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Aug 12, 2010 by maelo

this black berry is too big ugly and does not work fine,i have a friend he has this 9000 and this is BS,we have new blackbeyy phones that are much better than this one

Huge disappointment


Feb 6, 2010 by tsandco

I am still not sure if it is the phone or the ATT network.

I am on my 3rd phone. Dropped calls on 3g and "2g". Setting the phone from 2g and 3g to 2g help reduced the dropped calls from 3-4 a day to 1 a day.

The dropped calls follow no pattern. I was standing outside the terminal at LAX with fill 3g bars. The phone dropped to 1 bar, "call failed" box popped and stayed that way frozen. I had to take the battery out and it took 10 min for the phone to reboot.

Remember this is happened last week on my 3rd phone.

I travel the west and mountain states and EDGE/edge and other signals were a bit better.

As for the phone, it is very good and I don't think I will ever know if it is the phone or the network, as ATT is upgrading me to the 9700 since i have had such a difficult time.

I hope the 9700 works better or I will need to break the ATT contract and head to another wireless provider.

Beautiful screen
great keyboard
trackball ok
apps ok
ATT navigator is slow to start but works pretty well
Can take calls when navigating

hundreds of dropped calls
battery is not great when on 3g
slow reboot after pulling battery
not many apps

Lastly, since I use this for business, I can only say if ATT doesn't figure out their 3g issues quickly, I know many, many people that are going to drop ATT this year.

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Dec 14, 2009 by fonatic

I can't keep quiet about this any longer. I have had this phone for a little over a year and frankly, I can't wait to get rid of it. First, I had to go through 3 of these before I finally found a phone that had decent quality and did not drop calls. The AT&T folks kept telling me that they had a batch of defective ones. Then, finally, someone had the bright idea to give me a new SIM card with the third phone, and lo-and-behold, it worked! However, over the course of the next several months, I have obtained 2 more SIM cards to replace allegedly defective SIMs as well. Then, when I finally tried it outside the US, which is what I really needed it for, the Blackberry network failed in Russia. Or more precisely, it did not exist as seamlessly as promised. In order to use BB features, and basic data features linked to BB network, you essentially have to get your phone re-programmed with complete OS update for whatever geographical locale you are working in. Phooey! I am sure other BB users tied to their corporate enterprise IT departments will not have these problems, but individual business owners such as myself don't seem to stand a chance.
On top of everything else, the phone still becomes sensitive to app overload and locks up, even during phone calls. You really need to keep the app load lean.

Pros: Nice feel, good color screen, nice media sound quality

Cons: poor call sound quality, dropped calls, phone lock up when running apps. great memory expansion, but only for data, not for apps. BB network not working fully in international markets (e.g. Russia) w/o full OS reprogramming.

I am pretty sure this will be my first and last BB.

Blackberry's where it's at!!! Iphone who?


Sep 24, 2009 by Tatious

To clarify a lot of confusion, the Bold is one of the Best Blackberries on the market! With a whole new form factor versus any prior Blackberry there are huge upgrades. There are the obvious..... screen size/quality, newer version of GPS(service required), and Wifi. But the nicest new features are the Blackberry App Store(free dl at m.blackberry.com), download any app OTA, including a new favorite Aerize Card Loader which will allow you to store any apps onto the phones SD card. Can you say 32G of apps! Iphone who? Plus if you dont like having to pay for a bunch of ringtones especially to Apple sorry .99 ea, but you can make all your own and put them on your SD card for the Bold.

So you want to forward a SMS on the iphone have fun with that! Bold>menu>forward= EASY.

Plus AT&T offers insurance on the Bold or any Blackberry at that, but not on the Iphone, why? Apple wont allow it! Go figure. Apple does offer a limited coverage that only gives you accidental damage to the screen and standard warranty issues. Where as AT&T goes above and beyond with covering all damage, even lost or stolen.

Still want to praise the iphone..... if so get an itouch thats all you really need if your all about the interface and the music.

Bold is GREAT


Sep 8, 2009 by dpnolen

I have had the Bold since it came out on AT&T. Up to now it has had its case of dropped calls, fluctuating signal, and poor battery life. This was due to a software glitch. Now that is all over due to the recent software update. It will improve signal, battery, and you will be able to switch between 3G and EDGE manually for even better battery life. You can do this at www.wireless.att.com/bbdownloads. Everything about this phone is great. I work for AT&T and I still prefer to carry a BlackBerry to compliment my iPhone. iPhone is amazing phone, but it is still limited in some of the more corporate/business needs. Email functionality is still the best on this phone (no one does it better than RIM).

Nice Phone - But bad network


Aug 25, 2009 by steved4593

I have had this phone for around 5 months. I have traded it in once for a another new phone, installed new SIM card, but problems persist. I think it is the ATT 3G network in Dallas.

I continuously have dropped calls. I can watch the signal bars go up and down as I sit in my home or office. The battery barely makes it through the day and I have to charge it nightly. The phone has locked up a few times and has required a hard reboot.

On the positive side, I like the keyboard, outlook interface and email features. The color screen is great. I think 90% of the problems are the 3G network and poor coverage. Sometimes makes me long for my old Blackberry Curve.

Great Bold


Aug 18, 2009 by guarania1

I have had this phone for 3 months.
I found it complete, from all mini lap top
and Phone point of views.
I would not not hesitate to buy it again.
Most of the applications offered are
very good.
I would like to see a way, to further increase the memory, to improve its capability potential.

On my 4th Bold


Aug 8, 2009 by lleodidit

Pros & Cons, Great speakers
Over all a good phone, this is my 4th bold. I had to return the first 3 because of software problems. Which I think was AT&T's problem? Had this one since Jan. 09. Too many dropped calls.
E mail sometimes don't come to my Bold. Yesterday I had an e mail that took 17 hours to come to the Bold.
Tried to get a replacement from AT&T but they could not transfer data to the rebuilt Bold they were going to exchange it with. Could be a great phone if you didn't have to use AT&T. Their service is almost as bad as their support.
Could not get satisfaction from AT&T or Blackberry.
Time to look for a new phone and carrier. I'd rather pay the early cancelation fee than to keep paying AT&T's $150.00 monthly bill.

I've never had a phone like this before. A+!


Aug 7, 2009 by GMFWDFAN

I used my grandmother's upgrade to get myself a new phone, because she didn't want one. First I got the Samsung Jack, and promptly went through THREE of them. They all had the same issue: laggy OS (Windows Mobile 6.1) and a constant vibrating glitch. This would cause the Jack to vibrate constantly (for up to 20 minutes or more - I checked) when receiving a text and run down the battery.

So, I waited for the store to re-stock its BlackBerry selection, and I forked over the extra $80 for a BlackBerry Bold. I love this phone. It is truly flawless. I've never experienced anything like it. All my friends know me as the "cell phone guy" because I have nearly endless problems with every cell phone that I get. I think I've finally ended that with the purchase of my Bold.

- good signal strength (holds on to signal well and regains it quickly when it is lost)
- great battery (I charged it Tuesday night and it's sitting on low battery here on Friday night - that's with heavy texting and moderate internet use)
- spacious keyobard (The Jack's was too small, and my fat fingers often typed two letters at once)
- Wi-Fi (much easier to use than on the Jack)
- Operating system (It took me a bit to get used to it, since I've had Windows Mobile for so long. But, now that I've grown accustomed, it's smooth as silk.)
- Camera (blows the Jack's camera out of the water on quality, response time, and features)
- MEMORY (I have ALL of my 400-something ringtones, my 100-something pictures, and 26 videos on this phone...with less than HALF of the memory spaced used)
- LED notification (a standard BB feature that lets me know if I have a missed call, text, or e-mail WITHOUT pressing a button and lighting up the phone)
- E-mail (I get e-mails as soon as they arrive, synced with my Gmail account just fine)

- I really don't have any. Seriously. PERHAPS the trackball, as every moderately used BlackBerry I've seen ends up with a dirty trackball that turns brown from use

OMG, I'm finally satisfied with a phone!


Jul 9, 2009 by New ATT Guy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I go through at least three phones a month. I'm never satisfied. The last phone I've owned that I was happy with (not fully) was the BB Curve 8900. But the keyboard was cramped for me. I exchanged it for the Bold and Good Lord, I couldn't be happier. It's an amazing, fast, beautiful and loud phone. I never thought I'd see that day when BB put a decent and loud music speaker on a phone, and they finally did. I had one of the original black and white BB's, and the screen on the Bold is absolutely stunning. The OS is so easy to use. I can't think of any cons for the moment. I honestly can't. I'm fully satisfied and thrilled to finally get the right phone for a change!!! I love you BB!

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