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Good Phone


Jun 29, 2009 by dany

This phone, is a great, durable phone that has great call reception and wonderful features. The only thing is, it has no "pizzazz". So many new phones came out that but the bold to shame. I would recommend this phone to a Blackberry user that is looking for reliability.

The Cadilllac of Blackberrys


Jun 27, 2009 by christopher28

I have to say as an owner of this phone I have never been happier with a phone. I played around with a lot of different PDA's and this is the one that I landed with. The large keyboard in the flat style rather than the traditional one I find a lot easier to use. The full HTML browser is also a dream to use compared to Media Net. I don't think I need to mention the HD quality screen and if you haven't checked it out you should. The only downside is that it has a 2.0 megapixel camera unlike the new Curve that comes in at 3.2. Some people also say that they are hard to find your way around but the Blackberry key (or freckle key) is an easy way to navigate the phone. I've also heard from some people that it's too bulky like a old Lincoln or Cadillac. I don't know about anybody else's preference, but I always loved Cadillacs.

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Blackberry Bold Rocks


Jun 19, 2009 by shcdrk

All the applications that you can get for this phone are amazing! If it wasnt for Blackberry and their app world, I wouldnt be able to stay in touch with my myspace, facebook and twitter. You wont be disappointed with this phone.



Jun 18, 2009 by usloans

I have had many issues with Bold. I am actually now on my 3rd one.

It reboots by itself with no prodding, it drops calls without rhyme or reason and I get a sound that seems like Donald Duck under water with multiple conversations.

A salesman at the ATT store indicated he had the same problem!

Has anyone else experienced this?

ATT refuses to refund me (since I am over 30 days) and I just continue to get new replacement, remanufactured units.

Of course, they won't trade it for the iPhone!

BOLD Statement


May 26, 2009 by iMotion83

I have always been an avid Blackberry fan, they are really good phones and solid. They perform well and are good quality. I have had the blackberry pearl, 8800, curve, curve 8900, and now the BOLD.

I would have to say the BOLD is the king of Blackberries, this phone is packed with features and heavily upgraded. The new software and processor is really quick and simple. It has a very solid feel to it, not like fake or toy like. The phone also has 3G which is really good, it connects and is fast. The screen overall is amazing, really crisp and clear, more like an HD screen. The color shoots out and is glamorous. The sound is amazing, very loud and clear.

- Screen
- Keypad, keyboard
- Solid Build
- Sound quality, speakers
- 3G connectivity
- Emailing


To be honest I had this phone for about a month now, and I do not see any cons or anything wrong, the battery life can be better.

Overall, If your looking for a solid blackberry, i would highly recommend the BOLD. Yes, it is pricey, but its worth it. This is one solid phone. I give it all 5 stars.



May 10, 2009 by mifrancis

Well I was not going to get the Bold and decided to wait for the 8900 as I thought (and still do) that $299 (with $100 back discount) was more than I wanted to spend. I also thought it was too big (I currently have the 8310) and I did not need 3G. I was lucky enough to be given one as a present and man do I love this phone. I actually like that it is bigger then the curve, it feels better in my hand, typing is easier, and I can still work the phone with one hand. The 3G and Wifi is amazing, downloading apps and searching the web is so fast compared to the curve (I live in NY City and have 3G). Applications start and run faster, I cannot think of anything I would want to change. I gave the 8310 to my wife (she had the 8300) and she tried the Bold and now she wants one. Maybe if it goes down to $199 I will get it for her (except now I can go off contract and I like being in that position). Battery life is good (using 3G puts a hit on it but I am not a heavy user - I still have 3 bars at the end of the day). A real keeper, I will not have to keep waiting for the next "new and improved" Blackberry to come out, if it really goes down in price this summer you cannot go wrong picking up the 9000.

Blackberry Bold is amazing


Apr 13, 2009 by ufgood631

i have had this phone for 2 months and i am in love. I previously had an iphone which was great but blackberry does more of what i need. Wi-Fi is great browser is fantastic keypad is great. the phones ability to hold a signal in my building in Queens NY is my only complaint.

in regards to a previous post about:
uncaught exception java.lang.nullpointerexpection

I have noticed if i take out the battery of my phone and put it back in immediately i get this error message all the time but if i leave it out for 5 minutes this does not happen??????

i swapped the phone out 3 times and had the same problem on this phone every time. Nobody at AT&T could explain this but since i figured out a work around it is not an issue.

I also recommend YouMail visual voicemail which is a free download from the app store if you are switching from an I-Phone. This program works great and gives you a similar voicemail to the iphone



Apr 9, 2009 by Motrac

A very well engineered product. Other than some confusion at AT&T about transferring contacts from my Krzr K1, setup couldn't have been easier. I opted for the unlimited data and messaging service upgrades, which will probably be well worth the expense for this amazing little "work toy."

POP3 email accounts were set up so fast I thought I'd done something wrong. The user interface is much more intuitive than I would have expected for something with all these options. Despite numerous reviews citing audio problems at both ends, good signal and modulation comments were all I got and I could hear everyone I spoke with much better than was possible on the K1. The speakerphone audio quality is very impressive.

The WiFi option is a snap to set up and appears to work very well and the built in browser is better than some reviews might indicate. The page zoom option is almost essential at some sites but most render very well in default settings.

I was able to work the battery down to 75% in the first few hours of tinkering but it charged fast and more moderate use results in little change in charge status.

Display quality is quite impressive for such a small screen. Pictures transferred from other phones and other sources look surprisingly good. The camera flash workes better than I would have expected.

About the only cons that come to mind are that it's a bit ungainly to hold out of the case - I hope I don't drop it. Assigning ring tones took a bit more digging and experimentation than I'd prefer, but it's not impossible, and I guess the main reason why it's such a circuitous job is that there are just so many options and settings for contacts, which is good indeed.

Never thought I'd use anything other than a Motorola (and if they'd build a GSM phone with the features, options, durability and audio quality of an i580 I'd probably still be using a Mot) but this Bold 9000 has made a believer out of me.

Nice Phone not many changes if u compare to other blackberrys


Apr 7, 2009 by csralejandro

I just bought my blackberry and I'm enjoying all its features, the email get immediately into the phone, the sound quality its pretty good. I love that this phone had a video recording cuz other models have to be upgraded with a new OS to be able to record Videos. As PROS i would say Speed 3g, Nice Screen, Lovely QWERTY keyboard, its the perfect phone for executives, as you can see it have Wi-fi and GPS I really like both, and i don't know why rim is always pushing you to choose phones with either one. CONS: Almost all the Good applications have to be buyed, the same with the themes and games, i think blackberry NEEDS to create more free apps; the OS does not have a sustancial changes, its almost the same, and a better camera may be nice. Blackberry + 3g + QWERTY + GPS = the best phone for executives.

My First RIM Experience


Feb 26, 2009 by Vmac38

Short and sweet, it's a great phone.


Great stereo sound. The design of the phone allows
for sound amplification when placed on a flat surface but, is great even when it's not.

Phone is very user friendly, in my opinion.

The screen is very nice when watching good quality video.

The built in 1gig memory was a nice touch.(However, see cons)

Every alert sound is capable of being customized with your own ringtones or sounds.

Some very useful and/or fun programs that can be installed.(However, read cons)


People who like lots of themes, games or other programs, this may not be the phone for you.

The 1gig off memory would be more useful if users were allowed to choose where to store downloadable content.
The 128mb just isn't enough. Loading too many programs or themes will slow the phone down.
The phone uses the same 128mb memory to run programs and other apps.

This is just a small issue that keeps this phone just shy of being perfect.
Being somewhat of a tech head, I find this to be very frustrating.

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