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Best Verizon Smartphone Yet!!!!!


Feb 23, 2011 by sweatjay

To make this quick, as long as you are in a WI-FI area you can talk and surf on the Verizon 3G network. This is the best phone I've had with Verizon to date. I only have 2 complaints. You can only make ringtones via I Tunes and Verizon didn't get the phone before AT&T.

Best phone on the network hands down!!!

Finally a phone I can give a 5.0 rating to


Feb 16, 2011 by saa001

This is without a doubt the best phone in existence. It does everything that is needed and you don't have to worry about the battery life.

People are complaining about not being able to surf and talk on the phone at the same time. I do this, about once a year, how many people actually do this though?

The AT&T iPhone was a good device but not a great phone (I had the 3GS but had to give it up because of its' poor call quality and dropped calls).

This is a great device and a great phone. Lots of apps (more and better apps than Android, which I had the EVO 4g on Sprint), great screen resolution, great camera resolution, great sound, plays MP3s' and videos without a problem, great battery life, and last and most importantly, great phone quality and I don't have dropped calls.

This is so good that I have given up my VOIP provider and gone solely with my iPhone for my phone, I don't need anything else.

This was a long time coming. You can't go wrong with this phone on Verizons' service.



Feb 15, 2011 by GrumBag

The iPhone does exactly what you think it should do. No instruction necessary. I love the way it feels-like an precision instrument.

I honestly can't think of any cons worth mentioning. The only thing I can say is it came to late. People are already committed to Android or not willing to break contracts from other carriers.

I hear people knocking it?? (ATT Haters). I'm here to tell you Signal Strength has been great with zero dropped calls.

Looking forward to the iPhone5

Verizon iPhone - SIMPLY AMAZING!!!


Feb 14, 2011 by jmo1116

I absolutely love this phone. It does EVERYTHING. Let me quickly go over the features of the device:

- beautiful Retina Display
- outstanding call quality
- simple, easy-to-use, intuitive UI
- lightning fast 3G network speed
- great battery life
- really good apps/selection of apps
- UNLIMITED DATA (AT&T is losing customers with this one)

- None!!!

Overall, the iPhone 4 on Verizon is an amazing phone. The network is great, coverage in places I never had on AT&T (even 3G!) I seriously have not put this phone down since I got it last week!

Verizon Iphone is fantastic!!


Feb 12, 2011 by big-techie-geek

Well let me start out by saying...I have had an awful lot of phones. Including the iphone from at&t and i gave it up due to dropped calls and no service in the places where i spent time! I switched to verizon and went with the droid, droid incredible, and the droid x. In that order. I liked the droid x the best but the android operating system and market place needs to mature a little more first!

The Verizon iphone i find is much better then the at&t version in my opinion!

Due to:

Call Quality is outstanding!
Battery life is equal or better then the gsm version!
Great reception!
and all the things that make apple such a class act!

The cons that people talk about, with not being able to talk on the phone and surf at the same time! I challenge them to actually talk on the phone every where that i can talk on the phone! Forget surfing too because i have news if you can't talk you cant surf either!!

At&t's network is faster yes sure! But you have to actually be able to get the signal to get the speed! I would rather be slower then not have service at all!

Some things i would like apple to do to make the phone even better is to have a bigger screen which is rumored to be on the iphone 5 and i really liked the talk to text feature whenever the keyboard pops up like in the droid x!

In closing get the iphone on Verizon's network you will not be disappointed!!

Very happy with this choice


Feb 12, 2011 by johnr08520

Intuition suggests that the last two reviews were designed to denigrate Verizon. It is true that the phone has the inherent limitation of curtailing certain functions while on a call. What these individuals fail to mention in their defense of AT&T are the multitudes of people who loved their iPhones but could not tolerate the dropped calls. Prior to Verizon getting the rights to sell the phone, I knew a fair number of people who gave up their iPhones simply to move to another provider. Dropped calls in their estimation took priority over other factors; it is, after all, supposed to display competence as a phone.
Fast processer, with no lag time on any functions.
Beautifully designed software that gives elegant simplicity in its functionality.
Having done much research, complaints of short battery life are ill deserved relative to other smart phones, particularly android.
Fantastic apps, many of them free, and more quantitatively than the android market offers.

I really wished for a physical keyboard, but practice seems to be making the experience less arduous.

Awesome phone


Feb 10, 2011 by sanman964

I had the Droid x and I thought nothing could top it. Then I got the I phone and all I can say is WoW!!!! What a great phone this is!! I really have nothing bad to say.. Battery life is great so far. My reception is much better than the Droid x was and I have no problems with the Internet ... 5 stars all the way as far as I'm concerned..

Verizon iPhone is Awesome !


Feb 10, 2011 by gfturckes

I have waited for the Verizon iPhone since the introduction of the iPhone 3gs.
I had a iPhone4 on AT&T, the phone was awesome, the AT&T network was horrible and the 2gb limit data plan was negative.
iPhone4 on Verizon is the best of both worlds, awesome device, awesome network. I pre-ordered mine on 2/3, received it 2/7. I even paid full retail price for it as I was not upgrade eligible. I wanted the iPhone4 and now I have it--Awesome.
Great build quality, great screen, features, software, OS, and battery life. My Motorola Droid X is in the closet.

I bit the bullet and bought one!


May 25, 2011 by Cellular Phone

Honestly, I am not new to Apple or iOS. I had the iPod Touchb 4th gen, and the iPad (which I sold along with my precious Casio Ravine on eBay to buy the iPhone). I love iOS for its incredible ease of use, beautiful colorful design, and simplicity.

I decided to get an iPhone because it brings together my cell phone, iPod, and tablet computer into one super device. Having the ability to browse the web over the network is a huge plus. I just lost power this week due to a storm and I had no internet at home and if I still just had my iPad, I would not have been able to watch the radar. But with the Verizon iPhone, I still had a network connection and was able to watch the weather despite having no power for 5 hours.

This phone is great for a smartphone, I love how crisp and clean it is. The phone's connection to Verizon is solid and pretty stable. I have to say I have not had any iPhone issues others have had.

The only con I can think of is the battery drains fast, but if you keep the screen brightness low and try not to be on the web as often, it will last longer.

Overall, the phone is a great performer, and the iPhone has a lot of hype. But to be honest it is kind of over rated as there are other great smartphones out there. It is a great phone, yes, over hyped, but I enjoy this phone and I will keep it.

Missing a few things


Jun 5, 2011 by timmy23

I have owned every iteration of the iPhone since it's inception on AT&T. I didn't like the amount of dropped calls and poor reception areas near where I live (Central Wisconsin). I picked up the VZW iPhone 4 right away at 7am on Feb. 10th of this year, and overall it's the iPhone I know so well. The retina display is nothing short of amazing, the touch screen sensitivity is perfect, and they included every feature an iPhone user would want...except for two.

1) As most of you all know, the CDMA iPhone cannot do simultaneous voice and data...no web browsing, text messaging, etc while on a phone call unless you're on wifi. I can deal with that since I am on a wifi network 95% of my day.

But the second thing I noticed is missing really bothers me.

2) You can't create a conference call with the CDMA iPhone :( I discovered this while I was talking to a friend "John" on the phone, and another friend "Matt" called. Normally, with an AT&T iPhone, I could put John on hold, answer Matt's call, and then merge the two calls into one three-way call. Not possible (even on wifi) with the CDMA iPhone. I haven't tried adding a call yet, but not being able to merge two calls into one is a deal breaker for me.

I plan on ditching Verizon and going back to AT&T when the new iPhone is released (hopefully) this fall.

Not to mention, I will be saving about $55/month on my bill with AT&T. I can deal with dropping a few calls in order to save nearly $700/year on my phone bill.

If you absolutely hate AT&T and will never have them for wireless service, VZW will do just fine if you want an iPhone, but as an AT&T iPhone user for almost 4 years, I need the call merging and simultaneous voice and data features AT&T's network offers.

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