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Audivox 8900....5 Star Phone!


Apr 24, 2004 by Maximus

This phone is very stylish and has killer looks. The camera serves its purpose as a camera second and the phone first. Yes indeed the lg 6000 and samsung a610 both have more features to their cameras, but the 8900 still holds its own. The speaker is below average but on the other hand, very good reception, easy to use menus, good sound quality, normal business sounding ringers, and this phone is tri-mode. I must admit I don't need tri-mode, but it can never hurt to have it just in case you actually do need it. Battery life is above average. I also have the extended battery, so I need not worry. I must admit the outside lcd is very dim when lit up and of course the vzw logo that keeps appearing every 4 seconds is annoying. Overall, I still give this phone 5 out of 5. It's a great product from audiovox and Verizon! If you're thinking about this phone definitely try it out. I bet you'll like it!

great phone


Dec 16, 2003 by bling69

8900 is a nice phone, good reception, large screen, its tri mode (unlike the vx6000), you get a black and white image on the outer display when taking pictures of self or with the flip shut. would be nice if it had and had express network with vzw and a flash :( i think it the better of the 2 camera/phones vzw has out right now

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Not ready for primetime.


Feb 29, 2004 by foober

For a consumer product, there are horrible, low level, software issues. After a week of using the phone, it would not allow pictures to be sent, claiming that all images were corrupt, even though they were accessible via the photo album.

Problems like this are indicitive of quality issues and detract form an otherwise good phone. The phone was returned for an LG 5450.

- attractive phone
- well laid out phone book
- crisp screen
- unique use of external display

- picture quality is horrible. Over saturated and grainy
- voice dial is not connected to phone book
- low level software problems made sharing images impossible.

I had this phone for sprint


Aug 14, 2009 by narn3049

I give this phone a 4.5 only because it would not stand up to me. LOL. I seem to break phones really easily and this was back when I had sprint. I have sprint for my work.

I had tried this phone but it just wasn't for me,. I liked the features and i liked the phone but after awhile the screen gives out the antennae breaks off and the paint chips off.

the camera was nothing. I give it a 4.5 just because it still worked, but cosmetically it looked liked it had been used as a hockey puck!

I had been through the rumor and the rant as well. Rant had a manufacturer battery default and would not hold a charge. the rumor survived everything but sadly broke in half, I find myself with the nokia 3588i now

I Miss This Phone


Aug 14, 2008 by bikerchick

I bought this as my very first phone in 2004. I used this phone for over 200 hours total, it went swimming with me by accident of course one day, but after I dried it out, it worked for another 2 years!! It just died after 4 years of heavy use and abuse, the hinge finally broke and unfortunately it isn't repairable according to US Cellular. Now I have to try to find another phone that I can at least tolerate!

Great signal strength (I had a signal even in the country)
Small compact size
Great Camera (until the swimming incident)
Camera button on side
Up/down buttons on side
Cool blue lights on side with ringing/message alert

Annoying installed ring tones
No flash for camera

this is a first try


May 7, 2008 by 8700

this was one of verizon cam phone so let me tell you it was a cool phone but the speaker was so low a when on speaker phone the cam sucked it had no zoom or flash or night mode has a antina wich i like the phones with it in side the phone got good single thro but it's not a phone any more but if you find one you can still oh and the 2 side neon blue lights when it rings or you get a txt is cool but i give it a 3.0 but now i have the LG8700 wich is a grate phone! go verizon wireless

AUDIOVOX + PHONES= NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 28, 2007 by j man




Dec 2, 2006 by anotherhumanforwar

you people are on crack... i have had this phone since it came out. i have dropped it threw it and steped on it and it still works. the only drawback iz that you are limited on the screen savers, wall paper and the little lights on the side. other than that it rocks and the preice iznt that bad



Oct 25, 2006 by goddess207

I've had this phone for 2 yrs now....it has turned out to be quite a brute. It's fallen so many times and it has never chipped its paint and has stayed all in one peice! I bought mine with uscellular, it has always had great service.

*blinks blue, blue backlit keypad
*good picture quality
*made of good durable material, not cheap plastic like some other phones they sell everywhere now

*no games
*hard to customize certain things
*camera doesn't zoom!

...I wish they would come out with a newer version...perhaps no antenna and with mp3 player =)

Durability SUCKS!


Oct 7, 2006 by loucks928

Between me, my husband and our 2 daughters we have all owned this phone and everyone one of us had to replace the phone ATLEAST one time - I think we have purchased a total of about 9 during our 2 year contract with US Cellular, so I have a LOT of experiene with this phone. I wouldn't have kept buying this exact phone model if there weren't excellent features and user friendly - however there are definte cons, see below.

The internal "ribbon" to the LCD breaks VERY easily and therfore results in NO screen display on the outer or inner LCD.

When it takes a tumble the area that breaks every time is the complete base of the antenna, it will crack all the way around it or through it.

Alarm clock does not work ulness it is set to go off DAILY, will not go off weekly for instance. So if you want to sleep in on the weekends forget it - or you can risk missing work if you turn it off....LOL

I won't list PRO's since most people reading a review are looking to see whether to purchase the phone or not, and typically they look for what would be negative and decide if they can deal with those issues.

I must say that we have also owned the following phones: Motorola v262, Kocyera Phantom, Kocyera SoHo, LG vx4400, and LG vx6000. And out of all those phones I definetly like the receptioin of the Audiovox the best! ( P.S. The Kocyera's phones were the worst for reception and LG's are only fiar reception )

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