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my feet are cold


Jul 16, 2010 by phatman

I told everybody I know it would be a cold day in H-town when I would ditch my Iphone. Bundle up cause it just happened. I was talked into buying the X for my wife (verizon is the only service that works in her office) to replace her old Blackberry. I messed around with it until she got home. The screen is awesome. It is super fast. The screen responds better than any other I have seen. It is super fast. It is still more than half charged after hours of use. It is super fast. I learned how to use it in a few minutes. Oh yeah, it's also fast. I actually did some side by side browsing with my trusted Iphone and when not on wifi, the X SMOKED it. They were close on the wifi. Long story short...I took the plunge and got the X myself. The best part about the whole thing though, I didn't drop a call on my way home like I usually do. I can't verify if it is a better network or the device itself that made it better. Hope this helps.

Great Update to already great phone


Jul 15, 2010 by zschaefer

I originally had the moto droid after having 3 bad bb tours. I thought i would be a life long bb user after using them for years until the moto droid. After the moto droid, i got the incredible and didn't necessarily care for it due to the htc software and the ridiculously bad battery life. after reading the battery life in the droid x was going to be really good and all the upsides to the X, i called cs and asked about it. This morning i went to the vzw store and got it. when i got it at 9am it had 65% battery life and after almost 3 hours of nonstop tinkering and playing with it (including a ton of bluetooth file transfers from my computer and app downloads) it is still at 40%. I'm very impressed so far. It is everything the moto droid was positive, and then they added all the stuff it should've had. if you are in the market for a droid device, this is a spectacular choice. a lot of people have complained about the size, but it hasn't bothered me at all.

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Jul 18, 2010 by pretzelking

Great phone everything good i love everything
but the battery life is not so great idk it mayb jusy me bc i use the (web text alot and constantly on the market)
calls sound crisp and very clear and the internet wow its lighting FAST and i mean fast there r sum bugs they will yake care f that soon
and this phone is a monster so think about if u want a keyboard (droid) or full touchscreen (droidX)
Nd mulit-touch works fantastic swype is cool pictures look greate and videos never looked so clear youtube videos are all n HQ
video camera had no lag perfect
livewallpapers r the.coolest im coming from an ERIS that was the worst phone ever...radio works good 7home screens
i.love this phone any1 who wants a phone to do.everything get this phone



Jul 17, 2010 by mortalmosher

I switched to this phone from the BB Storm. Wow. Faster. Smoother. Better interface. Typing is easier than ever. Everything the Storm could do... better. Except... email. It doesn't get along w\ my hotmail account. Gmail is on par though.

Pros: Fast
Easy to use
Better app store

Cons: Email
No BBM(which was losing value as friends jumped off the BB ship)

My big, beautiful Droid X


Jul 26, 2010 by Matt_a

Let me get this out of the way first: This phone is BIG. I mean like scientific calculator big. I didn't think I'd like this phone because of it's size, and it's still the only real negative I can find. But here's the thing...it's size is also a big plus. When the phone is off (or in sleep mode) it just looks like a big black slab. It's tall and wide and you just know it's not going to fit well in your pocket. But then you turn it on. WOW! That big gorgeous screen comes to life and all is forgiven. The colors are sharp and vibrant and there's all that beautiful space! The hardware on this device is absolutely fantastic. This is a phone that you won't be embarrassed to lay out on the boardroom table during meetings. So many of my past devices were clad in cheap plastic with tacky chrome or colored trim. Not the Droid X. It's black. All black. And the materials are all first rate. It simply looks like a professional device. I like that. It works really well too. This is my first android phone, so I had some learning to do. The first 3 days were spent deleting many of the widgets which were pre-installed and moving things around to suit myself. This phone is HIGHLY customizable which I love. The camera is phenomenal and calls are crystal clear. I have noticed that I don't seem to register as many "bars" of signal strength as my previous phone, but it hasn't dropped a call or prevented me from making one. I could gush on for pages about this phone, but let's just say I love it. Yes, it's big. But I'm getting used to the size and I wouldn't want to go back to a smaller screen now. I'm spoiled.

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So far . . . mine needs to be rebuilt


Nov 25, 2017 by Aether Deathstriker

Well the last owner (My Roommate) basically dropped it in a tub, it was basically totalled on the electronic side of things and he couldn't fix it and given it to me and I have limited experience with phone repair but I plan a software build but repair comes first so that's why everything is reviewed useless

But two pros are: removable/replaceable battery
and good grip (Rubberized Plastic?)

And one Con DON'T DROP THE PHONE IN WATER Or It Is Totalled

Droid X


Jul 16, 2010 by elbati

Have BB Curve for work and I'm currently testing the Droid X as an alternative to both BB and Win phones. So far it's been amazing.


Fantastic battery life, got the phone with 70% charge and it lasted through extensive tweaking a full 36 hours.

Huge incredible clear crisp screen great for viewing office documents while on the go.

In DC/Metro area have had no dropped calls so far with Verizon.

Surprisingly easy to use- work email and other email set-up took no time there's and so many apps to choice from.

It does what you want, when you want and super fast! Definitely ditching my BB with Nextel!


Still looking for one.

Went from semi-like to HATE this phone


Aug 9, 2012 by MOTU

I've had the droidx for 1.5 years now. Have always had little issues from the beginning, requiring a battery pull one to two times a month to reset the phone. Now I pull the battery at least once a day. The latest problem ... I go to make a call and the screen stops working, I can't pull up the speaker phone mode or pull up the screen for entering a number (like my mailbox code). Pull the battery and it will work again for a day. Also internet access is a non-starter either through the phone or through tethering. I get about 5 minutes of access and the internet link dies - pull the battery, restart the phone and I can get 5 more minutes. There are also a number of other issues that demand a battery pull. The "techs" at Verizon are a joke. Their solution to EVERYTHING is to call the roaming number to update the phone's roaming status (which has never worked), but they keep on demanding that I do this or they won't provide any "help". Bottom line, if it isn't on the tech cheat page they read from then they are lost. I have come to one conclusion ... if you have a firmware version that works on your phone then DON'T update. I am of the opinion that a lot of my problems stem from firmware updates.

Workhorse and then some!


Aug 5, 2012 by skeptiq

No phone is perfect, but I can honestly say, this one is pretty darn close. I had my X for about three years and just recently upgraded. This phone is now my wife's first smartphone and I have no doubt it will handle what she throws at it. This phone has been rooted, and had dozens of custom roms loaded and unloaded and even in stock trim, this phone has performed above and beyond. Motorola won with this one.

Call reception and quality is A+
Thin design
Phone and screen are tough (survived a few counter top falls on laminate floor and a 24 month old)

Side charge port

This phone is fantastic and my new Droid Razr has alot to live up to.

Buying The Right Smartphone


Jul 19, 2011 by bg6

With smartphones becoming more and more popular in today’s world it is important to make the right decision when purchasing one like the Motorola Droid X. It is a thin build with a large 4.3-inch screen and it is almost like you are holding a miniature computer in your pocket with all of its features. The Droid X makes checking your email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts extremely simple as well as quick and reliable Internet/Call service for anytime you need it. There are not nearly as many applications for the droid as there are for the iPhone. However there are still thousands of applications that are very useful in everyday life like the map application, which can be used as a convenient navigation system. If you find it difficult to text/type with a touch screen you are able to turn the screen sideways to enable a keyboard that makes it much easier to type. The battery life is pretty good because it usually gets me through the day with just one charge. For all that this phone does for me, one of the few troubles is that you have to pay $30 a month for the smartphone service fee. Although it is definitely worth it if you are going to get a good amount of use out of this phone and everything else that comes with it. The Droid X will be a great buy for anyone who is looking for a dependable smartphone that is not too hard to understand and operate.

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