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Not much luck


May 19, 2008 by crosie930

I actually had my phone freeze up and returned it for another on my second day of owning it. The second phone after 2 or 3 days is giving me problems with locking up. I remove the battery and put it back in and this time it will come back on. (The first phone was jammed and wouldn't work after it froze up) I will be returning this phone also. It's a real shame because I really like the phone when it doesn't lock up.

Ok at first, Realized wasnt for me


Apr 25, 2008 by steele1026

Id like to start off by sayin this phone is for the Business type of person. Being 19 and in school i realized fast this phone is not for me. Im a texting freak and like being on the web so i am getting the sidekick lx in a few days. So if your in the younger generation i wouldnt recommend this phone.

Good: As stated excellent phone for business people. The Windows Mobile is very nice. Didnt use the powerpoint or word or any document to go apps but im guessing for the biz world it is nice. You can upload your work into the doc apps. I did love and will miss the internet. It is the REAL internet and you can just about get on any site you want depending on how good signal in your area is, internet can be slow or fast depends. Camera is pretty neat takes decent pictures.Photos online and sprint tv also look good on the screen. Music sounds ok could be louder but its a phone not a stereo so i dont complain.

Bad: If you love to text as i do i really dont recommend this phone. Although the keyboard is waaay better than the Palm centro it still is pretty stiff. I really disliked the fact that there wasnt a special row for the numbers. After about a few wks with the phone trying to text became a pain becasue i was texting faster than the letters were coming up which slowed me down.I could go on about the texting with this phone but im sure youve heard enough, bottom line TEXTING IS A PAIN!

If your thiking about picture messeging FORGET ABOUT IT! Yea you can get pictures from everyone else but you cant send them to their phone only through emial. Phone also acts just like a computer and freezes up sometimes and is very slow sometimes. Once again phone is literally like a CP and is way to complicated for an average user.

Overall: If you are in the biz world and need a do everything phone to keep your work on and multi task sure its good. But if your a yougnger person and dont need all the uneccessary apps then i dont recommend this phone at all!

Good phone


Apr 1, 2008 by ariznc1

I switched over to Sprint from AT&T and signed up with their Simply Everything unlimited plan. I purchased the phone based on phonescoop reveiws and the claim that the battery was supposed to have a talk time of 7.2 hours.

Great reception

Very sharp screen

Easy to navigate menu

Able to save a lot of detail in contacts

Great speakerphone, very clear and loud


Comes with extended battery

Great keyboard

Battery life no where near advertised by Sprint website

Cannot download different ringers without spending $20 for their software. And then you can use your own music for ringers

Ringer not very loud

No music store or radio capability

Conclusion: If you are looking for a solid smartphone this is it. It is not perfect as no phone is. I wish I could get at least 6 hours of talk time with the battery, but 3g is a power hog and you have to realize that up front. I have only gotten dropped 1 time in 2 months of use and even though I only have one bar of service at my home, I get terrific reception and have never been dropped at my home. Sprint has a great network around the country and their new Simply Everything plans are the best yet.

Not perfect (nothing is right?) but VERY good


Mar 15, 2008 by Ze4mc

I have owned many phones- Treos, Nokia bar phones and recently came from an HTC Touch. I could never really warm up to the Touch- just too much touch screenand not as good as the Iphone when it comes to touch screen accuracy.
Got the Q9 from Sprint and it is a real winner. WOuld be a 5 out of 5 if lighter and smaller BUT THEN THE BATTERY WOULDNT BE AS GOOD. Too bad we have to deal with Physics. The new Samsung ACE is the right size for sure- but the battery life will be short because it is thinner (maybe they will have a bigger battery option in the future?)

> Very Good battery
> Almost perfect Keyboard- best of all bar style smartphones?
> Bluetooth paired with my Samsung WEP 410 with 0 problems
> Great screen
> WM 6 is good (but could be WAYY better and will crash- why cant Microsoft get these things right?)
> The battery that sticks out in the back actually makes it easier to hold
> Very good speaker phone IMO
> Standard 2.5 mm jack for wired headsets.
> Good usuability from a functionality standpoint- very good switiching from task to task.
> Effortless email hookup
> No lag- yet

> Fairly large and heavy - but aformentioned battery trade off has to be taken into account.
> WM 6 is good but sucks at the same time- have to manually kill programs or they become memory hogs. Blackberrys dont have that problem.
> No light that shows your charging- this big of a phone could have an LED showing that it is fully charged.
> Ditto for calls missed- should have external LED to flash showing missed calls or text. Ovesight if u ask me
Would be cool if the Motorola logo lit up when charging or missed call?
> Camera could be better but even if it were better it would still be an underperfoming cell phone camera.
> Scroll wheel on the sidenext to useless & doesnt push to enter like a Blackberry.
> WM6 will end up crashing over time

All in all, if you need a Smartphone, this really needs to be at the top of your list.

Q9m on Verizon Wireless


Feb 16, 2008 by saa001

I moved to Verizon Wireless from T-mobile and the BLackberry 8800. Best move I have made.

Pros: Good call quality. Good reception over a wide area. Speaker phone. Text keyboard. Ev-Do. Great web browser

Con: battery life

When on T-Mobile, even if I had full bars, I would loose calls. Happened with several different phones so it is the network so I decided to switch.

Verizon has service everywhere I go and after more than a month I have not lost a single call. This is probably due to a combination of the phones good reception and Verizons network.

Call sound quality is great and the speaker phone is loud and clear. Dialing is easy as is text messaging and email (I had the blackberry and just got burned out on getting email constanly, with the Q9m I set it up just to check every hour).

I have not tried the music player but probably will do so in the future.

Video quality and picture quality is really good also. Camera is good but not great.

The only reason I gave this a 4.5 instead of a 5 is due to the battery. The battery last only a day or so and that is with below average use. I bought the 2100mah extended battery and that has helped a lot (wish someone would make a battery door for the 3200mah extended battery that fits the Q, it also fits the Q9m).

Overall this is a great phone. The only drawback being the poor battery life. I am extremely pleased with the phone and Verizon.

Motorola Q9c for Sprint


Feb 3, 2008 by GoldenBlaze

I must first say that the reviews for the Verizon customers and Sprint customers need to be separate. This pda is one of the fastest on the market. I am VERY PLEASED.

I was the previous owner of a Treo 650 and a Samsung m510. I switched to a pda phone because with all my business contacts and internet usage, my regular phone took a beating and the Treo was waaaaaaaay too slow.

I read the reviews on here and decided to get this phone because of the positive responses from the sprint customers. I hope someome will benefit from my review as well.

great keyboard
stylish look
stereo speakers that rock
Bright, colorful menus
loud ringers and alerts that play mp3 ringers
internet is easy to navigate
very long battery life (for a pda)
file manager to manage your files, which help you to manage your memory
you can play youtube videos with this device
keyboard is big enough for large fingers
mp3 player

no Sprint Music store (which I can live without)
no picture messaging(you have to send pics through email)
it can jam up and you have to take the battery out to fix (doesnt happen often and all pdas jam up no matter who makes them)
it doesn't come with headphone kit

I hope this review is a help. Motorola did a great job with this device!

Q9c -- Very Good but with Flaws


Jan 29, 2008 by rsubasic

The Q9c has been a pleasure to set up and use.

Good volume both in normal use and speakerphone
Full QWERTY keyboard
Handles multiple pop3/IMAP4 email accounts well
GPS with Google Maps is free and great (has to be downloaded/installed, mobile.google.com)
Text input with full keyboard; predictive text input works decently
Reception seems as good or better than any of my older phones
Speakers sound better than most
Speech recognition much better than others
Battery life with included extended battery is almost 4 talk hours when you’re also doing lots of other things with the phone (Bluetooth, email, Google maps, etc); longer if you’re not doing other activities
Many cool features if you have the inclination to find them
Can be used as a modem for your PC

Cons (these are mostly nit-picking):
Keyboard a bit stiff/hard to press individual keys for people with fat fingers
Scroll wheel also a bit stiff/difficult to turn
No touch screen
No way to deal with multiple email messages as a group or all at once
No way I can see to add folders to the pop3 email accounts
As has been mentioned repeatedly, you have go into the task manager application (Start Menu->System Tools->Task manager) in order to stop anything from continuing to run once you’ve been in it, and hit the “Kill” or “Kill All” menu choice.
Web browsing randomly sluggish – even if you’ve killed off all the other apps using the Task Manager
Heavy with the extended battery

Not be the best phone for the non-techie user, but I find it useful and fun. It has all the good and the bad that comes with being a Windows Mobile 6 device. My biggest complaint so far is email handling. If you, get lots of emails, you need to be able to mark numerous at a time and then delete them or whatever. There is no way to do that with the standard software that came with this phone.

Great phone, decent PDA/Music player -- Overall, a strong effort on Moto’s part and well worth the price if you use the features offered.



Jan 9, 2008 by Mitz457

i've been a sprint/nextel customer for about4 years now, and finally god fed up with the customer service and constant billing issues. so i switched to verizon and got the q9m. this phone is awsome, i had the q9c on sprint be4 i left and the verizon version is much nicer. the music sounds nice and navagating threw the menus is pretty quick, sumtimes there will be a slight lag. the only downfall i call see to the q9m is it did not come with an instant messanger program, and im having a hard time to find one for it. also the battery life could be a little better for the standard battery, but i just purchased the extended battery, so all is good now. if your a sprint/nextel customer and you frustrated, break that contract and jump onto verizon, you wont be disapointed!!



Jan 7, 2008 by NooB1Kenobi

I got to say this phone is amazing.
I have to admit I was one who said they'd never get a Motorola phone after personal experience and known experiences.

I wish they could separate the Q9c and the Q9m.

I really can't complain about the phone or any of the features.

I'd like to see option to have other e-mail program as default. Maybe there is and I haven't messed with it enough to figure it out.

Also I use my cell phone for an alarm clock and it only has 1 alarm setting unlike other phones I've had in the past.

Previous phone was the Muziq before I opened it up to see a cracked screen.
Now comparing the call quality and signal to the Muziq, the Q is way better.
I was always switching areas at work (a church). Not a problem with the Q9.

I don't think I got any complaints so far.
Extended battery is nice and for the price it's a value added feature.

Oh and for those wondering about cases to fit this with extended battery.
I got the OEM Body glove case to fit and I got one of those Silicone cases on ebay to fit over it too.
You can get a silicone case with screen protector for $10 including shipping on ebay.

Awesome phone feel free to ask questions.



Dec 19, 2007 by dustin2697

First of all all you people that have the verizon version need to quit giving this thing a bad review. with sprint this is a great phone. you dont have a bad phone, you have a bad carrier.

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