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Love this Phone!


Jan 12, 2007 by katkimmom

I recently changed from this phone (Audiovox 8900) to a Nokia 6235i and regretted the change! In fact, I have now gone back to the 8900 because I feel that it is more functional for my needs.

PROS: I like that you can put several phone numbers under one profile rather than having to make a new profile for home numbers, cell number, etc for the same person over and over.

PROS: I love the calendar and all of the functionalities with the TOOLS menu.

CONS: I really have no complaints except that it does not seem to hold a charge as well as the Nokia. Probably need to upgrade to a better quality of battery.

But, long story short...I love this phone!

Worst phone for verizon


Jun 13, 2006 by Beautiful_Angel

In the beginning the phone features were great, however with time the phone started going crazy. Suddenly it could restart it self or start vibrating none stop. The reception on the phone is horrible. I can say that I would never buy another phone in my life without first checking all the features and the reviews about it. It has some nice views on it but the rest is not thought true as well as needed.

Not a bad phone


Nov 13, 2005 by Seabass

I have had this phone for about a year or so and I still think it is not too bad and in Canada, Telus offers a fairly decent price on these phones now.
Pros: Weight of phone
I like the look of the phone
Screen is nice and bright
Blue lights on the side are pretty cool

Cons: The camera sucks, plain and simple

All in all, a decent phone for the money

Great Phone, BAD hinge


Oct 3, 2005 by eryngardner

I absolutely love this phone. The way the phone is set up makes more sense then any other phone Ive used. The colors are good, and the phone has a great appearance.

However, I don't know if I would recommend this phone to someone who texts or talks for the following reason: I have gone through 2 of these phones, both broke the same way. The hinge that allows the phone to open and close is of VERY poor quality (meaning is it not strong at all). I use the phone to text alot and eventually the picture on the screen just goes away. I found out (after a phone dissection) that This is because the part of the phone that connects the top to the bottom that goes through the hinge literally rips in half. It has happened twice to me, and will probably happen again LOL.

Even with this problem, i still LOVE this phone. Thats why i just bought a third one. haha. But if you are going to be hard on a phone or open and close the phone ALOT like i did, then this phone is probably not for you.

No Backlight


Jul 9, 2005 by drbruce

I've had this phone for more than a year now. This is actually my second phone since my backlight just went out. It was working fine one day and then all of a sudden, the backlight just stopped working.


1. Very small and good design.
2. Blue lights on the side are cool to look at.


1. The hinge is poorly made. The backlight would go dead after months of using it.
2. Ringtones aren't loud.
3. Cannot be connected to Pocket PCs via DPCs.
4. HORRIBLE camera. You can't even see anything
5. Speakerphone is utterly useless unless the room is in complete silence.
6. The antenna doesn't seem to make a difference in signal strength.

This phone is discontinued so I don't think anyone will be buying it soon anyway.

Best Phone


Oct 25, 2004 by Haneef

This site is excellent; it has so much info about almost all the phone. I researched on this site before I bought my phone.
I had US Cellular service for 2 years. I extended my plan for two more years and after doing some research, I bought Audiovox CDM-8900. I was looking for Flip Phone, Speakerphone, and Camera. I found all three in this small pack that too at a very low cost.

• Camera is excellent compare to any other phone. The Camera resolution is 300K. Others are also around 300K. I send some pictures to my email. The clarity is excellent like a professional digital camera.
• Speakerphone is excellent. I can hear the voice very clear compare to other phones.
• The phone software is so easy to use. Within one day, I was able to use all the features without even reading the manual.

• Cost is very low compare to other phone with similar features.
• The only con with this phone is the screen color, which is 65K. Others are much higher. The camera is excellent. What you see on the phone screen is somewhat grainy only if you compare with other phones side by side.

• Motorola v810 has the same feature with camera flash (Which is good) but no Speakerphone. Plus it is very expensive.
• LG VX6000 has exactly the same feature with digital zoom but no speakerphone and costs more.

Try the compare tool on this site..

No Cigar


Oct 1, 2004 by lookn4trimode

I got this phone back in July after the salesperson talked me into "updating" my old Kyocera-2235. My only requirements were that the phone be tri-mode and sturdy. I saw the CDM-8900 and was quicky impressed with the sleek style and design of the phone, not to mention the fact it was a tri-mode phone with some extra perks. I was a bit weary of the small, flat key pad, but figured I could live with it. Hence I decided to go for the upgrade. Thank goodness for the 15 day trial.

*Outstanding reception
*Large, crisp inner display
*Keys were easy to see, especially at night
*Lightweight with a slim, sleek design

*Speakerphone (To sum it up, so close but yet so far.)
*Keys are too flat and smooth for large fingers.
*Unable to customize banner without a hassel.
*Outer LCD annoyingly flashes between the Verizon Wireless banner and the date/time.
*Many keystrokes are needed for basic menu actions.

I returned to my old Kyocera after two days of trying to convince myself I could tolerate the phone. I wouldn't try to sway anyone from buying this phone, it just doesn't suit me. Case and point, my girlfriend bought this phone, and despite the fact that after one week, the speakerphone died, she still opted for the same phone as a replacement. Go figure

Great first phone!


Aug 24, 2004 by Smitty20

I just got the phone 2 days agoand i fell in love w/ it the first day i got it! It is very easy to use and the feel of the phone is great! I really like the Camera! It is very high quality and easy to use! I also like how u can put pics as your screensaver, wallpaper, and caller id! I love everything about this phone except 2 things!

1) When u download ringtone u have to do it from the "GET IT NOW" service on your phone!

2) No games. You also do the same thing to get those too!

Over all i love this phone!

nice and sleek


Jul 3, 2004 by hotboy704

i have had this phone for 1 day now i have fell in love with it it has great reception the speaker phone is great it is better then my old Nokia 3570 i just upgraded form the voice memo is great the camera is fantastic the wall papers are great it is just anybody's dream phone. the picture id is nice and how when somebody call's you a little girl plays patty cake with a balloon i have cricket service for over a year now and i love it. it makes the lg5000 look bad the nice blue and purple backlight is the best. i went to a party last night every body was i like that back light color and they send they were all going to buy the Audiovox cdma 900 i would recommend it to anybody

An exc ellent phone .... excellent value


Jan 27, 2004 by slberfuchs

I have now been using this phone for a bit more than a week and I am impressed. I am sure there are better phones out there but I doubt that they would fit my criteria of reasonable price and tri-mode capability. I am a Verizon customer and these comments may not apply on other networks.

First, if you need a tri-mode phone (as I do) and you are at the point where you can exercise your $100 credit for a new phone with Verizon then you have three choices which seem to be the most appealing: the LG 4400, the Motorola T730 and the Audiovox CDM 8900. The Audiovox and the LG 4400 will cost you nothing with current promotions and the Motorola will cost you $30. If I were spending the full boat price for a phone my decisions might be different but I bought within those parameters. IMHO too many people ignore the importance of a tri-mode phone or do not think through the consequences of NOT having one. In my case, for example, I live in an area where you have only to drive 30 or 40 miles and be in analog land; additionally, I frequently travel to areas that are analog.

In the week+ I have had the phone it has performed flawlessly, much better signal to noise ratio than the Kyocera it replaced. I have been able to make and receive calls in former ‘dead zones’ where previously I had no signal. The screen is large and bright, among the largest and brightest with the crispest image I have seen on standard flip phones. Folks on the other end tell me the voice quality is fine and I like the sound quality I get from the earpiece. The speakerphone is just adequate but what can you expect from this sort of device. The camera is low resolution but that, too, is to be expected and the camera had nothing to do with why I picked this phone. I picked it because of the image quality on the screen, the performance in fringe areas and the positive touch of the keys. I’d buy it again.

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