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Night and Day Difference


Mar 5, 2011 by 44976

I gave up on at&t iphone 4 after enduring calls that don't connect, bad audio, and calls dropping while traveling.

Verizon's network has worked as advertised for me. I am very glad that I made the switch.

Network issues went away.
Call quality is excellent.
Data speeds are consistently good.

Battery life isn't as good as with the at&t iPhone.
at&t's network has a few more features than Verizon's network.

I am spending a little more for the Verizon iPhone service, and for me it is money well spent.

compare apples to apples


Mar 4, 2011 by redboy

I have long been a user of Android devices. I have had the Eris, Incredible, and Droid X, and other than the Eris, I have liked all of them. ATT&T customers are all bashing iPhone on Verizon because of no surfing while talking. Verizon users do not have that anyway, so why is it an issue. I have had this phone for a week now (and tried ATT twice for iPhone). This phone backs up something I have said may times since the iPhone was first released on AT&T... this is the best device I have ever used, and on Verizons network, it is perfect. Call quality is excellent, and unlike the other network, I have not lost one call

Cons: so far have not found one

Awesome phone!


Feb 28, 2011 by texastechjock

To start off, I used to own the iPhone 3GS with AT&T and switching to the iPhone 4 with Verizon was a great idea! This is is super responsive and above all else the reception is amazing compared to the GSM version. The CDMA and GSM versions are nearly identical in application and identical in physical appearance. I highly recommend the CDMA version to anyone that lives or works in a high density populated area. Here are the pros and cons for this phone:

Extremely clear and bright screen
Impressive battery life for an iPhone
Fast internet speeds (just about the same as the GSM version)
Excellent reception
Haven't dropped a call yet

Can't surf and talk at the same time (can only do this with GSM version)

All in all, I give this phone a 5 because the only con I can think of really isn't a big deal. Give this phone a try, I am sure you will love it.

All Around Great Device


Feb 13, 2011 by dman22

I have had both the ATT version and now the Verizon Version. Like other posts there are pros and cons with each. The ATT version does allow you to surf and talk which i do actually miss and it does seem like the battery lasts a little longer and the 3G data is a bit quicker. That being said, the Verizon version has superior call quality and signal strength. I mean if we wait 3 more seconds on data who's counting? Either way no matter who you chose, it's a great device it's relatives to what your usage needs are.

My only complaint is launching the iphone 4 on Verizon roughly 4 months before the new model will be available.

Most AMAZING Phone Ever after you Jailbreak it!!!


Feb 18, 2011 by cd89068

First off Jailbreaking your iPhone is LEGAL and does not violate copyright laws as defined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act!!! You cannot get sued by Apple and if you restore your iPhone after jailbreaking using iTunes it does not void your warranty!!! There is no way for Apple to know if it was jailbroken after a restore.

After having said that this phone is AMAZING!!! If jailbroken you can customize everything including SMS, Mail and Notification sounds. Right now when I get new mail my iPhone says "You've got mail", an AOL throwback. Before jailbreaking there was a lot to be desired compared to my Droid 2 and Blackberry as far as customization. Now I can see all my current weather, emails, missed calls, calender from my Lock Screen without having to unlock it. Also, thanks to biteSMS I am able to use the LED Flash as a message indicator.

Regarding the functionality this phone is leaps and bounds better than the Droid 2. The battery last twice as long but still not a whole day. However, I do play with the iPhone a lot more than I did with my Droid so that is still impressive. With the Droid I would have to do a battery pull ever 2 weeks or so to get the thing to run without any hiccups but thats a thing of the past with the iPhone. Also, the Droids apps would often crash or "force close" especially Rhapsody. Not the case here with this phone.

Music handling is where the iPhone really shines! The Droid plugged into my car stereo (via AUX input) sounded like crap compared to the iPhone. Now I can crank the stereo without losing clarity even with the iPhone amped (volume) up all the way. The music driver is stunning and handles all of my music media from Rhapsody to SiriusXM without crashing!

So if you are on the fence about getting this phone or waiting for the iPhone 5 I say don't wait and get the iPhone 4. Nothing can compare to it right now and the Android operating system is far from being polished enough to take down the iPhone.

Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow


Feb 10, 2011 by sgoldwa

I'd rate it a 10 if I could. I am not an Apple fanboy but I *AM* a Verizon fanboy. This phone really feels like the best smartphone and the best US-based network finally mated. I got my phone this past Monday (2/7) and I am more and more impressed daily about how great it is. Thank you Verizon and Apple!

- Everything (seriously)
- The retina display is not hype. It is the clearest screen on a cell phone I have ever seen.
- Best UI. Ever. The iPhone's UI makes Android seem pale in comparison. I am coming from the Droid Incredible, which is a nice phone (and HTC does a GREAT job with the Sense interface), but this really blows it away. It's almost as if the phone anticipates what you want to do, and the feature is just "there". EVERYTHING WORKS.
- Call quality is EXCELLENT. I mean really clear. It blows the Droid Incredible away. I have not dropped calls (and in similar areas where the HTC couldn't hang on to them).
- Battery life is top-notch. How they kept a CDMA phone's battery life as good as its GSM counterpart is amazing. Normally CDMA does suck more power but in this case, they both perform equally.

- Very little, but I will write something so I don't come off as an Apple employee (which I am not)
- Lack of customization. The iPhone has much less customization available unless you Jailbreak it. If you like to tinker, go with Android.

I couldn't be more pleased with this phone!

Switch from Droid to Verizon iPhone 4


Jun 27, 2011 by marcsensei

I have been a Droid user since the Droid 1 came out in November 2009. I love Droid phones and Android OS. That being said I switched to the Verizon iPhone 4 for better security and exchange email enhancements. I must say I am completely hooked and impressed by this phone.


-Call quality and reception are exceptional better than my Droid 1

-Screen navigation is smooth, seamless and the Retina display is beautiful

-Volume for phone calls, music, video, navigation and speakerphone rich sounding and provide ample loudness

-Vibrate is good


-Most applications come at a higher cost than Android

-Difficult to copy files from an PC or SD card to the iPhone since there is no real filesystem - need to use iBooks for PDFS and a WIFI application for other types of files

Well worth the wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon


May 17, 2011 by addictedtomycellphone

Ever since the iPhone first released, I have always wanted one. I have had Verizon for years, and didn't want to switch providers, and couldn't, as AT&T did not provide services in South Dakota... Well... here we are, some years later, after counless enV brand phones, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Curve, and even a Droid Devour and Incredible... and I finally found the closest to perfect phone I have ever had. It is pure amazing and the UI is perfect! It is super super easy to use, type on, etc. If you are deciding between a Droid or an iPhone, choose the iPhone! The battery lasts forever, and the phone overall is amazing.

-Texting is super easy
-loud ringtone
-Surfing the web is super fast
-sleek design
-Retina display is amazing
-camera and video camera A+++++
-Tons of Memory
-Charges fast!
-Amount of free apps
-strong signal

-no vibrate for text while ringing for call
-annoying swoosh when sending a text
-plays same tone for text during a phone call
-no speed dial. seriously... no speed dial
-no memory card slot

Overall this is an amazing phone. For once, I think I can keep a phone for the full two years!!! The cons are big deals for me, and I am a little disappointed in apple for these. They seem like such easy things to have. Maybe a possible update in the future will fix some of these. Overall, it is a great phone and I would strongly suggest it to anyone who is looking into an easy to use smartphone. The price is a little helfty, but it is totally worth it!

Exchanged for a 4G Thunderbolt


May 9, 2011 by Wizeguy

Great phone if you just want something that has a tried and true method of working as intended out of the box. However, compared to an Android phone it's not nearly as customizable and lacks WIDGETS!!! If you don't know what Widgets are and how the Iphone lacks them, look into those since I found them invaluable and a MUST have.

Also, even though this is the Iphone 4, IT IS NOT 4G it's still 3G and the network speed is very very slow on 3G. Laggy Video streaming from YouTube and other sources, etc.

Music playback is above avg. but still not better then my Ipod and the battery life suffers more when playing music thru my Iphone as opposed to Ipod.

Screen on this phone rocks, it has to be the strongest selling point imo. that and plenty of Apps. keep in mind though Apples apps. on avg. cost MORE then Android apps., even though both markets supply over 150,000 apps each of comparable quality.

Screen Resolution
Music Playback quality
Construction (even with the reception glitch)
Plenty of Accessories
Plenty of Apps.

Still just a 3G phone (slow internet speeds)
Screen is smaller then some other smartphones
Minimal Customization when compared to similar Android phones
Apps on Iphones tend to cost MORE then on Android


If you just want an out of the box phone that's easy to use and you can live with the slower 3G internet speeds this phone will fit the bill nicely.

If you want a phone that will use 4G technology and will be able to grow and evolve in the next 1-2 years go with a 4G phone like the Thunderbolt or Charge. Plus, you gain much more customization ability on Android.

Not as Fast on dwn loading than ATT


Feb 21, 2011 by robertebrush

Review this iphone 4 to ATT.

Coverage better in SFO = VZW
Coverage better in OR,ID,WA, SoCAL, AZ,UT, NM,TX = ATT

Data load = ATT
Dwn load = ATT
Talk and Surf simultaneously = ATT, VZW you gotta can't do both. BOOOO!

I use ATT and VZW for both Biz and Personal. I need two phones. If I had to choose. ATT would be the winner.

Disappointed with VZW's network after all the hipe

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