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Worst phone EVER


Jul 10, 2006 by temazur

My girlfriend and I each got one on the shared plan through US Cellular. Before this, we had an old-school brick of a nokia that never quit.

The salesman recommended the Audiovox and talked about how great they were. My gf was thrilled to get a camera phone. That wore off quickly when she realized we couldn't email them to ourselves through US Cellular and the picture quality was worse than anything we'd ever seen. Outside was too bright and all you saw was a white screen. Inside was too dark and you saw indistinct shapes.

We signed 2 year contracts and figured our phones would last about two years. Within a week, her antennae snapped off (the outer casing part, that you push the antennae into...crappy when you consider she never, ever bothered to extend the antennae anyway) and my phone screen completely stopped working.

Reception was touch or go with these phones, they'd turn off and on randomly for no reason. Don't bother with the voice dial program. About the only thing I liked on the phone was the alarm feature.

I'm never, ever, ever getting another Audiovox ever again. We're both mature adults and treat our electronic equipment with care and dilligence. There is no reason at all for these phones to cease working during our contractual period.



Jun 25, 2006 by elkoholic18

I absolutely loved this phone, i used it flawlessly for a year and half. By the time it was time to retire it so i could switch to T-Mobile it looked like it had been through a world war. I beat the heck out of it!! And it just kept on going. Every single button worked, no sticky buttons, the camera still worked, the screens were scratched but they still worked, all this after a year and half in the pocket of a carpenter/outdoor enthusiast. I dropped it from roofs, threw it at my really annoying brother, stepped on it, one time i dropped it, it slid down my leg and with my next step i kicked it (on accident of course) and it slid accross the cement for 20 feet and someone stepped on it. I wasnt worried, it still worked. I wish i could get this phone with T-Mobile, I'd pay good money for it.

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Quality feel from audiovox


Mar 18, 2006 by jdjunaidi

excellent workmanship and quality



Jan 21, 2006 by Cracker789456123

I had this phone for over about a year and it was the worst phone I ever had. replaced it 6 times in 2 months.

Can you hear me now...


Dec 29, 2005 by Shyldd

For the most part this phone has been better than it's successor the 8910. The silver case and blue LEDs on the sides of the phones make it look very modern and appealing to the eye.

The major con of this phone is the speaker quality, both calling and receiving. The rings sound distorted when someone calls and you can barely hear them through the speaker. And yes, the volume is all the way up. The same goes with the listener being able to hear you when talking.

This has happened to multiple people and until audiovox comes out with a half way decent phone, I will not be recommending this to any one.

awesome phone


Nov 30, 2005 by soxgirl45

I've had a few cell phones over the years and this was my favorite by far. The camera isn't the best, but I never use it anyway so that doesn't matter to me. It's slim, stylish, and has great reception. The screen is big for the size of the phone, so you can see what you're doing. It comes with a lot of options (alarm, world clock, etc.), and fits comfortably into your pocket. Also, it's quite comfortable to hold against your ear, and I've never had a problem hearing anyone. I love this phone.

Bad engineering - hinge


Oct 13, 2005 by excbbu1

First let me say that this phone had a lot of great features for the price. I've had this phone for about 7 months and the screen is dead. After reading a few of the other reviews, I'm confident that it's the same problem as others have had, bad hinge design. US Cellular says that it is physical damage but I the screen died before the hinge broke. If you are just getting this phone, enjoy the features but but get the insurance and be prepared to go through several of them before your contract period expires!

Well Not too bad not so good


Sep 1, 2005 by pathum

well it was one of the best phones ever at the moment when i bought it and it seemed to work just fine. But as i used it for about a year or so, the phone started to act weired. It turned off by itself, and sometimes it was so hard to even turn it back on. the picture quality wasn't too good but alright compare to Nokia T610. So if you wanna use a good phone for just a year or so, do yourself a favor and buy this phone. But if you'd like to do more stuffs such as play games and etc. I wouldn't recommend this phone to you.

-Got a camera
-cool blue side LEDs
-Cool Ringtones

-Slow start up
-Bad picture quality although not as bad as T610
-Back-light Problem
-Text messaging are slow

The worst phone ever


Aug 21, 2005 by vladicc

Before I had a very old Nokia model, that look ugly and big but I never had any problems. As soon as I move to New York I decided to get a new phone. I though that any new phone will be better that my old one, so I decided to choose carrier (verizon) and based on that my phone. I took an offer, The phone look nice. What a MISTAKE! The signal is terrible, the sound quality is really bad. A lot of time I have to make three or four call to the same place because the signal is really bad.
I don't received calls, that is very rare. Most of them are lost, and I received a message (sometimes) that I lost the call.
I am 100% sure that the problem is the phone. I check the signal in the same place using others friends phones.
About the camera, yes it take pictures, the only problems is that all them will came black, no matter at what time of the day you take it.

PRO: Look like a phone, so you can used as toy for your kids.

Cons: Too many... to describe. Don't buy it. is the worst phone ever.

Good Phone


Jul 20, 2005 by goodolphone15

I love this phone!I only had it for a couple of days when it go thown on the ground.

Large Outside didplay

Screen is not very tough.

After all this phone deserved a 5.

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