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the thing is a BEAST!


May 15, 2009 by joshuwaa111

and by a beast i mean it as in its powerful and has amazing battery life, not big haha. i thought that it would be a lot larger actually but it's a great size! I've had it for a little over a week now and all i can say is "WOW". the screen is so beautiful, the battery lasts forever, speakers BLAST, video quality is excellent, camera is nice, and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack!

-pretty good reception (south eastern massachusetts).
-LOUD speakers!
-gorgeous 2.8" screen with 480x320 resolution.
-expandable memory up to 16 gigs (possibly 32 gigs).
-2 shortcut buttons are convenient.
-camera quality is good (love the flash too).
-has video recording onboard.
-leather back has a nice feel to it & classy look.
-snappy software.
-custom themes add a nice touch as well.

-call quality could be a tad better, but im not complaining.
-browser could be better (will be solved when skyfire is finally released, so i cant complain).

this phone is just great in my eyes. coming from an iphone 3G & t-mobile G1 i appreciate the little things about the blackberry bold, such as the PHENOMENAL BATTERY LIFE (can't get over how long it lasts) and the true push email and REAL MULTITASKING! you cant go wrong with this phone, so go pick one up (:

Amazing Phone. Too many problems


Apr 10, 2009 by haternation

This phone as far as features go is top dog. 3G, wi-fi, simltanious voice and data, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately I work for AT&T and I was given one. Well actually I'm on my fifth one. They can't seem to work properly

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Very Bold


Mar 14, 2009 by tennisbum

I Have been with Att since they use be called LA Cellular and i had a lot of phones since my time with them i just upgrade from the curve to the Bold and let me tell you the best phone i ever owned.

The Pro's The screen its like watching Hd,the camera is owsome,the reception is like no other the 3G speed is great i can't say enough great things about this phone.

con's well i just wish the battery life was a little better.



Jan 13, 2009 by johnnywebbsite

Be for you make a mistake in buying the storm you really need to do your home work like I did. I spent 3 days with both phones and ended up returning the storm. Blackberry needs to learn more about touch-screens. All I can say is I love the BOLD. :) Best Blackberry phone hands down.

Blackberry at it's very best


Jan 13, 2009 by jaskat

This is the best blackberry by far. I have had the 8700,Pearl and the curve and while they were very good phones the Bold is almost perfect. I did quite a lot of research before buying this phone. The one complaint I say most often was that the Internet was not as good as it is on windows devices and that it was hard to navigate. I found it to be the exact opposite on the Bold. Works just like it does on the computer. Just one Great Phones!!!!!

Internet(Full HTML)
Media Player

Cons: Not a One

New love


Dec 31, 2008 by emase3rd

This phone has to be the best phone I have ever had perviously I was strictly a windows mobile user and not a big fan of Blackberry. I have had the privilage of testing out the BB Curve with sprint and I have to say it was a step in the right direction for BB. I have since then switched over to AT&T and currently own the HTC Tilt and Fuze which are both great phones but my BB Bold has made me forget that I own other devicves. The only real question I have is how to navigate the trackball speed to go a little faster? Other than that its a perfect phone so far.



Nov 8, 2008 by verysage1

Been 4 days now and I am totally hooked. Gave my iPhone 3G to my son and my Curve to a deserving employee.

- WiFi is fanstastic. Speed Test: 1mb up-3mb down. WOW.
- VPN works (after my IT team found the Cisco app)
- Pairs perfectly with the normally impossible to do: Porsche interface (horrible).
- I am not a fan of virtual KBs - so the Storm is not a next move for me.
- BB BOLD envy at the airport. Reminds me on the first day the iPhone shipped and I had one. Of course it took 11 hrs to provision - but the pinch feature and screen rotation was a big hit while waiting.

- None of my favorite apps (Yahoo Go, Etrade and the like) are available for the BOLD yet (I think it's a screen res issue?). I am LOST without the Yahoo Go Nav gadget and NOT paying $9.95/mo to AT&T. When???? Anyone solve this yet??? Any ETA???
- Took a day to get use to the 10% larger form factor.
- Hit my credit limit buying BOLD accessories on Ebay.

Get it. You have 30 days to decide. I did and the BOLD is a keeper.

simply the best


Jan 17, 2009 by sixsteps

This phone is simply awesome in every way the graphics blow away every phone and you can do everything with it I totally love it and yes the battery life would be the only complaint but its because of 3g and the amazing screen resolution but if you use the holder it came with, the magnet on it shuts the screen off and saves battery life and if you are someone that texts a million times a day its fine , its extreme Internet use that kills the battery but you still get a full day out of it unless your talking and using the Internet non stop.
and I talk alot and use the internet I have two phones and use over 3000 minutes a month
the look, reception and sound of this phone and ease of putting music on is so great its so easy to back your stuff up
Stop looking and get this phone it will not dissapoint

Finest BlackBerry Ever Released


Nov 9, 2008 by erikclarke

I have owned several BlackBerry devices, from the old pager only devices through the Nextel 7520, 7130, Verizon 8703e, T-Mobile BB Pearl and Sprint World Edition 8830 (most recently running OS and I must say that the increased speed over the 312 Mhz microprocessor is noticeable in every aspect of the Bold's UI. I have also setup Curves, Pearls and 8820's. None of these devices moves as smoothly through the BlackBerry interface as does the Bold.

It is an extremely well built device. The battery life is outstanding. I am able to keep the Wi-fi active all day and night while at home with very little drain on the battery. The screen is lush, rich, liquid and picturesque. The fonts are what we always wished they looked like on computers, but never received. The shockingly powerful speaker awakens me each day with the upgraded alarm clock program that is fully programmable with complex, repeating multiple alarms. Photo handling is surprisingly smooth, as is music handling due to the increase in power of the 624 MHz tri-core microprocessor. E-mail setup was a breeze for corporate and personal accounts using the BIS setup program on the device. It has a full stereo mini-headphone jack for standard walkman styled headphones. Signal strength is stable and predictable in locations that confound the vaunted iPhone 3G. In fact the browser is so functional that I haven't touched my iPhone in several days and am not tempted to use it at all. An excellent case that virtually locks onto my belt is included in the box.

Cons: No standard phone sized jack for old-styled headsets if you are into them.

After a few days of solid, performance and reliable, speedy rock solid connections, I am so very pleased to say that this is the finest convergent mobile communication device ever released (to date 11-9-08) for public sale in the US (Note: I was one of the folks that waited in line at 5:00 am for the iPhone 3G on the day of its release.) Thanks RIM, great job!

Best BlackBerry Yet!!!


Nov 7, 2008 by cellphonefreak31

Like everyone else, I have been awaiting the release of this device for sometime now. I have used many blackberry's going back to the 7100 series. This is by far one of the best blackberry's I have used. I have always used a blackberry but for some reason decided to go with a Treo 750 running on a Windows OS. What a mistake? I wanted this phone so bad, I paid the full retail price for it and it has been worth every penny so far.


1. Speaker on the device is excellent. By far the best of any blackberry. Makes it very easy to listen to music.
2. Screen Resolution is off the charts. I watched the demo video on the device and was instantly wowed. Ranks right up there with the iphone if not better. Could be compared to Hi-Def.
3. User Interface has been upgraded. I have used many blackberry's and I love the new icons. It was time for the upgrade.
4. Call Quality is excellent.
5. Reception in my house is much improved with device.

Cons: Can't think of any right now.

Excellent device. I can't say enough good things about it. These devices have definitely come along way.

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