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LG Venus VX-8800


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Nov 28, 2007 by blckrsxtypes

ok so i had the phone for a mere 12 hrs now and so far its freaking awesome..yea ok your prints do kinda show up on the touch screen but on what phone doesnt..you feel me??? I changed phones from the motorola rizr to this one and same phone but buttons and most features on this phone are better..so so far no complain here..oh and battery life is ok not the greatest oh well those are just the many flaws of technology..nobody is perfect..hope this helps

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Lots of BUGS!! Poor software!!


Jul 8, 2008 by Sunnygirl05

I am currently on my 3rd venus (am waiting for my 4th to arrive) and have so many problems. As first I LOVED it, it's so cute and stylish, but that quickly changed.
The phone freezes right in the middle of a text or call waiting call, to the point of having to remove the battery to get the phone to restart. Also, when you try to save pics to your on-line pix-place my phone will restart and not save my pics.
Another minor issue, is the speed dialing, when you enter a two digit location it will show the name of the person with the first number location.

I would not recommend this phone to anyone, just for the simple fact that it is a pain to have to keep exchanging phones and waiting for LG to get it right!!

PROS: Cute, pink, small, I enjoyed the touch screen, and cute colors and screen options, love the music player

CONS: As listed above, constant freezing, no use of pix-place storage from phone, camera is not that great, speaker is not very loud when using music player, speed dialing glitch

OVERALL: This phone has way to many software problems, I would wait a year to see if LG can get it right with this cute little phone!!

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Jan 25, 2008 by romeros1

I have had the Venus for 30 days now and I am going to keep it. I had the LG "V" phone and was looking for a smaller phone with the same features or more. I chose to give up the keyboard and am presently surprised with the predicitive text of the Venus.

PROS: small phone, great graphics, great responsiveness for touch screen, great MP3 player (I have the 8 GB micro card), finger prints aren't that bad, awesome mobile 2.0 web surfing and adding of favorite web pages, awesome ring tone capability, awesome call quality. good battery life (3 days for me) and I use music, VCAST, mobile 2.0 a couple of hours a day, and great recording options to record my golf swing at the driving range.

CONS: screen locks up quickly (could be a good feature), speaker on back of phone.

Overall I would recommend the VENUS. A few annoying words with the predictive text, but overall easy to use. Music playlist are great. Sounds and ringtones sync is awesome. I will never be buying ring tones again. Quality and build is superior and I am impressed w/ the screen touch response and quality.

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Very Cool


Nov 20, 2007 by junkman007

I am not the type of person to go out and buy the latest and greatest phone out there. However when I looked at this phone I had to.

I expected it to be heavier than it is. It is very comfortable in your hands. I have always owned Motorola phones, so I am getting use to the new look and feel.


- Very easy to use menu system.
- Very good call quality.
- Camera takes great pictures.
- Touch screen is cool.
- Love the vibrate feedback.
- Can receive and make calls (using contacts) without having to open the slider. Slider required only to dial numbers.


- Wish it had a ridge like Moto RIZR for easy open and close. Sometimes I need to use 2 hands.
- Wish it came with a case instead of the useless suede pouch.
- Does get a lot of fingerprints, but that is to be expected.
- Wish there was one button to lock the phone w/o going through the menu system

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One of the Worst Phones I've Ever Had


Apr 16, 2008 by textaddict

I was so excited about this phone. I thought it was gonna be awesome. Looks are so deceiving.

-Good camera quality.
-You can zoom in on pictures and move them around when you're setting it as wallpaper.

Now the Cons:
-The first one I got I had to exchange it because everytime I'd push the camera button, it would freeze. I'd close out of the camera and it would be sooo slow.
-There's a huge delay with the touch screen. At least a full 1-2 seconds.
-The phone restarts itself randomly.
-The phone freezes a lot.

I'm not the only one with these problems. Everyone that I know that has one absolutely hates it. I would NOT recommend it to anyone. It was great at first, but once it got used, it started going downhill and really fast.

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Nov 20, 2007 by johnwayne

The phone is awesome. It's fun to use and fits in my hand well (bigger hands). I've only had it for a couple hours so I haven't learned it all yet. The coverage and voice quality is great. I'm new to verizon so maybe I'm just comparing it to the crappy coverage I had from sprint (northern California)

Appearance: Sleek and smooth black.
Rubber back which helps with grip and protection from scratches.
2.0 MP camera
The touch screen allows for easy navigation.
The processor is fast enough to use the apps.
Supports up to 8gb sd card.
Comes with a nice soft carrying pouch.

Froze once so far
Finger print magnet
Camera responce is slow. Push the button wait....click picture is taken.
Haven't tried but verizon told me that I cannot transfer photos via bluetooth.

It's growing on me with time but I didn't like that the camera feature requires the phone to be sideways.

When I hold the phone during coversation, my finger tip rest on the camera lens which leaves finger prints. No big deal.

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LG Venus


Mar 26, 2008 by Taylor124506

I loved this phone until about one month after having it it started freezing up while texting. It would not just freeze and you could turn off and on by using the power button. You have to take battery off and on and then turn on. It continued to freeze every time i texted. I took the phone back and exchanged it. Yesterday, about a month and a half since the last problem it started doing the same thing again. I love the phone but i think there may be some kinda of major problem. I do text A LOT but shouldnt a very expensive, new phone be able to handle it?

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Horrible Software


Feb 26, 2008 by Capt61

I had this phone for a total of 2 1/2 months, and in that time period I went through three of these phones. I took it back after a month of having it because it freezes when texting and shuts off so you cant send text messages. They gave me a new phone and then a month and a half later it did it again. So i took it back and they gave me a new phone. This new phone did the same exact thing as soon as i left the store. So i took it back and got the LG enV. So far I like that phone much better than the Venus.

Venus Pros,

Nice design, small, easy to use

Venus Cons,

Software glitches, fingerprints, slides open very easily and then it called someone when it slid open

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Jan 25, 2008 by dennismc

Not a bad phone but has some-bugs that need to be worked out.One is the phone rebooting when setting wallpaper poor battery life weak vibrate bluetooth issues static etc.Iam going to return it for the env i here its a very good phone. i hope.

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Dec 16, 2007 by moley

Great size, form factor
Battery life seems normal so far (I charge every evening anyway)
Signal and sound quality excellent (Tampa Bay area)
Typical Verizon UI with a new skin, seems a little slow, but normal
First phone I ever owned that makes a great MP3 player (2.5mm jack on the side, and A2DP Bluetooth work great)

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