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Nice and smooth


Nov 28, 2007 by gaboteh

What a great experience! I love this phone, it works great, it's easy to use and the quality is amazing.

*The Slider is really smooth
*Touch screen is a very nice feature
*Size/weight is great, feels just right
*Ringtones are loud
*Camera is a 2MP and takes great pictures
*and much more...

I totally recommend checking the Venus out if you're looking for a new phone.

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phone is okay ...


Aug 10, 2008 by x3sammm

I got this phone for Christmas of 2007, and let's just say I'm already on my third of the same phone. When I first got the Venus, I was thrilled with some of the great and easy to use features it had, but as the weeks went on the phone began to annoy me. The touch screen does not respond quickly enough, and when you need or want to get to a picture, text, etc. fast, you can't. The camera lags, and takes at least a second after clicking the camera button to take the picture itself, sometimes leaving you wit ha blurry quality. If you can manage to hold the phone still long enough, the picture quality can be great because of the 2.0 mega pixels. A frequent problem I had was the space button's freezing during texts, forcing me to take the battery out and restart the entire phone while loosing the current text I was typing. I text alot, so when this happened, I had to use periods instead of spaces while waiting for a replacement phone. This happened to me twice. My main concern was the laggy touch screen, and being as annoyed with the phone as I am, I'm sure to soon buy one with no touch screen.

So, altogether, here are the pros and cons:

1. picture quality has the potential to be great.
2. texting is very easy with buttons that are easy to use and press.

1. lagging touch screen. eventually gets very annoying after have the phone for a long period of time.
2. camera is delayed. does not take pictures as quickly as you'd like.
3. because of sliding the phone up and down so often, the keys begin to have "streak marks" from the constant use of the slide feature.

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Great Phone


Nov 27, 2007 by sstangle73

i love the phone
some people have some problems with fingerprints you just need to buy a screen protector and your all set. reduces fingerprints a lot. the battery will die fast if you don't do the *228 option 2 haha went like 5 days where i bought it and when i came home it drained in 2 other wise its a great phone

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I QUIT!!!!


Jun 11, 2008 by enV2fanatic08

had 3 of these phones and then i quit and traded 4 the enV2 (read my review under enV wasnt enVious enough) but anyway lets get down to bussiness

Pro's: -2.0megapixel camera
-desicated music btton
-comes in pink
-has a smooth slide

Con's: -touch screen isn't responsive
-whenever you go to set a wallpaper or a ringtone the phone shuts off (well my 3 did)
-had 2 charge it twice a day
-very weak vibrate
-keypad buttons are small and feel weird
-whenever your texting the weight of the screen part of the phone cause it 2 sort of topple over making texting uncomfortable
-very slow camera
-when trying 2 take a pic of yourself you dont know what button 2 hit because there is none
-terribly slow aim
-messages never send well (sometimes would take hours for someone in your area to get a pic you sent)
-freezes so that you cant do anything but wait 4 it 2 die in order 2 get it working again
and LOTS of others but i m tired of typing so anyway i would recommend this phone 2...well no one, not even niave young people such as myself!!!! Hope this helps!!!!

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Looooove it!!!


Dec 8, 2007 by Northstar_69

I have had this phone for about a week now. I LOVE it. the signal strength is great, the Ring tones are Very loud which is great since I am kinda deaf. IT also comes with a bunch of ringtones that DO NOT suck.I love that you can customize your wall papers, I'm a big fan of changing my wall papers and then they fill the whole screen not just part of it. The slider feels very firm & secure. People complain that you can not adjust the touch sensitivity to the touch screen, you can do it, but with a price. Your battery life will drain very, fast. Touch sensitivity is connected to the vibration feedback feature on the phone. So they higher the vibration setting the higher the touch sensitivity, but then battery life drains very fast.

~Very loud Good Volume
~Wonderful Screen
~Looks Really Good(had several people looking at me using it while I was on the train)
~Lots of options to personalize
~Good Signal Strength
~Menu navigation through touch screen is awesome and easy

~Finger print magnet
~Wish touch sensitivity was not connected to vibration feedback option
~Wish there was some kind of Metal strip or ridge in between the 2 screens for easier sliding, instead of having to touch screen
~Camera is a little slow.
~Should have came with a flash for the camera for the price

I love my phone I hope this review helps!!!

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do NOT get the Venus


Aug 9, 2008 by tlc27

I got the venus in pink for christmas when it came out. for a month, it worked great, no problems. the beginning of this year, i took my phone in to the verizon place because i was having many problems.
-when i called someone, they could hear me, but i couldn't hear them
-silver decal is coming off (i did NOT drop it)
-touch screen doesn't respond sometimes or is slow
-turns off by its self
-takes decent quality pics
-long battery life

i would NOT recommend this phone. i am currently on my 3rd venus.

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Venus Rocks!


Mar 6, 2008 by k2fla

Great phone!Had it for 6 weeks.Call quality is clear & reception is above average,speakerphone is clear too.
The mp3 player rocks.Best sounding phone I've heard,with good headphones sound is comparable to an iphone. The internal speaker sounds good for a phone while playing music.I also have the Altec Lansing UHS301 headpones which are very comfortable with good sound quality for music + phone calls with a mic built into the set, all for a cost of $29.99. You can also adjust the equalizer presets on the phone to your taste.I think rock sounds the best. If you want the absolute best sound then there are more expensive headphones to choose from but from the value standpoint the Altec Lansing 301 are the best bang for your buck.
The touchscreen works great once you get the feel for it. You can scroll through your songs and menus with ease by touching the screen & or SLIDING your finger up or down either way or across the screen either way which enables you to move quickly through your songs, contacts,messages etc. I don't see it being slow at all & wonder if some users have learned how to SLIDE their finger on the touchscreen to scroll?
The software is good & responsive and doesn't show much if any lag.The camera works great too, also with no lag and taking good pics.
Battery life is good. I use my Venus about 3hrs a day for phone calls + mp3 player while exercising and charge my phone about every 2-3 days, not bad for leaving the phone on 24/7. I know some have complained about the battery,but no issues with me. If you use your Venus more, then expect to charge it more, This is normal. I use to work for AT&T Mobility and witnessed first hand all the complaints about the battery issues with the iphone.The more bells & whistles(touchscreen,mp3.etc)on the phone the more the phone will eat the battery, trust me.
Pros-Love the mp3phone
Cons-wish it was a full touchscreen+ mp3 maybe 1-2dbs louder through headphones,but then i might go deaf.Rock on!

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Think Before You Buy


Dec 28, 2007 by kdelaney

I'm a Verizon agent and I recently purchased this phone on December 14. I went from a Chocolate 8500. The Venus was pretty awesome for my first impression. I was super excited to get it but after having it for a few days I slowly became disappointed. My biggest complaint is that I can't navigate through the menus as fast as my 8500. I never thought I'd like anything better on 8500 than I do the Venus. I tried changing the menus to black/white instead of color, but that help the slow response. Also, I was on the phone the other day and it wouldn't let me adjust the volume. Like it was stuck or something. I also can't hear a damn thing because the volume does not go high enough on the earpiece. I would of gave it a 5 but it's few flaws are critical. :(

*Very sleek looking
*Awesome looking screen (but LG screens are brighter and clearer than most anyways)
*Nice 2.0 camera, but....(see cons)
*Ok backgrounds but who the hell is Keith Haring?
*Send key is on the inside which a lot of people like that.

*Can't hear anything on the earpiece!
*Vibrate is very low
*Having problems navigating quickly
*Camera pause after pressing "Take" is ridiculously long

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Has some bugs


Feb 12, 2008 by dmcdonnell1

Not a bad phone but has some software issues.one is when you take a pic on highest res and try to save to phone it reboots or you get a garbled picture. battery life average,if your a text junkie forget it keys to small bluetooth always static unless the phone is by your side. maybe once allthe bugs have been worked out ill try again, returned it for the env very nice phone its a little older but i think it functions better.also the venus has no battery low warning i was on 3 business calls and found myself talking to myself phone just shuts off maybe its like the env, your keypad volume has to be turned up not sure.phone is very stylish though.

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May 30, 2008 by tequilaoverdose

I've had this phone for about 2 months now. I am coming off an LG VX8300. I loved that phone. It was a nice size and always reliable.

This phone is pretty much the same as that, only that it's a slider.

... And prettier.

Anyways, I am primarily a texter. I use my phone for calls maybe once a week. I wanted a phone that was easy to text on and I didn't want one with a qwerty. Not a big fan.

This phone works well with the texting. So here's my list of pros and cons.

Keypad nice for texting.
Plays music even when i'm texting.
Size. It's not all bulgy. Slenderness is good.
Also weight, good.

Battery life. Not as long as 8300.
There is an echo when I talk.

Fingerprints would be a problem, but i bought screen protectors so that took care of that.

Overall good phone.

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