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An amazing phone!


Jul 23, 2010 by JamesDiley

-Very fast/quick to load/run apps, rarely lags
-Always getting good phone service and 3G coverage
-Big and beautiful display (even in sunlight), makes web browsing, video viewing, etc very pleasant!
-Great design (dimensions)
-Phone feels comfortable to talk on (actually reaches from my mouth to ear)
-On-screen Keyboard is very easy to use
-Simple and convenient user-interface, very customizable
-Amount of storage available is very handy
-Integrates VERY well with both car and multimedia dock - glad I bought both, would definitely recommend
-Excellent camera, great resolution/quality
-Physical camera button to capture, rather than screen tap
-LED flash is nice for flashlight apps
-Heard rumors that sound quality was bad when listening on headphones; this is by no means true, sound quality is great!
-The HDMI out has actually come in handy
-Physical menu buttons are actually more preferable than I thought


Other thoughts:
-I could not find a hip case large enough to house this phone with a silicon case on. This is a BIG phone!

X vs. Storm 2


Jul 22, 2010 by cnoevo8

I just swapped into a Droid X and swapped out of my BB Storm 2. WOW what a difference. I like!!!

here is what I found:
so far so good everyone, I was in for a long weekend on my sofa learning the ins & outs of it. I am used to my BB storm 2 and it did me no wrong, but times they are a changing. I will have a better idea after some time. for now I love the looks, the screen is big but the phone is thin. the 8mp camera is great along with the HD video capture...also you can edit videos/movies & make the file smaller/larger right on the phone. pretty easy to learn for my 1st android.

my final thoughts (for now) on the BB to Droid switch. it is a good one! there are things I like about the BB more than the droid.

-I like to auto shut off at night and auto on in the morning, and
-Blackberry buzz is unbelievable. however there are apps for these things (maybe not better ones)
there are apps like missed call apps for my led color notification, and timeriffic to handle the auto on/off. the BB believe it or not actually handled social networking sites better though...wait the X is a social networking phone, and the BB handled it better? I digress. the X does everything else better, and even handles corporate email. (the thing that BB had the market cornered on. Not anymore)

I had a 3 day weekend to get to know the X and I like!!

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Jul 21, 2010 by TheWatchFox

I'm compelled to write because this is how I get my info as to buy or not to buy.
I am not a real tech geek with the terms to blow you away, but know what I like. High tech devices!
Not having the Droid X for even the first day sold me and still after 5 days still finding new features.
Glad to have waited 2 hours in line plus the time from when Verizon first announced that this new droid would be available, then to walk out with one of the first sold, great!
Another tidbit was Verizon made this so tempting because you could own this as long as you had a contract terminating in 2010, sweetened the pot even more! So look below.

Huge high resolution screen
Great 8 Meg camera with flash.
Battery life seems very good, but it appears with live wallpapers which I like, pulls more power from the
battery. Thinking about getting extended life, if
available, but this is no big deal.
Size- this won't hide in your pocket, but for me I'm used to Blackberry's and the Devour. No comparison to the weight and nice to have just one keyboard no qwerty to add extra weight and very well balanced.
Big feature for me is the VAD. I like the Bluetooth activated voice dial which hardly any droids have besides the Devour. This was very important to me, I found this in a review which was an aide for me to buy.
Wicked fast! Even though I did not like the Devour for numerous reasons, one thing I learned is SPEED! These Droids are like having a computer in your hand!
Oh and by the way, countless Free Apps!

No Cons.

SO far, very impressed!


Jul 20, 2010 by klinger1108

I've owned bb curve, storm 1&2, eris, original droid, droid incredible and now this. I can honestly say this one's a keeper. I echo all the positives already posted. Only a couple cons; 1- speaker phone is weak compaired to original droid and sounds muffled. 2- UI is not as crisp as it could be but a simple d/l of launcher pro fixed that (now out of beta). I have encountered one glitch: My phone was down to 30% and I was d/l an app. I had to do a battry pull to restart it and when I did it showed the battry to be up to 60%. It stayed at the higher % for a while. It has done this to me on a couple more occasions where I power off the device and the battery comes back strong and stays like that. Has anyone else found that? Other then that this has been a joy to own. BTW, HD video on this thing is sick, what a gem!

Very impressed!


Jul 19, 2010 by corydmz

Just got this phone on Friday and love it! Went from a Blackberry Storm and very much worth the money!

-Awesome 1GHZ processor and fast!
-Very clean and crisp screen - can watch videos very well
-Good qualify video taking and camera..def a upgrade from storm
-Can hear calls very well and people can hear me very clear...Haven't had someone complain yet
-Internet is fast and a lot of apps to choose from!
-Swype! OMG I fell in love with it..It's fast and surprisingly VERY accurate
-Speech to text -- another great accurate feature when you driving and texting ;P
-Very good vibrate
-I hate that I can't set specific tones for text messaging for contacts
-Text tone I can't make repeat more than once -- so I sometimes don't realize I got a text
-Visual Voicemail costs extra $$$

Other that that I would def recommend this phone -- I paid for the entire price since I didn't have a upgrade and I feel like I def did not waste money and was worth it.

Jeeze Louise


Jul 19, 2010 by wd40

The Droid X is absolutely amazing. This thing is sooo fast. I mean really fast. I can't believe they put a dedicated GPU in the phone. Man, you can tell every time you move home screens, watch videos or play games. It is so smooth and creates amazing video experiences. They also did some awesome changes to the way the music player looks visually. Using Amazon mp3 is the way to go. I have been downloading music like crazy. I got rid of my horribly slow ipod touch. This phone is perfect for media junkies.

1. Huge HD screen, yet fits perfectly in my pocket.
2. So amazingly fast, you don't have to wait for anything.
3. 7 Home screens, and cool pre-installed widgets.
4. Battery life smokes my Droid.
5. Media Monster, It has awesome music, video and picture interfaces and features.
6. Bluetooth voice calling added.
7. Physical Buttons are convenient.
8. 3G Wifi hot spot very cool.
9. Virtual Keyboard is soo nice.

1. Built in social networking widgets sucks. I added facebook application instead.
2. It's a bit confusing that it pulls contacts for the phonebook from multiple sources like facebook. I deleted all accounts on the phone but the gmail so it would be easier to find my contacts.

Droid X


Jul 19, 2010 by kmaenterprise

Absolutely love this phone. I am coming from the HTC Incredible, which I liked also, but the call quality and signal ruined it for me. The signal and call quality have been excellent.
My only con is the speaker phone. It is not as loud as the HTC Incredible.
Great phone with a lot of extras!!

Incredbile! Not HTC either.


Jul 19, 2010 by coasterguy

Size is actually nice. Do not be fooled. It fits in my pant pocket just fine. I am aware that it is there though. Which is good in some ways.
Solid build.
Call quality.
size of screen.
Amazing screen.
texting is the best touch text EVER!
Ease of use.

Battery life is a little on the bad side but for what it is capable of I'll take it.

it's over....


Jul 18, 2010 by Yankees80

ok..so i was in the cellphone industry for about 8 years before getting into a different profession, so here is my take:

Verizon...stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th innning with bases loaded, 2 out, full count, in game seven of the world series at home AND WENT YARD!!! This phone is absolutely amazing. I've had them all..iphones (plural), bb's, palms, pebls, razrz, name it! The overall performance of this phone is something to marvel in. The screen is absolutely magnificant, very intuitive, very smooth. Solid overall construction, outstanding signal, very fast on the network, full html is great. I feel like verizon had this idea all along for a phone that would incorporate all of the iphones pros and build onto those ideas and realease a beast that would be a fan favorite. AND THEY HAVE....youtube widget (with HD) is great, real time social networking site widgets(ie facebook,twitter etc.) are great. Android market is great(get the PTT app WOW!)if your an application hoarder or 18 hour-a-day business man or anyone in between...don't sweat it, theres something for you to fill your 7 homescreens with! The 8mp camera is something to marvel on in itself...ITS RIDICULOUS. Vidoe capture is sweeeeet! I took a video in a dimly lit nightspot last night and the quality of the playback, lets just say attracted some new friends! Thank you Android. I discovered SWYPE text and i was blown away. If you dont use it, i emplore your to take the tutorial and try it..YEs it works in both landscape and upright. The only negative in my case is that, now mind you i've had it for 36 hours.I can't seem to get the use from that battery that i desire. Even after modifing the battery usage settings i just can't seem to get it there yet. I have to charge it 2wice a day, but hey nothing a car charger wont fix. So there it is. The list of pros would easily consume my remaing characters from the start of this review. Enough reading, jump ship from your carrier..AND GET IT!

Nice Phone!!!!!!!!


Aug 1, 2010 by nickyscoops

Ok so first of all I always liked Motorola phones. The size of the phone scared me at first but after using it for 3 week's and than stepping down to a smaller phone felt awkward. For people who are commenting on the size being such a negative, you all have 30day's. I had the phone covered in Ghost Armor and it looks great, feel's great in the hand. Htc Incredible is a nice phone also, but Moto blows HTC reception away. Signal strengh no match. I do like the size of Incredible.

Swipe is real cool!!!
Video is amazing!!!!!
Camera is amazing!!!
Screen is crystal clear!! Stunning.
Speed?? WOW!!!!
Many more!!!!!

Just a few bugs that need some ironing out.
Blue tooth cutting off some time's
Ear piece volume a little low.
Size?? Big!! But beautiful.
Battery is weak, but it's a busy phone!!!!

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