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Over a year and still working!


Jun 15, 2009 by rle520

Well...just a short review after having the phone for over a year now.

PROs: Great touchpad and touchscree, not really laggy and pretty responsive. The applications work with ease and navigation is simple and doesn't require too much work.
The speaker is great and microphone picks my voice up pretty well. Reception is great and I can't complain! (Charlotte region)

CONs: Camera is slow when opening up application. Sometimes when I text contractions that end in T, my phone shuts off and resets.

Otherwise, there are really no negatives with this phone for my basic needs of texting and calling. I don't use the browser so I can't really help you there.



Apr 27, 2009 by LGLUVER1997

Well, I've had this phone for about 6 months now, and I have to say that this is the best phone I've had in a long time. The touchscreen, keypad, vibration, web, web, everything, IS GREAT! My phone rarely gets fingerprints unless I slide the directional keys.

everything is GREAT about this
phone.LUV IT!

The camera is slow, but I love
you can use the side key to get 2 it to take the pic.



Aug 12, 2008 by stupidvenus

id rather shoot myself than get this phone again.. it sucks............ it shuts off at random. sometimes i turn it off and turn it back on and it comes up VENUS VerizonWireless .. DONT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!

It's alright... I guess.


Jul 27, 2008 by taylykinss

Well, I got this phone in February 2008 for my 13th birthday, and I was in love with it when i got it. The only problem about the Venus is that the touchscreen is un-responsive at points, but other times it works great. It's amazing for texting, and the pictures aren't that bad either! It's very easy to get to your contacts, and any other tools you want to use. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DROP IT! I have a couple times, and it got so scratched on the sides. That reminds me, make sure you buy screen protectors, or your front screen will be ruined in about 2 months. So, I've had this phone for 5 months, and it broke, completely. I slid it open, and the whole top (touchscreen & all) flew off, so, now I'm going to buy the Dare. :) Overall, this phone wasn't that bad, but it did get me really mad sometimes!

What's Not to Love??


Feb 6, 2008 by mellowlen62

Coming from the Razr and enV (both of which I really liked), I was hesitant to spring for a slider. I love this phone and I may actually keep it for 2 years… LG has done it again because what I didn’t like about the enV (and there wasn’t much), they fixed here with large, clear fonts, fantastic call clarity (no muffling here), great reception, loud ringers, very customizable, and a superb (once again) 2mp camera. I don’t miss the 2nd screen, never used that tiny one anyway, and the form factor here is amazing. It’s much easier to hold when taking pix, I don’t cover the lens with fingers anymore, and I text quite a bit so I was worried about losing the enV’s keyboard. Don’t miss it - the predictive text is a breeze, keys are large. Very intuitive, easy interface, everything is located in the right place and just makes sense. I never have to go looking for anything- the 4 main keys virtually eliminate my need to go into the actual menu most of the time. I like how it speaks the incoming calls/texts like the enV – that was almost a must for me…
Yes, you can change the touch sensitivity – I don’t know why people say you can’t – and honestly if people learn how to condition their batteries and not fry them on their chargers, the battery life on this (as every other phone I’ve owned) is NOT an issue. The slider is sturdy and fun and I was getting bored with the same old flip style.
The Venus is just a well-built, solid, nice looking phone for Verizon - it gets a lot of attention and is imho worth its price tag. Why the fuss over the back? I don’t think it looks cheap at all, I think peeling paint looks cheaper…and the grip factor is a plus, it doesn’t drop or slip…I have the black version.
The only con I can even come up with is the weak vibe – but the ringers are so loud (and somewhat decent at that), it’s not even worth mentioning…



Feb 3, 2008 by jessesbreeze

Awesome phone!!! Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new one. I read reviews for 3 weeks on this phone and any of the negativity given is because of those people not giving it a chance. Fingerprints are easily avoided by using a screensaver which has worked great for me. Mutlifunctional - listen to music while making calls, receiving calls. Music sounds awesome and you can set it to various settings. Reception is fantastic. Pairs great with bluetooth headset and wireless stereo headset for listening to music - can even take calls through the stereo headset. Not a thing I would change on this wonderful piece of hardware. Definitely a GRANDSLAM! Ringers sound awesome. VZ Navigator blew me away. Sucks to pay for it though. Tried it for 24 hours when I needed it and it was great. It's truly a gem. I was between the Voyager and the Venus - but the Voyager does't multi task and I've read complaints about the ringers not being loud enough and also it continuously locks up. Unless you are a texting Junkie - this is the phone for you. Worth every penny!!! Although cell phones are pricey - this one was worth it. Pictures are also very nice. Takes a second or two for the picture to actually take - but you know what - it's not a camera. I recommend reading ALL reviews you can - before purchasing a new phone, and hopefully you'll be as pleased as I am. Thank you LG!

Venus is also the Godess of phones


Jan 25, 2008 by lingostarr

I have had the phone for 24 hours, and I am fairly pleased with the phone.

PROs: Nice software color scheme. The color is soft and easy on the eyes.

The touch screen is nicely responsive, but not too touchy.

Sound(s) quality is the best I have ever heard! The music sound is clear and crisp. It doesn't sound like a phone speaker to me. The call quality sound is clear too.

Camera is cleverly set up. Turning the phone to the side to take pics with the camera button is intuitive. Large touch screen buttons make it easy to see and use. Takes Sharp Pix!

Wallpapers; This phone is awesome since you can resize/zoom photos to meet your wallpaper sizing desires.

Shortcuts make cutting through the menus easy.

The phone keys are responsive, and crisp to the touch.

The crome and black sleek finish is pure eye candy


The touch screen is kind of gimmicky. It isn't really needed. The overall idea of a touch screen is to eliminate the requirement of keys. The touch screen although responsive, I find it laboring to keep hitting the touch pad to move to the next menu- My Chocolate's (VX 8550) nav. wheel was much easier to move through the same menus.

The camera when it takes pix, is too laggy. It waits too long after you hit the camera button before taking the pic.

It slides kinda smooth, but you need to put a little elbow grease to get the phone to slide open.

Fingerprints city!

Overall the phone is great, and I think anyone would be happy to have the device. I just think it would be even cooler if it had been engineered with a full touch screen set up like the Prada phone. I highly recommend the phone.

Beautiful solid phone


Dec 24, 2007 by jdvar1ey

After owning this phone for just over a week I can say that I am very pleased. I will not go in depth as most of the pros and cons have been addressed by other members.

The touch screen takes only a few minutes to get used to, after which it is very easy. Some call it slow, it is no that bad, just not as quick as most phones.

One thing I love is after you take a picture, even with the phone horizontal, you can zoom in and pick how much of the picture you want to fill up the screen. That way you do not have a wide screen picture fit into a narrow screen. It does the same for caller id pictures as well, they fill up the whole screen and look really nice.

The ringtones are really really loud. I usually keep my phone on low or medium low around the house and it is more than enough to hear throughout the house. The speaker phone is loud and clear and sounds very nice. Battery is decent, not awesome but still solid.

Overall the phones performs as well as it looks. I played with the phone in the store while it was hooked into the security device and I honestly did not like it too much. I wanted to try it and I am glad I did. If you are thinking about getting this phone I recommend you do. The phone feels so much better in your hands and looks great when it is not at the store. Plus the "leather" on the back feels nice as well. Good phone, actually a really good phone

LG VX8800 Venus


Nov 29, 2007 by davidkaplan1

All I can say is incredible! The battery life is great. When it gets down to the last bar and about to die it takes forever to power off.

Pros: 1) You can place a call when slider is closed if it in your contacts. Also the speaker turns on while slider is closed as well.

2) The nice size screen reception quality is superb.
3) The touch screen feels satisfing
4) 2 megapixel camera on a touch screen setting works great

Cons: Even though a slider is supposed to be as reliable as a clamshell it feels fragile to me.

Overall great phone with jam pack features and well worth the investment.



Nov 21, 2007 by TamIAm

Had the Motorola Krazr before this one and liked it but could barely hear when the phone was ringing. The ringtones never had any pop to them. Anyway, after getting the Venus yesterday, I have to say it's an EXCELLENT upgrade. First, the slide is not flimsy, it's very smooth. The ringtones are LOUD if you need them to be. The touch screen is great, also. Call strength has been PERFECT, and battery life has been fantastic.
With the exception of the phone being a fingerprint magnet, I'd definitely say that Verizon/LG have hit a home run with this one. You won't regret getting it.

Note to the previous reviewer: Your battery strength may be low because your vibrate feature is on with the touch screen. You can turn this feature off. Check your manual.

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