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Not a let down


Aug 9, 2009 by carnage

Ok, I owned the G1 for 8 months...I've owned the Mytouch for three days now, (over the weekend)... and no major let downs as of yet!

the screen quality very nice
speaker quality awesome
camera clear shots with great color
comfortable in hand and in pocket
hardware is laid out great
battery life better then G1
Haptic feedback is better the G1
E-mail clients are great
Apps available aren't disappointing


on-screen keyboard got laggy while running multiple programs.

the scroll ball should be customizable for different colors when getting calls or texts.

and the camera oddly seems slow again like on G1 prior to 1.5 (Cupcake)

No hardware camera button kinda weird


That's about all the negatives I could come up with. Overall great phone I live in Phoenix Az and I get 3G mostly everywhere when outside but indoors 50/50 for 3G over Edge really liking this phone and so are all the friends a couple went out and bought it after they played with my Mytouch :)

Overall .. its AWESOME!!


Aug 6, 2009 by h1n1 viruz

Well i went to my local T-mobile store to pick one of these bad boys up. Surprised .. they said i was the only one who had even asked about it. well paid $216.49 and it was Worth it.
Screen Realllly Pretty!
Easy to Use controls
4gb micro SD included
Alot of Freee Apps!
3.5mm adapter included
headphones (give out Ok Sound quality)
i like how everything is Done through i USB port( charging, data transfer, heahphone output)

no headphone jack
and thats all the cons i can come up with!

this phone beats the iphone IMO
and hey its Android. cant go wrong there!

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Mar 13, 2010 by ozzy33

This phone is absolutely great. It's highly customizable and is on par in the media category with the iphone,which is saying a lot. It has a ton of storage space and can run many apps. The web browser is flawless,and smooth. My only complaints are with the battery life and T-Mobile's service.But all-in-all it's an amazing device and on par with the top smart phones I've tested. LIke the iphone and palm pre plus.

Great Phone but not without Issues


Aug 18, 2009 by celnut

This is a great phone for anyone who uses the internet often and prefers a touchscreen.
If you text alot I do not recommend it.

Large Screen
Handset comes in 3 colors
Great Reception
Market Store
MMS & Video
Loud Volume on earpiece
Email Appl

Keypad is terrible (if you text alot download a different keypad or don't get this phone)
Ringer is way to quiet
Screen is not as touch-sensitive as it needs to be, sometimes you have to press several times to get a response
Camera is bad

Takes a while to get used to but overall satisfactory device.


Aug 16, 2009 by sirkit1102

I've had the myTouch for a week now and I'm finally getting used to all of its features.

Here's my review:
Pros: Very sexy looking phone. I have it in the Merlot color. Physically light in weight. Slim and fits well in pocket even with a protective case. Very customizable. The android app store is fantastic. Many great apps are free and you get the full version. In the iTunes store you'd only get a gimped out demo version. I have it for T-Mobile in NYC and it gets a decent signal most everywhere I go even if it only shows 2 signal bars.

Cons: Come on man! The headset was definitely and undersight. The microphone at the bottom of the headset??? What gives??!!! The keyboard is a little unresponsive especially the spacebar (usually have to tap it 3 times to respond). I'm not a big texter so this doesn't rally bother me. What does bother me is the annoying predictive text. If you're using an uncommon name or word it puts in something completely different without your permission.
You'll need a case.

This phone is so slim & light it will fall out of your hands unless you have the model with the rubberized back plate or a protective case. Accelerometer can be a bit slow sometimes. There's a slight lag in the phone at times especially when you have an online music app open. The menus aren't always consistent but I think that may differ from app to app.

The camera is horrendous. There is no zoom and the pics it takes are dark and muddy. Also if you're 2 feet away from an object it will make it look like it's 10 feet away. I don't know why it does this. Fortunately I don't buy my phones for the camera features so this doesn't annoy me too much.

Wish it had customizable themes.

Overall: Great phone. Can't wait to see what android has in store!

better than expected


Aug 5, 2009 by ECANTU

i been using the myTouch for a little over a week now (i recieved mine early from pre-sale release). privously i used the G1. they're both great phones and not much of a real difference other than the physical keyboard being removed on the myTouch, and the addition of work-email which allows you to add exchange emails.

-batter life
-bright display
-great feel of physical buttons
-bigger track ball
-Work emai

-i dont know how to set up my work email
-no 3.5 mm headphone jack
-no devoted camera button (like the one on the G1 which was located on the side of the phone.)

overall very impressing.

Not bad but...


Aug 6, 2009 by cornpop

I have had my phone now for seven days, so I have had a chance to play with the phone a lot. To begin.

-Screen (iphone and palm pre are better quality though)
-All the goodies that come in the box
-Feels great in my hand
-Call quality is superb
-Speaker phone is great
-All the apps available for free
-Very easy to use
-Fantastic Google apps integration
-3G is super fast compared to ATT and Sprint. On a mobile speed test site I had 7.5 Mbs, sprint 1.2 Mbs, ATT 2 Mbs from same location with full signal.

So so:
-Ringer volume
-Software keyboard, there are others to download that are much better.
-Video recording

-Multitasking between apps gets very choppy. For example, if you are streaming music and trying to surf the web. Maybe the apps just need to be optimized. The palm pre does this really well. The iphone can't (so sad).
-No 3.5mm jack so I can listen to music and charge while driving.

I wasn't 100% sure that I was going to keep the phone, but after hearing Pandora and Opera are going to support Android, I might just keep it around. After some software updates, this could be one heck of mobile device.

HTC Magic 32A Rogers Version (on AT&T)


Aug 23, 2009 by Versed

I recently got this phone branded to Rogers which works fine with AT&T once unlocked and correct APN's are set.

Found the screen to be bright and responsive to touch. Programs which I have previously purchased, were re-downloaded free and the Market even had them listed. KB and controls are great once you get accustomed to them. Battery seems superior to what came with the G1.

Cons: Kb could be better.

Less Than More


Aug 15, 2009 by wreathian

Great form factor and easy to use, but not that powerful. Probably a good match for someone who is a casual phone user - some calls, a little web browsing, and the occasional need for directions.

Processor is just not that fast, especially when doing more than one thing at a time, and it does freeze a lot and even crash at least a couple times a day. The battery is passable, but is definitely done by the end of the day.

Keyboard is good and interface is very nice and quick to learn. The fact that all the ports are proprietary is annoying because you always need an adapter to do anything (charging, headset, etc.).

And of course, while they say you can sync to Exchange, it's really a pain, if you can even do it at all (the dirty secret is that your corporate e-mail architecture has to support ActiveSync, so ask before you buy). I would especially like to point out that the native e-mail client is horrible. You can't cut and paste from e-mail (though you can from the browser), the sync doesn't remember what you've downloaded or what you've read (you're constantly seeing old and read messages).


-Cool factor is high
-Smooth interface
-Decent keyboard
-Lots of good apps (including a lot of free ones)
-Call quality (including speakerphone)
-Easy to learn and use
-Highly customizable
-Google Voice Search is the best
-GPS and 3G work well (at least in my big metro area)


-Wretched e-mail app
-Integration to Outlook/Exchange is extremely difficult, if not impossible
-Battery barely passes for one day of vigorous use
-Lack of navigation software (outside of basic Google Maps) is disappointing
-Computing power seems lacking, with frequent freezing and crashing

Overall, it's a fun phone, but not in the true "smartphone" category. If you're looking for a solid, cool phone to make calls and do some internet browsing, it's a good choice. Anything beyond that and it hits its limits pretty quickly, especially if you're used to a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile device.

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye


Jun 25, 2012 by BREAKNDISHES

Awesome phone!
In 2009 I upgraded to HTC My touch from SE Xperia Play and I fell in love with it right away.

It held so much music, so many pics, and apps...and it never stalled.

Was not and still am not a big texter, but with this phone I found it convenient to text with talk to text.

I absolutely loved that I could talk on the phone and surf the net or access other apps. Also loved that I could customize the "desktop" screens. The battery life was great.

This phone took so much abuse..it was very durable. Sadly after so much abuse, it has begun freezing, random functions, and power cycling.

I certainly feel I got my money's worth and I guess it's just time to upgrade. I'm so in love with the HTC Mytouch, that I'm upgrading to the LG My touch, in hopes I'll get a similar experience.

Best little Smart phone I ever met! RIP Android.

Fun and easy to learn and use
Excellent battery life
Customizable screens
Affordable accessories

USB connector would sometimes not connect/ could not be recognized.

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