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Switching from Droid Incredible


Apr 25, 2011 by jbaliski

I Have wanted an iphone since it came out but I did not want to switch to AT&T. A very common story. I was going to wait till the next gen iphone came out, but i am hearing it wont be till at least sept and I could not wait any longer.

Quality of the hardware. This phone is a tank. Incredible felt like a toy just like all Android phones I have played with. Lets face it, Apple makes the best Hardware

IOS: So much more simple and it just works. Syncing is better and it has a decent music player. Go figure. I was sick of Androids inability to properly sync with my itunes. Double twist sucked and the Music player apps I tried all sucked. Android is fragmented like you hear all the time. It was constantly crashing out on me and it drove me crazy.

Battery: Much better then incredible

Screen: Awesome. You don't realize it till you actually switch over how much easier it is on the eyes.

Sound: Speakers sound great. Nice and loud.

Call Quality: Nice and loud and strong. No complaints here.

Keyboard- THIS IS HUGE. SOOOOO much more responsive. I do not make nearly as many mistakes with this phone and I actually enjoy texting again. The droids I have used seem to just suck.

Cons: Only thing i would like is for the vibrate to be stronger. But this is true with any phone in the past 4 years or so. They just do not notify you like the older ones used to. I work in loud environments and i miss calls and texts a lot. I suppose the make the smart phones with weaker vibrate to save on battery life.

All in all, I would recommend this phone to anyone unless you feel you need to spend more time on your phone adjusting settings, and looking all over the place in the menu to change things like in Android. I have to admit it is insane how long it took to come to verizon, but it was well worth the wait. I love it. Great phone.

Simply awesome


Apr 18, 2011 by Katwink

Love this phone period it's the best by far , especially on AT&T. I can surf the web and talk ,text and talk and do everything ,I'm In NY and have very rare reception problems , I Also have the droid x on Verizon , I like to carry two phone hands Down IPhone is better , who cares if you have an open market if your phone or it's battery life can't handle it . I have the same reception with the both phones , except with the data network AT&T is better wit the droid x , I get so tired of removing battery,resetting phone dialing*228 to reset , I have both networks AT&T and IPhone 4 simply the best especially the network it's fast and reliable.
iPhone is easy to use , not unnecessarily complicated like the droid .
ONLY CONS. Screen size and because I have a ton of stuff I would love a 64gig but that's me and than the last con is AT&T has stupid data plans , I got mine when they still had unlimited. That's the hard decision with verizon you can get unlimited.

Simply the best!


Feb 20, 2011 by tipdrill

I paid full retail for this phone and couldn't be happier. I've had a BlackBerry Bold, 3GS, Droid Incredible and now the iPhone 4. This is the most polished OS I have used on a phone and it doesn't crash like the Bold and Incredible.

Pros -

-Build Quality - this thing is solid! Doesn't feel like a cheap plastic phone.
-Screen Quality - the touch screen is far superior to any other touch screen. You will be spoiled. Retina display is just beautiful.
-Sound Quality - phone calls are clear.
-Music Quality - this phone sounds great in the car! One of the top reasons I got rid of the Incredible.
-Battery Life - I never have to turn off wifi, or GPS and it still lasts twice as long as the Incredible with those features turned off.
-Camera - best camera phone pictures I've ever seen. no blurry pictures either. Mega-pixels are irrelevant.
-iTunes - syncs perfectly with my MacBook Pro. Also the online app store is leaps and bounds ahead of the android market.
-Keyboard - I don't need T9 with this phone cause I'm not constantly misspelling stuff.
-Messaging - the app sends messages to the right people (*cough*, Android) and it doesn't freeze or take days to delete a thread. It's all instant.
-Mail - emails look like they do on my computer and are not in plain text.
-Unlimited Data Plan - get the iPhone 4 before they take it away!

-Widgets - I miss the time and weather from HTC sense.
-Icons - Can only rearrange; no leaving blank spaces between icons.

I recommend this phone to any and everyone. With Android I felt like I was back on Windows Vista; with iPhone, the quality cannot be beat. It simply works and it works very well.

The Verizon network has been a nice and welcome change from AT&T. I've had zero dropped calls, it works in crowded places, and the internet seems to be faster. I never ran speed tests though.

Stick to the REVIEW of the PHONE!!


Feb 22, 2011 by trevcal

The entire purpose of this forum is a REVIEW of this phone. With this said I MUST commend Apple and Verizon on building a fantastic phone that is virtually flawless. They took the original iPhone 4 and made it RIGHT. People purchased this phone for what it is not for the unexpected. Coming from an ex BlackBerry user for 6 years I am extremely pleased with the Verizon iPhone 4.

Yes, I CAN hear you now!


Feb 21, 2011 by thomasbouwman

I have been using the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless for almost 2 weeks now and I am totally happy. I had been on the at&t network with the iPhone 4 last summer and had MULTIPLE locations in my area (Western Michigan) where I would have no service. It made the iPhone useless to me since the at&t network was so unreliable. My Verizon iPhone has not dropped a single call and there has only been one place I've been where I couldn't get service. (In a friends basement)

When the iPhone 4 came out last summer, I absolutely loved the phone. It is simple to use and the apps are totally cool.. not to mention it syncs flawlessly with iTunes :) The calendar, contacts, and mail apps sync perfectly with Gmail. Battery life is good given all of the stuff that this phone does.

What's even better is that Verizon hasn't crippled the phone or put a bunch of their apps on it that I don't want! :) It's just an iPhone 4! :-D LOVE IT!!

Nice...worth the money.


Feb 14, 2011 by newjerseybrotha

screen (nice, but not better than Samsung's screens);

size of the phone (seems to be just the right size, but it would be nice for it to have a 4 inch screen);

camera (very nice 5mp, but the front camera to my surprise is amazing)

battery (pretty good, last all day)

Sound (the mp3 ringtones I made for this phone are just amazing, very clear)

Video chat (USE TANGO, its so clear over 3G, no wifi needed)

App store has the same items as android, but they cost in this app store.

email is boring compared to WP7

web browser speeds are much slower than T-Mobile's network (I switched from them after being with them since 97)

Keyboard - Can only use one, APPLE. LOL, sad.

Overall, I think this phone is much better on Verizon. I had the iphone 4 on ATT, and I hated it. I took it back within two days. Why? Because the calls were horrible, and the data and voice plans are over priced. I have unlimited data with Verizon for $29.99, and I get 20% off with my job.

I recommend this phone to anyone, and especially Verizon customers!!!

AT&T folks trying to bring the score down


Feb 22, 2011 by mespinoza272

I knew it would happen but what can you do. This phone is just solid in California. I don't know where the last person was testing his phone but it's common knowledge that the Verizon Iphone spanks the AT&T one in San Francisco. The talk and surf argument is a complete joke and it's getting old. In order to do both, you have to have a signal first. CNET Review on the Verizon Iphone shows real world surfing of the web, not the Speedtest scores which don't tell the whole story of surfing the web. All I know is that for what I use the phone for, the speed is all I need. I don't download huge files which I am sure this is where ATaT shines a bit but other then that, the Verizon Iphone is the best.


Good Signal
Call Quality
Battery life
Solid OS
Solid build quality, doesn't feel cheap


It's so pretty that I would hate to drop and scratch it.
I wish the browser would auto format like the HTC Incredible
Thats it my friends, the phone is as advertised....one solid piece of cellular beauty

Not what everyone says it is!!!


Feb 18, 2011 by Tamuut

Let me start by saying I am a MAC user for a little over a year now and I was very happy when I switched. The IPhone not so much. If you are coming from a Blackberry or a Treo I can understand really liking the phone but from a Droid phone not sure if you will like it. I really wanted to like this phone and as a phone it is great, however if you want to use a bluetooth headset and receive email and do a few other things during the day you will need a car charger. I can not make it to 2PM without charging it to get me through the day. I like Apple products but this is not what I was expecting. If you like the GPS on the DROID system you will not like this one. You are able to customize the DROID phones a lot more than you can the IPhone. I have been using the Motorola DROID for a little over 2 years and I think the DROID system has a little more to offer. The operating system is not bad on the IPhone and if you have a mac it works great. I have Apple TV, mac book pro and IPod and they all work together like a champ. I can not give this more than 3 stars because of the Battery life, lack of a good GPS service, and not able to customize the phone that much is a downer. I am not sure what all the hype is about but the DROID did everything the IPhone does and then some.

Simply put...solid


May 4, 2011 by ajs253

Awesome hardware and software integration. Hardware, by far the best looking and rock solid build. IOs is simple and responsive. Screen is second to none in clarity and sharpness. Virtual keyboard is super accurate and responsive.


Have to shut down each app at a time.
Need to be able to customize the phone more.

Why I didn't deduct any phones. The phone lacks flash player and is not flexible as far as customizing certain aspects of the phone. But the hardware and software are so advanced that since the release of the iPhone, the market has been chasing the iPhone and not the other way round. It sets new standards that are hard to match.

The best decision yet


Mar 31, 2011 by randyalejandro

I just recently upgraded to the Iphone 4 and it was the best decision I've made in regards to a cell phone. I previously owned the Motorola Droid X (which I hated), where I had to remove the battery at least 10 a day to resolve some issue at a given moment, and even had the phone replaced 4 times. Since I've gotten the Iphone, the performance has been flawless and smooth and I am so HAPPY with this phone.
1. Great call quality and no drop calls (as I hear Iphone users on ATT network experience)
2. Great picture quality for a cell phone, and I love that is has a front facing camera for picture taking (have not tried face time though for video chat though)
3. Good video quality from the videos I've taken.
4. Very responsive touch screen.
5. Media, Music, Text/pic messaging, Email, Web browsing all work flawlessly.
6. Love the selection of apps to choose from.
7. Battery: can get through most of the day with heavy use, and this is more than I could say about the Droid X

Cant think of any at this point, have loved everything about it so far.

Bottom Line: This phone is a keeper and I would recommend it to anyone.

P.S. I was informed by the rep that there were no settings to the make the text messaging font larger, that is not true.
For those who want to make the text font larger and don't know how, go to settings = select general = select accessibility = select large text.

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