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2010, came back to the original!


Jul 27, 2010 by andy2373

Mods, swap out silver bezel for a black one, new keyboard, and smooth battery cover.
3 speakers
loud earpice
Great call quality
Great RF
Great battery life
Runs smooth
SD card is external
OS is a little old
2MP camera

Can't go wrong with the one that started it all. That's why between ATT's 9700 and the 9000 the 9000 edges out the 9700.



May 6, 2010 by skywalkershawty

I've had many blackberries, the 8120 pearl, the 9530 storm(two of), the 9700 bold, the 8900 curve(two of), the 8330 curve, the 8350i curve, and the 7100(two of).

This one is my favorite BY FAR

-Great Battery Life, I only charge b4 bed
-Stereo Speakers, others just have mono
-High Speed, like the snap of my finger
-Sturdy, feels expensive and built to last
-Email, super fast, I receive it in real time rather than a few minutes later
-OS even though it's only 4.6 it's stable and works great

-No 3G (Only cause I have T-Mobile/it's unlocked)
-No 5.0 I would like to upgrade but it's not as easy as the 8900 was
-Case makes it too big, phone is perfect size by itself
I really just put whatever cons I could think of FOR ME lol

overall, I like this phone WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the 9700, I'd recommend it.

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Bold 9000


Nov 14, 2008 by RIMBBuser405

I have owned a lot of blackberries and i love them all. I also owned the 3G iphone, but had to get rid of that to get my Bold and it was worth it!!!! I'm in love with this phone. This is by far the best blackberry i have used. RIM has really stepped up their game and put their best in this phone. I'm really happy. The keyboard is really comfortable to use.


- Screen, really high, HD like resolution.
- good keyboard for texting
- very loud and good sound quality
- the internal memory is superb that they added.
- the new updated software
- 3G data speeds
- 3.5 mm headphone jacks
- build very strong, feels good in the hands.


- my only gripe when i first got this phone was the new icons, it took awhile to getting used to it.

This phone is probably one of the best blackberries and a phone that i owned. im proud of RIM for this. its worth the money. Totally beats the iphone in my opinion.

BlackBerry Bold


Nov 26, 2008 by VZMoney

I decided to write a review of the Bold AFTER I tested out the Storm for a few days. For BlackBerry "power users" this device blows the Storm away. Honestly, I prefer VZW over AT&T but the UMTS/EVDO coverage in my area is nearly identical between the two which takes carrier vs. carrier out of the equation.


- Best BB to date... Period.
- Extremely fast menu navigation
- Beautiful screen
- Loud, clear call quality
- Exceptional RF
- Best QWERTY keypad I have ever used on any device in 5 years
- Exceptionally solid build quality - not a brick like the Storm
- Flawless WiFi
- Greatly enhanced browsing experience over previous BlackBerry devices
- Finally! A 3G BlackBerry on at&t!
- Included leather case is the better than anything RIM has ever offered previously or anything at&t sells for it currently. Was very impressed
- Classy leather back.

Cons (because NO device is perfect):

- Battery life could be better, but that gorgeous screen justifies it
- Did not update to Micro USB port
- Waiting for more custom apps to be released
- Wish there was a CDMA (Verizon) variant so I could use it on my personal line
- Price is a little steep, but you definitely get what you pay for.

In the end, I would have to agree with fellow users that this is without a doubt the best Blackberry to date. Unless at&t's coverage isn't up to par where to live/work/travel, I would recommend this device to everyone in need of a BlackBerry. You won't be disappointed.

the most complete phone out there


Nov 13, 2008 by becnel10

I've been using the blackberry bold for a couple of days now. I've used a number of phones in the past including bb8700, 7130, pearl, 8800, curve, windows os phones with 4.0-6.1 standard and professional, palm os, and both the iphones. This is the most complete device out there. RIM took the things that made them great, like push email, good reception, good battery life, and reliability with email and the device itself and added a 624mhz processor, a 3g radio, almost hidef screen, and media capabilities that give u ability never seen from a blackberry, including the ability to transfer itunes files to the bold, to make one device that has something for everyone's needs. My last phone was an iphone 3g. I was very impressed with it. I got my work email from my exchange server. It had an awesome browser and a full fledged ipod. It also had aps to solve lifes everyday issues. I thought to myself, this is great. But using it, the battery life was an issue and I couldn't do small things like copy and paste. Using the iphone for work just wasn't really cutting it. The bold gave me a very good media phone and the capable email of a blackberry. Not to mention html email now. The web browser is a full browser, unlike previous blackberries, and very fast with the 3g network. I'd recomend this phone to anyone. Excellent buy!

Black. Bold. Beautiful.


Aug 7, 2009 by superawesomefones

I saw you and I could feel our love bloom
Your faux leather really makes my blood rush,
And your metal and plastic is sweet to my touch.
With your 3G I know we could zoom.
Your speakers so great I can hear every strum.
Our connection with no wires felt honest and free
It’s like you are now a vital part of me.
Your silky screen really made the movies hum.
I love you blackberry because you are-
Black. Bold. Beautiful.

BlackB Bold & Uncaught Exception Error


Apr 7, 2009 by ProfessorMac

Hey all:

I wish I would have known about this "uncaught exception java.lang.nullpointerexpection" error with the Bold before I bought it.

I bought this REFURBISHED Bold from ATT and on day 3 the phone lost its WiFy signal, the screen began to brighten on its own, and on day 4 it froze too. An ATT store rep saw this error and looked it up, and said is an OS problem and phone would have to go back back. I've never bought a reburbished phone.

I fu with ATT today, I got a terrible run around. They played dumb and after 2 hrs of calls I let em have it. In search on the net, error seems somewhat common and I suspect is related to some type of conflict with saved SIM contacts and the program mgr and Outlook contacts.

I really like the phone. I wrote papers on this type of archtex 10 years ago. But, this OS issue is troubling. I averted a Windows mobile phone for this reason. Seems BB also suffers from similar failures. Until I fully understand the extent of this error, I will be reluctant to trust the integrity of this phone. A user I met earlier cautioned me against "synching" the phone w PC.

Not all peachy w the Bold.


Amazing Device!


Nov 12, 2008 by scotkap

I have had many phones, WM Devices and Blackberry's. The Bold 9000 is by far the BEST ever! It is extremely fast, easy to use, and has a nice size and very clear screen.

-Fast Processor
-Nice Keyboard (Even if you have big fingers)
-Battery life is pretty good
-USB Charger
-Charges and Syncs through one plug
-Camera isn't too bad (2 MP)

-None right now

Best Device I've Owned to Date


Nov 15, 2008 by Thannah4

Ok, so I've had the Treo, Pearl, Curve, IPhone, and now the Bold, and I still can't get over my amazement of this phone. I've been anxiously waiting since news of it first leaked out about 6 months ago, but the pics and videos online do no justice until you actually have it in hand.
As everyone else has stated, the screen is AMAZING!!! A friend was over last night and I showed him a movie clip on the phone. His response was, "What is that? HDTV?" lol.
Blackberry has really stepped up their game on this one, and though the wait was grueling, its worth it to buy a phone that doesn't come with a lot of issues because the company took their time to fix these issues before it was released...cough, cough, Apple!*
The Pros are almost everything about this phone! 3G, Screen, Call Quality, Video, Email, etc.
The only Con I can find is its size, but thats because I'm coming from the Curve, but its not bad and won't take long to get used to.
If you don't have one yet, you don't know what you're missing!

oh, wow!


Nov 22, 2008 by KoldPhusion

I've been using this phone since it came out, and I'm having a lot of fun with it! Signal strength is one of the best I have ever had, even in EDGE networks. It has all the features I need (email, internet, "threaded" messaging, style, perfect size, etc) and I'm glad I bought it!

Great keyboard
Battery life is decent (3-4 days with 100 msgs a day)

Wi-fi seems a bit slow (for me, not a big deal at all, but for people who depend on wi-fi, I would suggest trying another phone that has wi-fi built in [wi-fi dependent people, a 4-star rating])
Pics seems to take a slight bit longer to load, but again, only if you're impatient should it affect you

If you need a business phone that works amazing, get this phone!

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