible this phone is! I had a Droid 2 Global before and the battery life was terrible. There is truly no comparison. This phone has incredible reception and battery life. I love how quickly and easily you can maneuver the settings and the whole phone in general. I have had so much fun exploring my new phone and have never been happier. What a wonderful investment!!

The IPHONE 4 For Verizon


Feb 11, 2011 by rob77

Hello again IPHONE. I like this much more on Verizon. Same service but I get even better reception in my house than my old Verizon phone. I have nothing bad to say at all. Good Job Verizon for having the best phone and the best network all in one. Finally :)

Great Phone!


Feb 10, 2011 by wymi

My Motorola Droid X will never see the light of day again in my hands! The iPhone4 is nothing short of unbelievable! Basic functions like call quality, battery life and texting are superb. The screen is remarkable, a little smaller then the Droid X but that's insignificant compared to the overall smoothness and refinement of Apple products. VZW did the right thing bringing this phone to it's customers. Oh, and I don't care if an iPhone5 comes out in a few months, this phone is plenty fast for me. Tip: Turn off the 40Mhz band portion of your wireless router if your having trouble connecting to WiFi.



Feb 10, 2011 by JoshJ10

Coming from Android, all I can say is WOW!!! This phone is amazing. Not only is it NOT frustrating or downright infuriating to use, is actually fun!


-Build quality is top notch
-UI is incredibly easy, fast, intuitive, & beautiful
-This phone is FAST!! I haven't seen it slow down even remotely once. Apps open instantly, & screens move fluidly.
-The Retina Display is nothing short of incredible! It is the best screen I've ever seen.
-The camera takes very very good pictures & takes them in an instant too! Videos are also very high quality.
-Battery life is very good overall with this phone.

Overall it's just a joy to use, data is fast, the phone is faster & apps are never in short supply.

I haven't seen any CONS yet honestly. This is the best phone on the market as for as I'm concerned.

You must be with AT&T


Feb 14, 2011 by Anthony8242

All have to say is for anybody to knock this phone you must be an employee of AT&T because there is nothing good about there service unless u like no signal and dropped calls wow u can surf the net and talk at the same time who cares like that even important I think being able to make a call when u want without worry is alot more important and how r u talking and surfing the web when AT&T service can't support a phone call anyway and for battery life it's great how anybody can say anything bad about this phone on Verizon get your head checked there's something wrong with you

Stable OS, great battery life, good service on Verizon


Mar 7, 2011 by sbuitend

First off, this is not a perfect phone for everyone. If you are an email addict, just stick to a Blackberry. The Blackberry OS stinks, but if you can get beyond battery pulls, then keep on chuggin on a Blackberry.

If you are considering an Android phone, I would suggest at least giving the iPhone a try. I love Google, use google apps, and have tried Android phones. For me, it is no different than Microsoft / Dell versus Android / Motorola / HTC - something is lost when the software is not in-house on small devices.

The deal breaker for Android for me is battery life and lack of applications that are available on all Android phones. I don't want a task killer and have to monitor my wifi to make the battery last more than 6 hours. The iPhone has a great wifi connection system and if the phone is not in use, it will last 1.5 - 2 days on standby (at least), where every Android phone I have owned struggles to get through one day before it dies.

The screen resolution is amazing, you can sync the phone with basically any email account, and many applications will sync with different programs as well. For example, I sync "Awesome Note" to my gmail docs account.



Jun 9, 2011 by mrtasle

I read the reviews and it says it's not customizable. What's wrong with that. I tried many Android phones and while Android is great, too much customization can mess it up. Also the Hardware isn't up to the software and that makes Android suffer. I'll keep old tried and true and use the iphone.

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What makes this phone just shy of the baddest phone on the planet?


Jul 31, 2013 by tgc1980

Carrier: Verizon

The processor. I can live with a 3G phone, but the processor sucks. That's why I can't give it the 5 than an Apple product should get. Everything else, though, is solid. There's no need to be a dead horse, as it's as good as all the other pros listed before my review.

God bless.

The Evolution of iPhone


Jun 7, 2012 by BlackRoseAngel

This is what iPhone was meant to be all about. Inovation meets beauty in a way never before seen. Thin, solid, fast, crisp! All qualities that can be found in this stunning phone. I have owned this phone for a year and four months, which is the longest I have ever owned a single phone, and the longest I have ever been on a carrier. I love my Verizon iPhone. I would recommend this phone to anyone!

Super Fast
Awesome Picture Quality
Unrivaled Display
Apps, Apps, And More Apps
Great Design
Amazingly Thin

Battery Could Be Better

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