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think twice before getting the droid x!!!!!!


May 20, 2011 by countrygrl5243

I have the droid x im on my 5th one, my issues are when I receive a mulimedia message I get a error message national access not available then it says to download but it wont let me download it. I have called Verizon but all they say is they will send me another droid x but the issues are with ever one of there droid x's they need to resolve the issue. The other problem is
I can't answer the phone when it rings cause when I try to swipe it, it just dnt swipe so o have to do a battery pull. The signal is terrible I always have dropped calls. My resolution to the problem is im going back to my trusty friend my blackberry!!!!
Think twice before getting the droid x...theres to many bugs in it wait for the fix if there is one.

Great combination of power and balance


Apr 18, 2011 by knuckleballer34

The Motorola Droid X is a good all around device. While it is no longer Verizon's pinnacle smartphone offering, it still a good buy for the right users, especially if your area won't be covered by LTE anytime soon.

1. The Droid X is excellent as a regular phone. Calls sound crisp and clear with no static, buzzing, or dropped syllables. Reception is also better than many other comparable Verizon phones.
2. Battery life is better than average, especially for a smartphone. Even after heavy usage, the phone usually has 30-40% left by the end of the day. Heavy video usage drains it considerably faster, but that's with any smartphone.
3. Great multimedia device. The speaker has ample volume, and music/videos sound great, with the right balance of bass and treble. The phone also has other advanced media functions that i'll never use, but they're included nonetheless.
4. Core smartphone functions work flawlessly. The browser is quick and has yet to choke on a page, and push e-mail works as well as any Blackberry. I also like how Motorola arranged the phones messaging setup, it makes keeping track of all incoming messages a breeze.
5. Data speeds are good for 3G; i'm averaging 1000-1200 kbps down and 600-800 up.
6. Fast processor, no lag.

1. The Droid X is a large, rather cumbersome device. It comes in handy for typing messages, browsing, and watching videos, but it's still a tad large.

1. Signal strength indicator is flawed, you have to download a signal app from Market to get an accurate reading. Please, it's 2011. Get it right.
2. The few included Motoblur elements aren't very useful; stock apps from Market performed much better. It's miles from HTC Sense.
3. The included wallpapers are hideous and unprofessional, and the included ringtones only seem to appeal to teenage girls or metalheads.

While the Motorola Droid X contains several flaws, it is an great device for those who want a smartphone that also works well as a phone.

6 Months


Jan 24, 2011 by Theuninformed

The Motorola Droid X is a fantastic phone that requires a user to stay on their toes. Android is not something someone without any technical knowledge should get themselves into. This phone will have you jumping through hoops if you don't know how to baby it.


Huge Touch Screen. Amazing for take pictures (spotting littler things) and typing on the qwerty keyboard. Makes video browsing fantastic.
Social networking. An amazing array of customized widgets and social networking feeds.
Speed. This baby is fast.


Bloatware. A lot of software on this phone you will likely never use, and cannot remove without rooting. EX: Amazon MP3, MADDEN, Blockbuster.
Memory Hogs: A lot of applications hog up a huge portion of the memory, in the background, and they are not easy to find. An experiences android user can manage these, but an inexperienced user may not lower battery life and slower response time because of it.

Tips: Learn what programs to clear cache's from, and what not to. Facebook application seems to store everything imaginable, and has been seen over 100 MBs on some Androids. Browser is a lesser evil. Dialer Storage represents your SMS/MMS. Don't clear that unless you're ready to lose all of it.

Advanced Task Killer is only useful to upfront applications. Background applications will be require manual access to Manage Applications under Settings.

It's not always the phone, it could be an application. The android market is full of applications that may have only been tested on one android phone, or might have only been tested on an old version, or a newer one you don't have. Always confirm compatibility.

Very pleased


Aug 1, 2010 by cubarico

Awesome phone you will be happy when you buy it. Fast everything no delays. Keyword is incredible and easy to use. Also you can swype which when I show friends they are amazed. You can also voice text and its spot on. So many things you can do to customize. App store has home screens like launcher pro and you can get ringtone apps to customize sms and other alerts alot for free. Battery is good for how much i use it. Keep a car charger especially when using nav. I would like earpiece a bit louder but it is very clear. Wifi and bluetooth connect fast no problems. Only way you wouldn't buy this phone if you thought it was too big so I suggest go to Verizon and spend some time playing with it. I throw it in front pants pocket no problem. Best phone on Verizon with incredible next to it. Strong contender versus any network phone out now

Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless



Jul 30, 2010 by Steve143

Hello. I've had this phone since launch day. I also have owned mainly every phone that Verizon had released including Some PTT with Nextel, The IPhones and some with TMO.
I love Verizon and Motorola BUT....... I give Honest Reviews here so here it goes


Up to 40 GB of memory. The phone comes with 24 MG right out of the box !
Fast processor.
Crisp screen. The brightness control in the settings is great. You can make this screen really dim or really bright.
The clarity of voice calls in wonderful.
It don't weigh a ton.
Lots of options in the menu.
You can customize this phone hard time.
Notification light is green and lights up blue when an incoming call arrives.
Video is very good, but not the best.
Dock station is available. HDMI is a plus.
Fast internet. Very fast.
ALL Mail programs work great.
Google services help out a lot


Physical buttons on the bottom. I don't like them. You might love it.
Camera is so so. Its good but not great for an 8MP.
The in call speaker and speakerphone are not as loud as the original Droid. This is very disappointing to me. I can live with it but sometimes frustrating.
OEM matte screen protectors make the screen look not as crisp.
The battery is a 3.8 out of 5 in my opinion. Thats why its in this category. There are many different tweaks for the battery.
When you slide to unlock the phone, the phone lags. Not smooth.


Moto Blur or whatever they call it. This is not very good and looks cheesey. I had to install Launcher from the Market. Why Moto?
No front facing camera.
Don't put in your info for the built in Facebook and Twitter. Purchase them free at the Market and then do this. Trust me.
Too big for me. If you like big. This ones for you.
Same old cheap stock music player. Why?

I like this phone a lot but don't love it. I'de put more here but cant because of the 2000 limit. Hope this was helpful

Droid X


Jul 29, 2010 by law1911

The Droid X is by far the best phone I have ever owned as well as the HTC Incredible. My first impression about the Droid X was "WoW" the screen is amazing. 4.3 inches is a lot of screen. The screen is very responsive to the touch and very accurate. Call quality is great along with the best wireless network never a complaint about that. The phone is not as heavy as you would think with its size and feels very comfortable in the hand. You would think that the battery life wouldn't be great but but I find myself getting through a whole day if not a little more with moderate use. Battery Smart mode is a must. Overall the Droid X is the top dog in wireless communication in my opinion. If you haven't purchased this phone or are confused about what phone to get you will not go wrong with this phone. HTC Incredible is my second choice. I'm using them both.. Way to go Motorola and HTC.

Too Many PROs to Name


Jul 28, 2010 by HelloMotto

I purchased the Droid X the day it came out. I have been using it extensively trying to uncover any potential problems with this phone and I cannot find any. Aside from all the good things you have already heard about the device (too many to name), I give props to Motorola for not forgetting it is a phone first and foremost, as I can tell Motorola put of a lot of focus on call quality/clarity. Granted it is on Verizon's network, the call quality is still superior to any of my previous Verizon devices. Anyone still on the fence about buying this phone may as well buy it. You are not going to find a better phone to date. It has been two weeks and I am still getting OOOOHs and AHHHs from my co-workers :)

Awsome Smart Phone


Jul 27, 2010 by LG8350

This is not my first Android device but it is the best device I have ever owned. To keep it short and sweet you cant go wrong with the Motorola Droid X.

Earpiece Static/Distortion


Jul 24, 2010 by Harleytiger

I absolutely love this phone, but at max volume on the earpiece, I have static. It sounds like a radio station that's not tuned in. Its very annoying to have a conversation with this static in the background. Turning down the volume helps the static, but I need max volume. Verizon and Motorola are aware of the problem. Various forums are also discussing the issue. Verizon has agreed to replace the phone to which I'm thankful.
Overall I love this phone. Its perfect for me. If Motorola addresses the distortion problem the phone would be very hard to beat.

The X should be called the Incredible!


Jul 24, 2010 by stronggeek

I'm a techhead and have been using/selling) smartphones for quite some time (spanning different OS's) and although this may not make me an authority on the subject I feel that I am somewhat well versed on said subject. :)

2nd, Put ADW launcher/home replacement which performs much better on my droid x than the stock.

-Call Quality/Reception is on par with the best of them!

-Thin & light! (Sometimes I have to check to make sure it's in my pocket.

-Great battery life ...when set up correctly. I've been playing with this (still am) and most times I have great battery life other times it's just slightly better than the droid 1.

-The speed -1GHZ out the box! Snappy performance in just about every area.

-The Display size Fantastic! Most things are easier for me to see. Even more tempted to actually watch a movie on it in flight now.

-The Gorgeous screen is beautiful. Videos I've taken, Youtube, NFL Mobile Football look incredible!

-DNLA Support I can stream music, videos, pics to our computers, xbox, tv...

-Renders web pages quickly

-Delayed locking feature (a feature not present on the droid, but important to me.

-FM Radio

-Better integration of the phone book, facebook, twitter and so on...

-8mp Cam Splendid pics and location aware!

-720p/24fps capture rate (I've taken incredible video of my kids at the state track meet.)

-Keyboard: Choice of Swype or Multi-touch! Been using swype, but I like them both. I used swype on the droid 1 and haven't looked back so now I don't have the added thickness of a physical keyboard.

-Looks Sleek & Sexy ...for it's size & all it's packing!

-Blockbuster (I want netflix)

-Rooted (but no roms yet)

-HDMI output is limited to the gallery

-Moto home screen witch is why I use ADW.

-The 8 gigs of internal ram is not user accessible, not a big issue when you get a 16g card with it!


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