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May 22, 2008 by bellababy

Ok I've owned alot of diff phones from VZW so I think I can rate this one pretty good. I've had the LG4600 6000 6100 5300 enV, Motorola pink razr, samsung u740(alias), LG8500 8550 and now proud owner of the Venus! I can start off by saying I prob will NEVER go back to flip ph or qwerty again. I love the sliders and touch sensor screens. I loved both my chocolates I had but wanted a more touch sensitive phone. Didn't want the Voyager cuz i didnt want to change my calling plan. Here are my pros & cons:

-touch screen responds nicely (especially if you have nails they dont get in the way)
-camera functions/pix are pretty good
-LOVE the color, its pink!
-word for txting makes it easy and the keypad is a good size
- looks classy
-call quality is good/sometimes a lite hiss, nothing to go ballistic about and i usually get all bars on the phone unless the weather is crazy.
-some of the boring vzw menus are changed! yea!
-a couple of new rings instead of the usual boring ones and the wallpapers it came with are nice too(dont no about the black venus)But i will still downld some new tones
-classier version of the choc 8550

-sometimes the touch screen moves a little slow like other reviewers had stated but i like the phone enuff that its not a crazy issue for me
-the speaker on the choc 8550 was set up great and if the phone laid flat you could still hear it loud-n-clear/but with the venus they choose to move it and wen the phone lays flat it does sound muffled
-damn fingerprints :(

So far, I am really happy with the phone and I did read ALL the reviews on this phone b4 i made the move to spend the big bucks and get it..lol! I dont have any "freezing" issues with the phone, although sometimes it takes a little longer to send a txt/pix msg, but i contribute that to the weather too.
I havent had a chance to sync music to this phone yet like i had with my 8550 but i'm sure it'll sound just as good. I would say go for it!

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Great Features But...


Apr 4, 2008 by tx_dbs_tx

I got this phone and have had it for about a month now. The Venus has great features and i can't find anything lacking on the phone besides a flash for the camera. However the Venus has a big LAG issue that is just too annoying for me. When scrolling through recent calls, messages, or when inputing text in messages, it lags pretty bad. If you mistype a word and want to go back to change a letter for example you tap repeatedly to the letter you want to change but the lag either freezes the phone for e second or backspaces all by itself past the letter you want to change. It happens every time for me and I hate it and want to throw the phone as far as i can! Also I often have to press a touchscreen button twice to get it to do what it's supposed to do. The first press lights up the appropriate button but does nothing, the second attempt usually works. That's extremely annoying as well. Accidentally pressing the wrong touch key happens more than i like but it's to be expected. Due to these issues I really am aggravated with the Venus, other than that it's a good featured phone with a not so big QVGA hi-res screen.

*great features for camera, pics.
*good camera pic quality.
*holds 1000 contacts with multiple numbers for each contact.
*Compatible with BitPim
*accepts an 8 gig micro sd mem card
*nice size and weight, feels good in the hand.
*has pic previews when sending pix messages and when browsing pics in fullscreen.
*great call quality

*LAGGY PHONE! explained above.
*no flash for camera.
*screen is a bit too small for a phone like this. there is room for a bigger screen.
*Fingerprints constantly which is to be expected.
*very awkward button sequence to end calls while phone slider is closed.
*you have to press music key to unlock phone usually causing the phone to go to music player instead. Get used to that. The unlock key should have been set to a different key.
*Did i say this phone is LAGGY? Oh yes i did!!! I would wait for a better phone people.

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Mar 5, 2008 by crzy1_4life

This phone is ok. I owned it for 2 weeks. I had problems that others had with freezing. When i would txt or try to save anything with a "txt format" the phone would freeze and restart itself. I took the phone to a verizon technician, and he told me that it was a common problem. LG obviously spent more time working on the touch screen and other features instead of future glitches.

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Venus 8800 Pink Love this phone!!


Jan 27, 2008 by lisam87

I have had the LG Venus 8800 by Verizon for about a month now and I absolutely love it! Granted i don't like the fact that you can't change the touch sensitivity but overall it is an awesome phone! I would recommend this phone to anyone who likes technology and music! Love it!

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I made an excellent choice


Nov 28, 2007 by esttener

I sure am happy with my decision to get the Venus. I loved it right away and now that I've had it for a few days, I love it even more.

Touch screen allows easy navigation
Nice and smooth finish with back rubber
Smooth and easy slider
Great camera
Just the right weight and size
Battery is is great
and more....

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Best LG so far


Nov 21, 2007 by leehall11

Ok, I have the phone for about 12 hours now and I am very excited to have this phone. It is my 8th...yes I said 8th LG with Verizon and I couldn't be happier. I love the user friendliness with LG and so far each phone is outdone by its next with features.

Venus pro's that I like:

Awesome screen
Perfect size...fits in my hand nice and I have large hands
Presettable shortcuts on the lower touch screen
Easy navigation
Great camera
Can dial from contacts, answer and navigate without opening slider.

Venus Con's:

Screen shows prints but fixed with a screen cover
So far, battery life not awesome...turn off extra vibes and sounds and it will get better

I love this phone

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Nov 21, 2007 by Marius5

Just got the phone today and I'm very impressed. The touchscreen works very well, lots of features, and a very sleek an sexy look! Reception is as good as always with Verizon in Columbus, OH region. Sound quality is excellent.

Overall: Thumbs way up.

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I love Venus


Nov 28, 2007 by wesviron

The Venus is pretty much a perfect phone for me.
The slider is nice and smooth. It feels very natural right away.
The touch screen is really easy to use.
The phone looks great, black and smooth.
Ringtones are plenty loud.
Camera works real well.
Battery life is decent.
Only thing is the fingerprint smudges but I can live with that.

Overall, truly a really great phone.

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Not Worth It!


May 23, 2012 by Meliza

I have had several cell phones over the years and have never had a screen crack/break not even from the inside where the glass is fine but the graphics get messed up. But that is exactly what happened when it was in a padded case. It was not dropped/bumped or anything just in my pocket for about 20 minutes and it was damaged. I only had the phone for about 2 months. Battery life is really bad it appears to be ok for a bit but within the month it got to where after being fully charged it only lasts about 2 and half hours on standby!! (I had initially charged it for 24 hours before using it when I got it, so that is not the problem). This is the worst phone I have ever gotten.

takes to long to start up
battery life is a couple of hours on standby
screen is way to sensitive at times
other times screen is not reactive enough
screen is easily broken from the inside
camera is to slow

good graphics

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Feb 6, 2012 by boobar

I only gave this phone a 2.5 rating because of the features. Other than that, I have had the battery replaced 3x. Whenever I charge it completety, turn it off maybe one hour, then turn it back on, it's dead. I'm going to see if I can get the phone replaced before I totally give up on it. It's been doing this for 10 months.

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