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LG Venus VX-8800


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It was good when it was out


Jun 22, 2010 by narn3049

I had been looking for a phone like 3 years ago, I settled on the Motorola K1m krazr, and yeah that phone was cool when I owned it. But I looked at this and it was cooler, i was just not sure of the touch panel.

It seems to just be a touchier lg 8500 and an upgrade to that of course. Then what then the 8550? i forget.

Yeah this phone is cool. SO IF you find the Way to get this phone i would definetely choose it. Yeah I chose the krazr but if u have a choice between the Venus and the Krazr, please choose the Venus. It will save you the low battery life seriously. It was horrible on the krazr, not at first but after the first 8 or 9 or so first months it really started powering down fast. Otherwise, go with the Voyager

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Nice phone..


Dec 15, 2009 by PhonePhan12

The picture and video features were easy to use, picture quality was great! I had the venus for a year, and in that time being I went through three different phones.. My problem with the venus was that after a few months with each brand new phone it would break in half. There have been many reported cases of this happening, this however is with any slider phone. After my 3rd phone I was finished, right now I am a proud owner of the EnV3.

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Awful Phone


May 29, 2009 by carriesch

looks cool
touch screen
camera takes pretty nice pics

the "silver" coating came off within a month
the touch screen will lock and repeat the touch screen sound over and over
it now freezes during every text i write and I have to wait for it to shut down on its own 2 min later
even on silent mode, if the hands free button gets pressed (easy b/c it's on the side) it will say loudly "PLEASE SAY A COMMAND", pretty embarrassing when it's on silent mode for a reason.
the music player starts up randomly.
more pocket calls than any other phone i've owned.
the "locked" mode is too easy to unlock on its own.

I hate this phone, and probably will never buy another LG again.

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Continued problems, slider loose and screen not responsive


Feb 16, 2009 by tricia53

Had phone for 30 days-had to ret because of peeling frame and screen not reponding. After the second phone screen came loose from base and finally fell off the base and tape broke. Out of luck, even though phone is warranty for a year. Verizon will not replace.

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Dec 7, 2008 by blancha

It was a good phone in the beginning playing music, taking pictures, texting, etc.

I've not even had this phone for a whole year and it's freezing now. I can't text anything but yes or no. Anything longer than that everything freezes and i have to remove the battery to get back to anything.

All i know is i don't like it anymore.

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Not too shabby


Dec 1, 2008 by fakename

I've had this phone for about four months, got it in mid-Aug. And honestly it still looks good. I would probably recommend it, but it is a bit fussy sometimes. The main issue is the touch screen. It sometimes just stops responding to your touch for no apparent reason. And when I'm trying to IM and take pictures it'll sometimes just go to a blank white screen and the only solution is to take the battery out.

I don't have any protective screens on it and it doesn't have any scratches, and it doesn't really hold onto fingerprints at all. It still looks great! I love the buttons and the slider still works great. The only issue with that is that the top buttons are a little scratched from the slider. Not really a big deal tho.

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So far the best phone I have ever had!


Oct 8, 2008 by gothicbttrfli

I have only had this phone for less than 24 hrs but I have been playing with it since i got it and so far I love it. The picture clarity of the screen is amazing. I love the touch screen, even though it is a finger print magnet. I went from having a Palm Treo 700w to the Venus and I am so glad I switched. I have my wallpaper set up as a picture of my husband and it is so crisp and clear that it looks like the actual picture I took.

I am still learning how the phone works and what all I can do with it but as of right now it is the best phone I have ever had.

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Love/Hate Relationship.


Oct 2, 2008 by Popcorn.

I have read plenty, if not all the reviews, and I agree with most of them. I've had this phone for about 4 months and it's been pretty good to me. When I 1st got it I thought it was the best phone out, but the touchscreen was a little sloppy. Now that I've had it longer it's grown on me and I'm beginning to love it. It's super easy for me to text, I can do it without looking now. It takes very good pictures IMO. The slider has a nice feel to it, and the rubber/plastic backing is pretty good for gripping. The chrome however chips very easy!! It's almost all the way off and I've had a cover on it every since I bought it. I had version 3.0 software when I first bought, then version 4.0 came out and I updated it. It fixed the touch problem and now it's very accurate. But there are a few glitches when using a custom wallpaper, nothing to cry over but still sometimes annoying. The call quality seems fine to me, although I only text and rarely call. But when I do it's good enough. The Music player is great since it stays in the background playing and you can text/call/look @ the web as you please without affecting it.

Great photo quality.
Easy to text on.
Professional look.
Nice big LCD screen.
Call quality is good.
Speakerphone/Sound good enough for me.
Music player is a nice feature.

Chrome trim chips off.
Smudge-marks, like all touch screens.
Occasional glitches.

Overall this phone is actually a lot better than what other ppl have said about it recently. I'd say give it a try if you like slider phones or the Chocolate.

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one of the worst phones i've ever had


Aug 26, 2008 by shirtsleeve

I was so excited to get this phone, but quickly learned that it wasn't worth it. Only after three days of having it, it froze the first time and never turned back on. I quickly went through FOUR phones before asking Verizon to replace it with something different. Because of my job, I need a phone that is extremely reliable. Also, even with protectors on it, the "metal" on the side chipped away. I frequently lost pictures, texts, and calls with daily usage of the phone.

Looks cool.

Constant freezing.
Losing important things on the phone.
Camera was way too slow
Chipping of sides
Major software malfunctions in every one that I had.

I was at Verizon and replaced it with the Dare and absolutely love that one...The guy told me that the Venus might be recalled soon because of how many people are returning them.

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Awsome Cellphone


May 7, 2008 by callsan

Pros- Small, slick, easy to use, awesome features, good cell reception.

Cons- Average battery life, dropped call on less than 1 bar signal.

I bought this phone and activated it and had reception issues. Took it in to the store and they ended up replacing it due to a bad antenna. After I got my new phone it was like magic. I love this phone. Granted battery life isn't ever going to bet any better but I upgraded from a 6700 HTC..windows mobile phone and this is the best phone i have EVER had. I have had many phones but none like this. I do get annoyed when I have almost no service and I start a phone call and it sounds like its a good signal but then boom it drops it. It's not a downfall in my view. I just need to find a place with better service. I would totally recommend this phone to everyone!! Go LG!!

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