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iPhone Killer IMHO (If, you're a business user)


Jul 17, 2010 by sdgmcdon

Started out with the iPhone 4 (my 1st iPhone), then realized nothing under the hood there, went to Droid X in Portland OR.

-Fast phone!
-Screen is awesome
-Call clarity/signal strength is good
-BI Navigation works really well (and voice controlled all the way down to "Go to Clackamas Oregon Best Buy" and it WORKS! Looks up the address on it's own, then plugs it in, confirm it and it begins navigation there)
-Voice controlled EVERYTHING. Email dictation, google searches, SMS dictaton, navigation, calling, etc - all works and works rather well! I can text while driving without breaking the law! Just say it and it sends it!
-Customization capabilities of widgets, icons etc...
-Camera/Video quality (iPhone 4 was just as good here though), but one up for Droid X as it has a dedicated camera button the iPhone doesnt have)
-Apps, apps and more apps...I really didn't see a difference between the selection on iPhone and Droid, if you need it, it's available and probably works well.
-Storage! 24GB-40GB
-I can download as much of my email as I want from any mailbox subfolder

-Size...But it's just *barely* a con as it's only somewhat awkward for me (not horrible)...if I were a small person/woman though, it would be a big problem, no pun intended.
-OS refinement/polish, this is where droid lacks and iPhone excels. The OS is just kind of clunky, not real polished or refined like the iPhone
-Visual VM 2.99 on VZW, free on iphone.
-Unlock screen...I wish I could make it NOT vibrate when unlocking and it's not a smooth unlock like the iphones; kind of jerky on droid x
-Calendar systems, unrefined (but it works)
-Handling of email (looks, handling of attachments/calendar cards etc) works but again, lacking refinement and polish.
-Needs dedicated phone/call buttons

I'm giving this 4.5 of 5 despite the cons as there's nothing out there better and the cons are mostly software related so with updates/time I'm sure they will get better.

king of the cell phones


Nov 19, 2010 by albertog1983

ive owned every pda cell phone out there. iphone4, mytouch 4g, htc evo etc. only things those phone had over the droid x is the front facing cam. other then that the droid x beats all these phones in every feature.over all its the best phone out hands down.

This phone is SICK!


Jul 30, 2010 by jackk03

I have had a ton of phones over the years, and this one is right up there. I don't believe all that Apple whoopla about people not wanting to buy a big phone. I is big...and vibrant, and allows you read and see web pages, emails better.

I've had pretty much every offering of smartphone from Verizon, and this phone blows them away. User interface is great, customization is fantastic, call quality is second to none.

Good weight
Great screen size and resolution
Decent battery life (for as much as I'm playing with it)
24gb right out of the box
Smooth scrolling, pinch-to-zoom
Pics, videos look great on the larger screen
7 huge screens (still have 3 that don't have any. PLENTY of room.)

These aren't huge things, but no phone is perfect
-Micro SD card under battery - need to remove battery to access. I am going to look into the USB connection to drag and drop files
-Gmail - can't seem to find setting to increase the push timing. Finding myself needing to refresh to get emails I know have just come in. Maybe I'm just impatient.

Overall, this phone is amazing, and in my estimation, a keeper. I have had 9 phones this year alone, and this one is at the very top of the list.

Needs a better battery and low light camera


Jul 26, 2010 by Jbassking

I got the phone on the 16th so I've had some time to mess with it.

For the most part I like the phone. The size is great for me - actually I would have liked it a little wider and not as tall but no biggie.

+ It's pretty easy to use
+ The screen is very clear
+ The noise cancelling works very well
+ Calls are very clear
+ It's thin enough to make up for its size
+ A lot of apps. So far every app my son can get for his iPod I can get for Android.
+ Outdoor photos/video is great (see Cons for indoor low light)

- My real issue is the battery. I have to charge the phone 1 1/2 times per day. I only have the required gmail account and another pop3 account setup (which syncs every 5 minutes).

I can't leave the GPS on because it will kill the battery even faster.

- The camera is OK. Outside it seems to take great pictures and video but inside the pictures are dark and the video grainy. My wifes Incredible takes far better pictures inside. Using the flash always causes red/white eye. It the subject is more than 5 feet and less than 10 feet the pictures seem to be pretty good in low light but this doesn't leave much room.

- No much for notification configuration. I want to set different tones for text, email, other notifications but can't

- Vibration isn't great.
- NO flash support at ALL right now.

Overall I'm happy with the phone.
I may have been excepting too much based on all the reviews I read. I should know that all reviews are written with some bias.

Droid X - Review


Jul 16, 2010 by marcsensei

After using phone for 24 hours I can honestly say this phone far surpasses any phone from any carrier I have used in the past


- Excellent Signal and reception
- Clear crisp calls from both headset and speakerphone
- Powerfull speakerphone
- Strong Vibrate
- Music player excellent with our without 3.5 MM headset
- Blazing fast 3G, internet and search
- Navigation
- Many built in Apps (Youtube, Amazon MP3, etc)

- Only one I found is inability to enlarge font size - still looking

Good Phone, BUT!!


Jan 13, 2011 by troybuilt

I love this phone, I love the screen size. Audio quality for voice calls is great. Display Size is amazing. Battery is average for a smartphone on a 3G network.

Bloatware, numerous amounts of bloatware is added to this phone. Upcoming updates to this from Verizon/Motorola include minor fixes and add more bloatware. CityID app is one of the worst ones to name. It's constant popup nag to subscribe or continue trial (which collects your information and sells it to 3rd party vendors) Blockbuster app on this phone is probably the worst. With a company like Blockbuster Video going bankrupt, I don't understand why they added this useless app. These are to name just a few. These bloatware apps run in the background uses RAM and battery life even with a good task manager they re-run again within a few seconds. It's a never ending battle. The only option is to root your phone to get rid of these bloatware apps, but you void your warranty when supposedly Google being open source in nature. Another is the volume levels for ringtones is not that great. Camera is not that great either for an 8MP. Daylight pictures are superb, but anything in dim level lighting you'll be taking grainy pictures.

These are just some of the problems I have with my Droid X. Hopefully in time Verizon/Motorola will see that it's a phone and not load crapware that no one will ever use. All in all I love my phone and intend on rooting it to get rid of all the bloatware apps and have a "True Google Experience" like it was intend for.

This aint your mama's toaster!


Dec 6, 2010 by gitano1

Having battled for nine months with a series of 9600 level Blackberrys from Verizon, I finally had had enough of defective equipment. Offered an opportunity to upgrade I chose the Droid X.
Initially, I was pretty intimidated by it. None of it seemed particularly intuitive, at least coming from the world of keyboards, and following three years of Blackberrys.
I stuck to the basics during the first two days, email set-up, VZnavigator, adding a few vanilla apps from the Google Market Place, and setting up ring tones. That felt like a task. Over the next few days I watched friends use the touch screen which helped a lot. Then I discovered the multiple home screens, how to put icons on the screen, etc. Five days later I feel pretty comfortable navigating around the phone.
It is a remarkable machine by comparison to the excessively conservative Blackberrys. It does for free something I paid a lot of money to do on my Blackberry, Tethering to my laptop, and it does it better. Voice recognition software is incredibly good compared to Vlingo on the Blackberry. Watching videos is amazing. Blackberry has a limitation on the size of the package it can open from my email. I am yet to receive anything that won't open on the Droid.
The screen is amazingly sharp. The touch function takes some getting used to. I am a good distance from being able to type as well on the Droid as I could on the Blackberry, but I am learning. Fortunately, the voice recognition software is so good and easy to use that I use it rather than the "keyboard" to write texts and emails.
I titled this as I did because this isn't a Toaster. It isn't an iPhone either. It is a phenomenally advanced multimedia cellphone which requires a bit more commitment to learn and use than some are willing to give it. For those who are willing to spend the time and effort, I believe, this is likely the best phone ever designed.

Quite happy with the X


Nov 7, 2010 by Quijibo

My first Android device, coming from Blackberries. I've had about 19 days with the device and am not regretting this choice, one bit.

The customizability of the OS is great. There are bugs. However, find me an OS that doesn't have bugs and I'll show you something that doesn't exist.

Motorola radio is great. They've been making radios for decades. They know radios. Didn't even consider a Samsung. They still don't have the radio thing down.

-Very customizable.
-Gmail client makes push mail possible
-Display is beautiful
-Widgets, what else can you say?
-Call quality and signal strength are very good (although the signal indicator on the home screen does not seem to correlate with actual signal).
-There is an app for just about anything you need to do. Just be careful and read reviews before installing anything. Open source also means potential for bad code.
-The web browsing experience is top notch.
-Multi-Touch Keyboard is just the right size.
-Love the suggestions bar on the keyboard. Makes typing a breeze.

Cons and bugs:
-Current OS version 2.2 Froyo seems to have a worse baseband than the previous 2.1 version (from what I've read). Radio will randomly drop to 1X for no apparent reason. Restarting the radio seems to fix it. This appears to be software related.
-The camera. There are settings for ISO, etc... However, the processing seems to be bad. Takes great pictures in daylight. Indoors is another matter. Don't buy this phone is a camera is important to you. It's not, for me.
-No way to disable slide lock in 2.2... Have to use a 3rd party app.
-Needs to have 'profiles' for sound. Have to go into settings and change vibrate from always to never just to get completely silent. Need to make a way to switch between truly silent, vibrate, and normal.

Android is the real deal


Oct 20, 2010 by jakeaddair

Two months with this phone and I must admit, all the hype is not hype. I loved my three previous Blackberries and felt this phone may be too consumer oriented to be used in a business environment. Was I ever wrong! The size of this phone is a perfect balance between a phone and a legitimate web browser, document reader and communication device. It's seldom that I use my laptop when traveling now. As a GPS with the car dock it works better than my Garmin. Everything works. The only negative is the camera is not very good in flash and low light conditions.

Voice activated calling and search are flawless
GPS with car dock
Voice clarity on both ends
Mobil Hot spot
Fast response with everything
Verizon coverage
Real Web Browser
Android OS

Camera is a little disappointing for 8 mp

Best phone I have owned


Aug 2, 2010 by b.

Over the past three years, I have owned nine different phones. I have owned a Motorola Q, LG Voyager, LG Dare, Motorola Adventure, BB Curve, Storm 1, Storm 2, LG Ally, and the Droid X. This is the fastest, has the best screen, and the most memory of any of the phones that I have owned. The phone isn't perfect either. I total disagree with the people that gave this phone a very low rating.

The Pros
HDMI out
720p video

The cons
size, it is a double edge sword
sometimes lags
battery life isn't great sometimes, but maybe that is because I play with it all the time.

The is the best phone that I have had yet and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a big phone. I can't say enough good things about this phone, but like I said earlier that it isn't perfect, but what is.

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