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audiovox 8900


Feb 25, 2005 by jaymsny

I am about to purchase a audiovox 8900 and listening to half the reviews on here you folks are expecting a caddie for the price of a volkswagon. What i have seen of the phone and its features it fits a persons lifestyle like myself.
Im not looking for a digial camera im looking for a cellphone that can take a picture if i need one. And as far as reception well i am a metro pcs user and have no problems with my audiovox 8615 im using now. if you want to hear a louder speaker phone buy a ear bud for it. my god its a phone not a radio system boom box.

Good phone


Jan 15, 2005 by j3n82

Overall I like this phone a lot. The camera is not great..but if you are looking for professional quality pictures...don't use your cell phone.

Pros: Great sound quality, Bright/clear screen, easy to use

Cons: Wish they had more backgrounds/ringtones, battery gets extremely hot very quickly

I only use this phone for general phone calls. I don't use it to access the net, take pictures, and I also don't use the speakerphone option so I can't comment there. The phone turns on when I want it to..has clear sound..good appearance. I am satisfied.

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Best phone yet


Dec 17, 2004 by bigjay

I have had this phone twice the first time i had it with cellular one and it was a nightmare. Lota dropped calls the phone always displayed maintance required. Turns Out it was just cell one...my suggestion is if you are going to buy a phone to use with cell one don't do it none of the phones work with cellone..

About two weeks ago i switched companys to midwestwireless and i have a the same phone and the phone is great not a problem and i can send ring tones to it the camara aint the best but it is good with the flash kit it works a lot better. I liked the phone so much that i bouhgt my wife one at full retail price.

Great Phone!


Dec 15, 2004 by amyloo07

I received this as an early Christmas present, and I must say it is a great phone! It has speakerphone,voice memos, voice activated dialing, downloadable ringtones and games through BREW and a bunch of other stuff. The only downfall to that is it can run up a big bill. The camera is nice, but not the best in the world. Highly reccomended overall!
This is a great site.

Gets The Job Done!!


Nov 28, 2004 by Bonedatt

If you are looking for a phone to simply make phone calls or you're looking for a phone with multi functions, then look no further than the Audiovox CDM-8900.This is an amazing phone and I would recommend it to anybody anyday.Ofcourse no phone can be perfect but this is as close as it gets.You can imagine what to expect when you combine a phone of this substance with the best network in the continental U.S.... EXCELLENCE!There are some few issues though but not that many.

PROS: Beautiful display
Voice quality is unique
Graphics are excellent
Sleek design
Tri mode and guess what...

CONS: The speaker is only clear at a low volume level, keys could be a problem with people with large fingers(thank God I'm not one of them),no available games except through downloads.

Like I said earlier there are no PERFECT phones in the market but you can rely on this one to GET THE JOB DONE!

Audivox 8900: Best for the Money


Nov 11, 2004 by jadfly

My Verizon rep recommended the 8900 as a replacement for my old LG VX1, which was a great little phone. The 8900 has very few limitations, which I can live with, and in 30 days of use all over the U.S. I can say that I am really pleased with it. No longer carried by Verizon, nor is the newer Audivox 9900 apparently due to Audivox selling off its cell phone division.
I looked at the LG6000 (not tri-mode),the Motorola v810 (too expensive), and the Audiovox 9900 and LG6100 (funky/elementary interface). If you don't like the 8900, get the LG6100, or you can find the 9900 on ebay.
Some complain about the flashing Verizon logo on the 8900s LCD-that's no big deal.

-Bright screen/keys
-Business-oriented interface (really nice)
-Good battery life
-Excellent reception
-Small size, durable
-Good, easy customization
-Decent camera in the right light

-Can't dim screen at night, but good flashlight!
-No vibrate, then ring (listen up, mfgs!)
-Can't change banner from Verizon Wireless, nor on/off screen.
-External LCD graphics could be bolder
-Earpiece volume not as good as any LG product (the biggest drawback for me)
-Speakerphone works good; both speakers are tinny at high volume.
-Can't set a default phone number for each contact in the contact directory; just pulls up first one listed.
-Belt clip unable to accommodate thick belts
-Annoying on/off music that you can't turn down
-Could have better standard ringtone selection



Nov 8, 2004 by sbadesch

This phone is the worst phone that I have ever had. I got it on April 1st, and it has been nothing but probelms. I have switched it out 6 times,. for the same phone. Finally on the 7th time, I told the Verizon rep. that I was going to terminate my contract, if they did not give me another phone!

Everything about this phone is a con!


What a piece


Nov 5, 2004 by itm23

i have had this phone for 5 months now and have had to take it back to verzion 4 diffrent time to get reprogramed and the 2 nd time they had to replace it. # of the tims it was not able to access the internet send txt messages or download ring tone or any thing of that nature. The other time it was stuck on roam and i set it next to 3 other phones with the same service and they where all normal this phone sux any one want to buy mine.



Nov 4, 2004 by babiixxlauren

wow... this phone is not NEARLY as good as i thought it would be. i transfered from teh LG VX-6000. the LG was an AMAZING phone. i know i loved it. but, i transferrefd because it was dropped time-after-time when it finally busted. but neway, this phone has 4 things i was looking 4 - camera, speakerphone, get it now, and caller ID.

The pros
-good reception
-quick downloading
-LOVE the speakerphone

The cons
-the sub LCD [front where clock and CID is] is really, really bad. when it is closed, it does not light up and when u push an outside button, it takes a while 4 it 2 light up

-the backrounds to choose from suck

-u cannot change the banner. it stays saying Verizon Wireless [as if i dont know the company i am using]

-the camera sucks also. the resolution and brightness is the worst. and there is no zooming.

i really dont like this phone, but i am stuck w/ it 4 another 8 or 9 months. i want my LG back.

Some drawbacks


Oct 28, 2004 by hemagen

Interestingly, many people review a phone saying it is the best or worst, yet many of us try one phone, perhaps even two. I don't know if this phone truly compares to all the others, all I know is how it compares to my old Motorola Star-tac, which I resisted giveing up until it irreparably broke after many years.

Sure, the new phone has some great bells and whistles, but I am mostly interested in the basics of phone service, and I would not give this phone a favorable review compared to my old Star-tac.

1. “Verizon Wireless” blinking text – blocks (delays) viewing of usable information. During standby, alternates with date/time info. During an incoming call, alternates with Caller ID info. While the phone is ringing, I do not need to be reminded that I am on the Verizon Wireless network – Just show me “Bob calling”.
2. There is no true “silent” mode. Etiquette mode is silent but turns itself off when you cycle the power. Vibrate mode is only partially silent – it plays tones during power on, power off and when receiving a message. Why would I want an audible indicator of a message when I don’t want an audible indicator of the call itself?
3. All the buttons and the areas around the buttons are at the same height. This prevents non-visual use of the key-pad via tactile feedback, kind of important when driving. Yes, there are micro-bumps near the 5, but have you tried dialing without looking? Can you find the Send or End buttons without looking? No, I didn’t think so.
4. Ergonomic fit to ear: For me, there does not seem to be a natural position which puts the earpiece in the right position. I have to move the phone around while someone is talking to me, and use aural feedback to find the right place to hold it.
5. When the phone is ringing, it shows an image of a girl playing patty-cake. The animation annoys me. I can’t turn it off. When the phone is ringing, all I want is the Caller ID info. Everything else is annoying!

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