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The BEST PHONE ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 21, 2008 by terrysboo

This is by far the best phone I have ever bought, and I say that seriously since I've had just about every phone out there including the iphone 3g. The screen is beautiful it looks like its high definition. the keyboard is awesome buttons are easy to push the scroll ball is right on and very fast. I have copied my complete itunes library to my phone which is a download free of charge. The speaker phone and call volume are super loud. On most phones I've had in the past I need to turn the volume all the way up....not on this phone the loudest volume is 7 I have mine on 4. I can't say enough about how beautiful and large the screen is. The email comes in real time I tested it myself as soon as I sent myself a test email it showed up on my blackberry right away. The calendar is perfect for keeping track of all life's duties, and everything you could want is just with a click on the scroll ball. Wallpapers and games are super fun too. I just can't say enough the size of the phone is perfect it fits in the palm of your hand, and the design of the phone is awesome. The back of the phone has a leather feel.. different from any other phone I've had, and it looks hip, not cheap at all. The media player is perfect for when you want to listen to your tunes at work or at the gym, and guess what? the phone even comes with headphones, and a leather clip case. How often do you see that?? Give this phone a try you will not be disappointed. Great Job RIM... Happy Blackberry!

Rim Shot !


Nov 12, 2008 by joymrt03

I had this phone since 11/3 and I can honestly say this is the best phone I ever had. I get the AT&T phones as soon as they are in the store so i picked up the new HTC Fuze yesterday and after 15 mins with it I had to go back to the Bold.I could not stand not having that solid feel of the phone and the ease of use compared to WinMo phones. Bold is the best phone in AT&T's line up

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Nov 10, 2008 by los2369

This phone is Great. Its Fast, better signal strength, yeah the battery goes a bit faster but what do you expect with wifi running and 3g? but other than that the phone is awesome, beautiful screen, icons are great, my wife hated it on her first day, now she loves it, coming from a curve as well,, i would never want to use the curve,, this phone is a lil bigger but its built nice and classy, go out and get it!!!

Best blackberry PERIOD.


Nov 6, 2008 by maverick96

Pretty much everything on this device is a pro, I cannot even think of any cons.


Keyboard is best on any blackberry

Screen is unreal looks High Def

Battery life is pretty good, far better than the Iphone 3G

Anyone on the fence about blackberry definitely needs to check this one out... Its AMAZING....

Well worth the wait.


Nov 5, 2008 by amsage3

If you like Blackberry's, it does not get much better than the Bold. For everyone who has been following the release of this phone since June, and ate up every pic and video release form then until now, all I can say is that this phone lives up to the hype. It's gorgeous, it's perfect, and it's a "new" Blackberry that's familiar enough that it doesn't turn users away. I loved using my Curve, and was worried with the new user interface and "graphic updates" was going to be a different, and possibly unpleasant, experience. I have to say I was wrong. This phone is awesome.

-The screen really is the bread and butter of the phone. It's big, crisp, bright, and easily pops out in direct sunlight.
-The trackball feels tightened up. It's a little smaller and seemingly fits better in it's hole. The result is less of a rattle and it feels very well-built.
-The keys are awesome. Some find the angling of the keyboard's keys to be awkward, but I think it makes realizing where your fingers are on the keyboard without looking at it much easier.
-The camera is pro. It's only a 2 mp camera, but I am surprised at how crisp and clear my pictures come out. Facial detail, shadows, and color are all very high quality. Possibly due to the screen's high quality? Even the video camera takes video that is not a painful experience for the eyes and ears to re-watch.
-The phone overall is very visually appealing. From the leather-cased back to the black and chrome color scheme, to the screen.
-Battery life. Had it for 48 hours and am at 45% batter without having charged yet, and lots of calls and texts.

-HEAVY. But...it's arguably just "solid-feeling." Can definitely feel it in my pocket though.
-Keys might be a LITTLE small for big hands
-Signal is not what I was expecting. Sorry to say the Razr V3xx still reigns supreme there. It's not bad, but I find it converting to edge alot where I would have had 3g before.

Overall, an amazing phone. Well worth the wait.

I still prefer my Curve


Nov 9, 2008 by motomojo

I have a family plan with AT&T and just upgraded one of my lines to the BOLD.

I agree with the positive reviews already posted by others.

However, I still prefer using my Curve because of the following reasons:

1) Battery life on Curve lasts longer.

2) I prefer the colorful icons of the Curve. It feels more like a desktop, like XP. The Bold icons feel "black & white" and somewhat ghostly.

3) The full HTML of the BOLD takes longer to display in 3G vs. the WAP mode on the Curve in EDGE.

4) Size matters. Curve fits nicely in my pocket. However, the leather back Bold is easier to grip and not slippery like the curve.

5) UI seems a bit faster on the Curve. This is probably due to the higher screen resolution of the Bold. The Bold just seems slower than the Curve when pulling up an application.

On the positive side, the Bold has a much better keyboard, screen resolution, HD quality video playback, youtube playback, memory, etc.

"Best Blackberry I've Owned To Date"


Dec 8, 2008 by Phonefreakz

Well...I've worked for AT&T for a few years now and by far it's one of the best phones I've used in a long time. The only complaint which I couldn't give the phone a 5 rating is the increased dropped calls I get. I came from a Curve and reception on that was superb. With the Bold however...it constantly drops calls and the exact location everyday from work to home. It probably has to do with the firmware and will be fixed in time.

Great Screen
Battery life is a lot better than the iPhone 3G
Nicer interface than previous Blackberries

3G coverage for data & voice is spotty compared to the other 3G devices we have.

In conclusion...any consumer looking for a robust & reliable data phone cannot go wrong with a Bold, I definitely recommend it coming from a person that works in the wireless industry!

BB bold on rogers


Oct 24, 2008 by dubstar0ck

Before owning this fine piece of technology I've owned the HTC tytn, BB7290, BB8310. by far the BB9000 is best

The bold is pretty much similar to the curve(OS) besides the speed, graphics and size, the bold is quite larger but feels much better when using the keypad. The bolds display is amazing theres no other phone that you could compare it with, even the iphone. The only complaint i have is the battery life, i use to last a whole day with my curve but with the bold i can last 3/4 of the day. I think it has something to do with 3G, whenever i used 3G on my tytn the battery would drain 2X faster.

Blackberry Bold Review


Sep 19, 2008 by jdsny

I'm running a Roger Bold on AT+T. It works well. The display is excellent. The keyboard is similar to the 8820, but a little better. The 3G works well and is fast. The battery life is not great at all, at least when running in 3G.

I used to get a full day with almost no battery drainage on my 8820 with modest phone call usage.

With the Bold, I'm about out of battery by around 6 pm.

I'll probably trying switching 3G off and seeing how that works.

All in all, though, a great device.



Sep 3, 2010 by narn3049

This phone was absolutly great. the 4.5 was because the phone would once and awhile drop calls where the 8310 wouldn't. The bold was such an upgrade to the 8310 by everything that had a glitch. Once my phone keyboard didnt work right. This always did. It also had new HW and FW, so i kept it. This phone was also always protected. iT WAS in the cup holder of my hot tub and the phone tipped off into the water. So i tried drying it, I got the red light and figured, well maybe this is fixable. Turns out it wasnt and i ended up selling it. iM WITH verizon now,.. story is keep phonees off of cupholders being they could fall any minute into the water below

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