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Nice Phone.......but


Dec 22, 2009 by mikesphone

This is a sleek and nice looking phone and most the time works great but battery life isn't that great, last barely a day with moderate use. The phone has locked up 5 times this month and I have had to take the battery out to reset and reboot. On screen keyboard is hard to type on and if you manage to type fast enough not to make any mistakes you will out pace the letters appearing on the screen. There are thousands of free apps., but one thing that bothers me, most apps(95% of them) when your installing them, ask for permission to access your contacts, SD card files, your GPS position, basically access to everything on your phone. I store a lot of personal info on my phone, like most people, and I have a problem when a application ask for free access to all information on my phone.

Pros: Nice looking and sleek
Calls are clear
Android system is nice in places

Cons: Battery life not what advertised
The thousands of free apps....cool, but what they want to access, NOT.
Touchscreen keyboard not for everyone. I will take a regular keyboard any day over a touchscreen.

Almost perfect


Dec 17, 2009 by Creece404

I have owned the mytouch for just over a month now. Previously, I was the proud owner of the BB Curve (8320)...although I loved my BB, I no longer needed the work email capabilities, and wanted to upgrade to a touch screen phone. After playing with the mytouch and Moto Cliq, I chose the mytouch because I had heard some very convincing arguments about the horrible battery life of the new Moto.

Mytouch Pros:
- For a heavy user, battery life is very decent.
- Customizable; from pic caller ID, ring tones, backgrounds, keyboard feedback, and apps.
- Great picture quality
- Excellent signal
- 3G and WiFi
- Beautifully clear screen
- Ring and vib option
- Option for contact to be sent directly to VM (kinda nice if you want to avoid a call from your ex).
- Can talk on the phone and use GPS at the same time!

Mytouch Con's:
- As with any touch screen, must be cleaned frequently.
- No 3.5 mm headset; although it comes with an adapter, you can not charge the battery and listen to music (i.e., in the car) simultaneously.
- One of the highest SAR's ratings.
- Gets very warm when using GPS...also drains the battery; a car charger is a must!

Since this is my first touch screen phone, I don't feel like I would be adequately suited to critique the keyboard functionality. Having been a loyal BB user until now, I will say that getting use to a touch screen has been the bigest challenge.

I live in the metro Atlanta area, so as I mentioned above, I am pleased with the signal strength. All-on-all, I am very happy with my Mytouch! Although I have used an iPhone, I wasn't about to commit to a new 2 year contract with At&t and pay their outrageous fees for minimal calling plans and data!

If you are considering the purchase of the Tmo mytouch, I would strongly suggest that you test drive one (and your other considerations) before making a final selection...happy shopping!

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potencial but not the best


Nov 25, 2009 by chaoworks

i been having my myTouch for 3months and i use it a lot so i am very familiarize with the functions and what can the phone do and can't do. i also use the iphone 3g and i can mention the mayor differences and why one is better than the other one.

Pro: First, like all of us know one of the main things about the android is that it can run several programs in the back ground so it keeps you connected and updated. iphone can't.

Pro: its fun to use. there is an application for anything you need to do.it makes it seem like if its better than the iphone.

Con: The mayor problem that i found with the phone and the main reason im writing this review is because "why would the phone let you do all those things and then not respond to commands" for example some times it takes about 20sec. for the phone to go to the home screen once you press the home button. There is an approximate of 5 second pauses when you try to do simple things like making a phone call from your contacts, opening messages inbox, etc. it doesn't do it all the time but most of the time it happens when im stressed and i need it the most.

Con: the end botton sends the phone to sleep. i can't really express how much i hate that function. i haven't found an option to eliminate that.

Over all i think the myTouch has a lot of potential hopefully in the near future but as of right now i don't think is a competition for the iphone. may be i exaggerated but i'm all about production so time is money and 5-10-20 seconds sound like nothing but when people are waiting on you and you are just looking at your phone it sucks. i gave it a mid score because is still a ok phone. i've owned worst. anyways i can't wait to get the storm2.

good not great


Nov 25, 2009 by mlb087

First let me say I really love this phone. It has so many capabilities and Android is awesome. The apps really make the phone and I love what you can do with it.

However, It is unreliable. It runs really slow, it force closes all the time, I am lucky if the battery carries me through an entire day. At least twice a day someone will call me and I will be unable to pick up, and I will then have to pull out the battery and reboot my phone in order to stop the ringing.

I believe that this phone has a lot of potential, and it is probably a software issue rather than a hardware issue. This is my second phone in four months and I also work in the wireless industry and it is not an uncommon problem. I love the phone but in the end it lacks in all the key areas.. I really miss my 8900; blackberry is much more reliable, at this point at least.



Nov 9, 2009 by albertog1983

awesome phone does everything that is needed in a phone the screen is a little small for the keyboard other then that. the phone is awesome.



Oct 23, 2009 by dsmmsd18

I gave this a 4.5 because the Android operating system is alittle slow. I understand its a new software but the apple iphone I have when it came out was quicker. After going to this from the iphone because i'm saving $15 a month with an unlocked htc magic, i must say i love it. Its the closest thing to an iphone and is more customizable. The camera on the iphone is much better, this camera sucks. But this phone is great. I'm looking forward to the future of android, it will overcome apple's boring software once it's more rock solid.



Oct 22, 2009 by dgwetzy

******** I could tell you the Pro's and Con's but all I found were Pro'. As for all IDIOTS that rated this phone as ZERO were exactly that. All they had problems with is Technology and couldn't understand how to use newer stuff and all they had to do was hmmmm READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

I'm a bigger man & the touch screen works fine
surfing the net is fast and easy
apps are EASY TO LEARN
a lot of FREE downloads for phone

This phone is so easy to learn and I absolutely LOVE this phone and tell everybody to get it..

Great phone i love mine's


Oct 20, 2009 by zizyang

Well i was with AT&T for along time and i had the new IPHONE 3gs and love it. The only thing was i had to jailbreak it every time i wanted to custom it. Well i mad a Switch to Tmobile and got the MY TOUCH, I LOVE IT, you can do everything you want to it like change the back round of the text page this phone is FULLY YOU,


1.)The looks for it.
2.)fully changeable to anything you want.
3.)you can download app that give you free music and save it to your computer.
4.)their is alot of pro's on this phone you just have to get it. i can go on and on and on so I'll stop here and you can go get the phone your self.


1.) Key bored, alot of getting us to it.
2.)The process in the phone could be faster when you load pages.
3.)NO 3.5 mm Headset jack, but I'll manage
4.)i just don't like the calender lay out.
5.) the touch screen is not that fast to respond, and you can only tilt the phone one way on the sides.

Overall if you are reading this, This is a great phone I'll recommend it, it really is YOU. So if you don't want to deal with APPLE (like me) then get this phone. PLUSE IT'S CHEEPER THAN AT&T SAVE MONEY PEOPLE....



Sep 5, 2009 by bluewhiz

At first I thought I was getting a consolation prize for not being able to afford an Iphone, but when I got home and started checking out the phone and learning more about the history behind this awesome phone; Who says I got a consolation prize? I hit the jackpot!



Sep 2, 2009 by jeffrey124

I picked this up about a week ago and got rid of my iphone. I loved my iphone, but there were things I hated about it too. Like the fact that I can't just simply delete one text message. It has to be the whole thread. Then the fact that it only has a 2 mp camera, and that I couldn't receive picture texts or forward anything. Or the fact that the battery life is absolutely horrible....so I switched to the Mytouch with TMobile and not only has my service increased, but the phone is pretty sick. I like the better camera, that I can forward anything to anyone....also the batter life is over 3 hours longer AND that 95% of all the apps on the Mytouch are FREE!!! Where as 95% of the apps on the iphone you have to pay for. Also I love how the Mytouch is so much smaller and sleeker then the iphone. Just the littest things add up and I so far, I haven't been let down. I would definitely check it out!!

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