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Apr 24, 2012 by vingzal

I have this phone (iPhone 4, Verizon CDMA) for well over a year now, and quite frankly this is the best phone I've EVER had. Apple has proven why they're head and shoulders ahead of all the android phones.

Not an Android


Mar 28, 2012 by sobeit7007

Honestly. I love iPad. Apple should stick to what it's good at; computers and tablets. Android makes a great phone but does not do so well in the tablet department.

Pros: looks nice and sleek.

Cons: not adroid....

stick with droid.

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Dec 30, 2011 by jaykup2011

I have had an iPod Touch 3 and 4 over the course of 5 or so years. I have always wanted an iPhone but too much money for me to pay for it for two years. Well I have recently dated and now going out with him :P He bought me an iPhone before we even went on a date and it didn't come in fast enough for him to give it do me on the first date. But I have had it for about two or so weeks.., Well being an avid iPod touch user..., I was used to using it; but I love it so much because it can do a little more than the touch. I wanted something different anyway so I have the white one :)
Camera, build quality, typing, operating system, the look & feel, screen, the cases for them, the storage, and the call quality.
Battery life could be a little better, the cost for the best apps, the screen protectors always piss me off, I wish it had Siri instead of Voice Control, and I guess that's about it.
Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone!!!

In Love...


Dec 22, 2011 by TheAppleLover

So...I used to not like iPhones. My friend had one since 08...and I was like "Noooo...you can't get insurance with them." I've been though my share of Androids (Moment, Hero, EVO, Epic, G2x) and my BlackBerry phones (Curve & Bold), but nothing compares to my iPhone 4!

Good camera
Good battery life (unlike Androids)
Lovely Safari browser
The apps
The resolution of the screen

NONE AT ALL...as of now! :)

Waited a long time.


Mar 20, 2011 by Windsponge

I have waited a long time to get an I Phone on Verizon. had several with ATT. There are a lot of good phones out now but the I phone is the one I like best. I have no issues with mine. Signal is best i have had on any phone. No dropped calls . no app killers. no turning off or pulling battery everyday. I have had many different phones and the I Phone is the best for me.
I just want people to try what you want and don't worry about what others think. I would like to add that I think PhoneScoop does a very fair review.

My best phone yet!


Mar 14, 2011 by NJ Analyst2

I am a long time Verizon customer, having used seven different phones over the years. I've had this phone for two weeks and overall I am very impressed with the features, voice quality and reliability to maintain a call, and data quality.

Solid build
Call quality
WiFi supports fast data speeds
iPhone features/iOS/apps
Integration with other Apple devices
VZ network (no dropped calls)
VZ and Apple technical support.

Battery lasts no more than a day with moderate use
WiFi drains battery faster
Speaker phone could be louder
3G data speeds slower than expected in most areas of use
Some voice features not supported (Blocked callers)
No multitasking data/voice on 3G
Included earbuds appear to be lower quality construction and do not provide high quality sound
Battery replacement must be done by authorized service center
No SD.

Like IT but still getting used to it from a Curve


Mar 11, 2011 by JoyLatrice

I have recently sswitched from a Blackberry Curve and I enjoy the phone. There are a few things I miss but nothing major.I had been comlaining about the battery but I Apple showed me that most of the applications leep running. They told me to close them

1) Double Click your Home Button. All running application will then be visible at the bottom of your screen
2) Press and hold down the button for the running application you wish to close. This will display a red minus sign on the top left of all running applications.
3) Press the red minus sign on the applications that need to be closed.

I did this today and it has increased my battery life by at least 10-15 % for this time of the day. Closing these applications does not prevent you Text Messages and Emails from coming through, either.

Also, there are other ways to save your battery as discused in this article. Here's the link


If your emails are you're main concern, stick with Blackberry. It's much easier to type and respond with the QWERTY keyboard. I must say that I have no problem with the time lapse in receiving messages on the iPhone, though. If you are about music and FB and APP, though, the iPhone is the way to go for a person who is business and pleasure. You still get your emails fairly fast and the apps are cool.

I don't really care about GSM and $G right now. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time so I am certainly not going to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. I am satisfied knowing that even if I am on the net, my calls can still come through.

I do have an issue with the fact that it takes forever to download a song through iTunes on the phone, though and sending an audio file through email wasn't as quick as I would've hoped...bottom line is it worked, though.

As with anything, whether or not you'll like this phone depends on your needs. For me, so far, not bad.

Not Worth The Money


Mar 6, 2011 by alkan

Somewhat of a disappointment on Verizon: Returned after one day. It would constantly drop calls, lose 3G, no msg alert LED. It is an expensive phone, but way too much media hype, & a lot less to offer in return.

This is more suited for young adults or teens who listen to music 24/7, but for seasoned professionals, it is not the right fit in my opinion.

Iphone 4 for verizon


Feb 26, 2011 by darc

I am comming from the riginal motorola droid which was a fantastic phone. I like the Iphone better they perform about the same call quality is excellent on the Iphone it is a very easy to use phone build quality is excellent screen is beautiful safari browser is awesome setup was a snap. I cant really find anything bad about the phone

Iphone 4 vs Incredible


Feb 24, 2011 by ceetpeet

I purchased the Iphone 4 on the launch date with Verizon. I have to admit, its a pretty cool phone, but thats about all the good I can say about it. Its sorta like having a Starbucks coffee in your hand and driving an Escalade. You know the coffee down the street is better and your pretty much driving a Suburban but you want to appear a certain way.

The Iphone doesnt really do too much for a smart phone, the really cool forward facing cam only works when both parties have WiFi. So it really doesnt even need to exist in my opinion. You cant change the battery or mem card.
With The Incredible you can start typing the name or number of anyone in your contact list and it will find the person, you actually have to scroll through the entire contact list to find someone on the Iphone, that sucks!
you cant really costomize anything on the Iphone, the HTC you can pretty much turn that phone into anything you want.
The Iphone has GOOGLE maps however no turn by turn navigator, oh, unless you want to buy the VZ version for 9.95 per month.
Side by side speed tests on the internet prove that the HTC blew the Iphone away!
Like I said, it looks kinda cool, and may have a couple cool features, but if you want a smart phone that is a real work horse get the HTC. If you want a smart phone that is alreay behind the curve and want to keep up with the Jones's get an Iphone 4

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